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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Social Services Grant Allocations
March 21, 2013 6:00 pm
Continuation of March 20, 2013 Meeting
Civic Center, Council Chambers, 1175 East Main Street


The Budget subcommittee meeting was called to order at 6:01 p.m.



Committee members Morris, Marsh, Runkel, Heimann and Voisin were present. Staff present; Administrative Assistant, Tami De Mille-Campos & Administrative Services & Finance Director, Lee Tuneberg.


The committee agreed to start with the Organizations that they all were closest on and then they would work their way down. Chair Morris pointed out to the committee that Rota Sullivan, Executive Director for OnTrack was in attendance tonight and that she was unable to attend last night’s meeting because she didn’t know about the meeting. She hadn’t received our emails previously. She was available to answer any questions that the committee had for her.
Community Works Inc. (Dunn House)- Vosion feels like it’s a lot of bang for the buck! She also feels like it’s a very worthy organization. Marsh said that due to only 12 people being served she couldn’t allocate 100%.
Majority $14,760
Community Works Inc. (Street Outreach)- Voison felt that it’s a successful program. The program provides a relationship to the kids and puts them in contact with other resources. Heimann said the previous years presentations were what allowed him to allocate anything.
Majority $6,000
Planned Parenthood of Southwestern Oregon- Runkel felt like these clients might be better served in Medford under the sliding scale fee. Voison agreed. They set this one aside and came back to it later…Voison and Runkel don’t particularly like that the funds are earmarked for specific services.
Majority $4,000
Community Health Center- Runkel handed out literature regarding the health care reform which starts 1-1-14. He wanted to lower the allocation for year 2 due to the reform. Marsh feels like we need to wait until the next grant cycle to lower any allocations due to the fact that there are so many unknowns.
Majority $30,709
St. Vincent de Paul- Marsh’s allocation was low because she would like to see them stand up & volunteer for the homeless RFP put out by the city of Ashland. Voison felt they do so much for the city and is strictly a volunteer run organization.
Majority $16,000
Children’s Dental Clinic- Voison stated that she thought it was a duplication of services due to La Clinica’s services offered each week in Ashland. The committee disagreed because La Clinica typically served clients who have OHP and this program is for noninsured children.
Majority $4,000
H.O.P.E. Equestrian Center-Heimann thought there was more value in some of the other programs. Voison felt the personnel expenses were too high.
Majority $1,000
Help Now! Advocacy Center- The group agreed that they struggled with the weak application & nobody present to give a presentation or answer questions but they did want to give them something for the time that they took to apply.
Majority $500
Children’s Advocacy Center- Voison felt like there is a duplication of services since the Maslow Project also serves the same people. The rest of the group disagreed with that.
Majority $4,000
Access- Marsh was low because she had some questions but there wasn’t anyone present. Marsh and Runkel felt like the # served is a cumulative # and doesn’t clearly show who they serve.
Majority $4,600
WinterSpring Center for Transforming Grief and Loss- Marsh felt like it was a great program.
Majority $1,600
Ashland Supportive Housing & Community Outreach- The group wanted to fund the organization to encourage them in the future years since they are just starting out.
Majority $1,800
OnTrack- Marsh previously worked for Ontrack for 7 years and feels it’s a fantastic program.
Rita Sullivan, Executive Director, came forward to answer the committee’s questions regarding the demographics. She said that the demographics also include the adults with the family. She also pointed out that they are the only organizations certified to treat drug & alcohol within the City.
Majority $3,500
Mediation Works- Runkel struggled with the presentation and whom they are serving.
Majority $1,200
As the allocations came to an end the committee struggled with what was remaining of the funds to allocate to St. Vincent de Paul. Peg Crowley, Executive Director, stepped up and told the committee that she would be happy to give up $3,000 of their money to go towards St. Vincent de Paul because they do so much for the city of Ashland and they work closely with one another. The committee applauded her for her generosity!
Marsh/Heimann m/s to approve 2% increase across the board for year 2. Roll Call Vote: Morris, Marsh, Runkel, Heimann and Voisin YES
Marsh/Heimann m/s to recommend proposed allocations to the full budget committee (see attached) 2. Roll Call Vote: Morris, Marsh, Runkel, Heimann and Voisin YES
The Meeting was adjourned at 8:02 p.m.
City of Ashland Social Service Grant Allocations
Organization Requested Proposed
Children's Dental Clinic of Jackson County  $       5,000.00  $       4,000.00
H.O.P.E. Equestrian Center  $       5,000.00  $       1,000.00
St. Vincent de Paul  $     20,000.00  $     16,000.00
Family Solutions  $       3,000.00  $       2,500.00
Community Health Center  $     37,000.00  $     30,709.00
Community Works Inc. (Street Outreach)  $       8,400.00  $       6,000.00
Community Works Inc. (Dunn House)  $     16,000.00  $     14,760.00
Community Works Inc. (Sexual Assault Victim Services)  $       2,730.00  $       2,584.00
Community Works Inc. (HelpLine)  $     10,625.00  $       8,135.00
Rogue Valley Manor Community Services (Foster Grandparent Program)  $       4,500.00  $       1,500.00
Rogue Valley Manor Community Services (RSVP)  $       5,000.00  $       1,200.00
Jackson County SART  $       6,000.00  $       6,000.00
Planned Parenthood of Southweatern Oregon  $       5,000.00  $       4,000.00
Help Now! Advocacy Center  $     15,000.00  $         500.00
Children's Advocacy Center of Jackson County  $       5,000.00  $       4,000.00
Access  $       6,000.00  $       4,600.00
CASA of Jackson County  $     15,000.00  $       3,500.00
The Rose Circle Mentoring Network, Inc.  $       1,184.00  $         500.00
Center for Nonprofit Legal Services, Inc.  $       7,500.00  $       6,000.00
WinterSpring Center for Transforming Grief and Loss  $       5,000.00  $       1,600.00
Ashland Supportive Housing & Communtiy Outreach  $       2,775.00  $       1,800.00
OnTrack, Inc.  $       4,000.00  $       3,500.00
Mediation Works  $       9,000.00  $       1,200.00
TOTAL AMOUNT REQUESTED  $ 198,714.00  $ 125,588.00
Total Funding Available    $ 125,588.00
     $                -  


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