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April Minutes

Thursday, April 04, 2013

April 4, 2013

CALL TO ORDER –Ashland Tree Commission meeting was called to order at 6:00 p.m. on April 4, 2013, in the Siskiyou Room in the Community Development and Engineering Services Building located at 51 Winburn Way, Ashland, Oregon.
Commissioners Present Council Liaison
Ken Schmidt Mike Morris
Tracy Peddicord  
Tom Myers Staff Present
Casey Roland Michael Pina, Assistant Planner
Russ Neff Anne Thayer, Parks Horticulturist
Peddicord motioned, Roland seconded the approval of the March 7, 2013 regular meeting minutes.
No guests.
PLANNING ACTION:        2013-00308                            
OWNERS:                             Spartan Properties LLC.
APPLICANT:                       Kistler, Small, White Architecture     
DESCRIPTION:                   A request for a Commercial Site Review, Physical and Environmental Constraints Review and Water Resource Protection Zone Permit approval to construct a 5,000 square foot, two-story commercial structure and parking lot, located at 5 B Street. The property is subject to the Physical Constraints and Water Resource permits due to the location of the FEMA Floodway for Ashland Creek. The applicant has requested an Exception to Street Standards for the sidewalks along B and Water Streets. The existing approximately 1,000 square foot concrete block building on the site is proposed to be demolished to allow for the new construction.
Piña presented the staff report. Site visits were conducted by all. The subject property is 10,960 square feet E-1 zoned lot located at the northeast corner of B and Water Streets. Ashland Creek passes under the Water Street Bridge which is located at the northwest corner of the property. The site is currently devoid of vegetation, with the exception of the northern portion of the lot along Ashland Creek which was recently re-vegetated as part of a recent stream bank restoration project. The applicant proposes to install and number of trees and vegetation in accordance with the Site Design and Use Standards section for parking lot landscaping and riparian corridors. In reviewing the request, the Tree Commission noted that two proposed trees along Water Street are a riparian species as they are within the Water Protection Zone of Ashland Creek. However the Commission felt they acted more like street trees given they would be placed in concrete within the Water Street r-o-w. Therefore, The Commission recommended that these two be chosen from the Street Tree Guide rather than the Riparian planting guide. Additionally the 10-inch cedar within the right-of-way is proposed to be removed as it interferes with the vision clearance at the intersection.
PLANNING ACTION:        PA-2013-00268                                 
SUBJECT PROPERTY:     5 Scenic Drive
APPLICANT:                       Brett & Dana Crawford
DESCRIPTION:                   A request for Physical and Environmental Constraints Review Permit approval to construct a single-family home and carport on slopes greater than 25 percent for the property at 5 Scenic Drive. The request involves a request for a tree removal permit to remove ten trees six-inches in diameter at breast height or greater which will be impacted by the proposed construction.
COMPREHENSIVE PLAN DESIGNATION: Single-family Residential; ZONING: R-1-7.5; ASSESSOR’S MAP: 39 1E 08AD; TAX LOTS: 5402
Piña presented the staff report. The subject property is an irregularly shaped vacant flag lot, located on the uphill side of Scenic Drive near the intersection of Scenic and Strawberry Lane. The parcel is approximately 13,939 square feet in size and is zoned R-1-7.5.  The property slopes steeply downhill from south to north, and is forested with a number of Oak, Pine, Madrone and Fir trees and dense underbrush. There are 19 trees greater than 6-inches DBH either on the property or in the vicinity of the construction disturbances. Ten trees – 6 deciduous and 4 evergreens – are proposed for removal due to their proximity to the proposed construction of the driveway and residence. One 26-inch DBH pine is dead. The applicant has provided a Landscape Plan that provides seven mitigation trees and a mix planting plan of various native and drought tolerant landscape materials to address the areas of disturbance. In reviewing the request, the Tree Commission expressed concerns about the 42-inch DBH Cedar tree on the adjacent property to the east, as it will be impacted by the driveway construction. The applicant has hired a tree professional that provided recommendations for the site but does not address the tree on the adjacent property. Therefore the Commission recommended that a Certified Arborist review the proposal and comment about the proper procedures for the installation of the driveway that will do the least amount of disturbance to the large pine tree.
Roland again mentioned the idea of identifying a sponsor/location to place a young tree with the intention of later planting the tree in a permanent location during our annual Arbor Week celebration. While a great idea and supported by the entire commission, finding a sponsor/location may be difficult as it would need to be additional tree location that would not compromise the location’s parking demand (if placed in a parking space) or meet the landscaping requirements. Staff and Roland will look into this idea further to find a sponsor willing to take an extra tree for a specified time period.
The Commission discussed the upcoming Earth Day celebration at Science Works and who would attend.
The meeting was adjourned at 7:35 pm.

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