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Wednesday, March 20, 2013



Social Services Grant Presentations
March 20, 2013 6:00 pm
Civic Center, Council Chambers, 1175 East Main Street



The Budget Subcommittee Meeting was called to order at 6:02 p.m.


Committee members Morris, Marsh, Runkel, Heimann and Voisin were present. Staff present; Administrative Assistant, Tami De Mille-Campos & Administrative Services & Finance Director, Lee Tuneberg.

Heimann/Voison m/s to approve Morris as chair. All Ayes.



Tuneberg spoke to how the Social Service grant process works. The budgeted amount for year 1 is $127,588 and year 2 is $130,100 which includes $2000.00 into the Traveler’s Aid Fund. The amount to be allocated to the applicants is $125,588 for year 1 & $128,100 for year 2. He spoke to the difference in presentation style by the applicants based on the request of the subcommittee. Voison stated that the presentation style works better than just a Q&A. The committee agreed to how each applicant would give a presentation in less than 3 minutes and then answer any questions that the committee had for the applicant.


Children’s Dental Clinic of Jackson County- Deb Silva, Clinical Director. Deb spoke to how the organization was started in 1958 & is almost entirely volunteer run. Local dentists provide local services and volunteer at the clinic. They offer anything from preventative care to restorative care. They also offer free consultations for orthodontics. They distribute over 22,000 applications through the schools each year. Marsh questioned how they specifically serve the 17 kids of Ashland.  These are children who list Ashland as they address and attend Ashland schools. It is on a first come first serve basis and each patient must meet the income guidelines which are up to 200% of the federal poverty level and be uninsured. Runkel asked how they work with La Clinica. Deb answered that they collaborate quite a bit, their main focus is school aged children who are not insured. They refer kids to them who don’t qualify through Happy Smiles. Voison asked if Deb thought that the new health care reform will allow more people to be covered under OHP. Deb stated that she wasn’t sure what would play out. Under the new health care reform
H.O.P.E. Equestrian Center-Not present
St. Vincent de Paul- Chicky Cutting, President. Chicky said that 12 volunteers run the Ashland branch. The total budget was $124,000 last year & of that $33,000 was from the city of Ashland. 1,361 people received assistance. Last year they made 526 home visits. Each Tuesday volunteers go to the Tuesday meal service and through the outreach they have assisted 3 families in obtaining housing. For many of these people they need assistance because their unemployment has run out or maybe they have experienced unexpected medical bills. Voison asked what the organization adds to what is received by the city. Chicky answered $57,000.
Family Solutions- Leslie Kurlan, Clinical Director. Leslie stated they are a local non-profit mental health agency. This funding is for their Client Assistant Program (CAP) which is for children and families who are not covered under private insurance or Oregon Health Plan and do not meet the sliding scale fees. They have offices in Medford & Ashland. The program offers 6 therapy sessions with the option of expanding that. This is not a volunteer run organization as they consist of Masters level therapists, several of which are licensed. They have been in the valley for 32 years. Marsh questioned how is the city of Ashland’s money is leveraged. Leslie stated that they also apply for grants through the City of Medford and Ana May.  Voison asked how the school district provides funding. Leslie said that the money that is provided by the school district goes towards day treatment.
Community Health Center- Peg Crowley, Director. Peg has been with the organization for 25 years. The organization has been in Ashland for 40 years. All funding goes towards the sliding fee scale for uninsured and underinsured. They provide basic healthcare services that would normally be provided in a Doctor’s office. Voison asked how she thought the healthcare reform would affect things. Peg answered that they expect an extra 20,000 people will qualify for OHP under the healthcare reform. They are hopeful that a percentage of their clients will qualify for OHP but there are a lot of unknowns at this point. Runkel stated that in both years 2,500 visits are expected according to the application and questioned whether the numbers would be different in year 2 given the healthcare reform. Peg stated that the figures are consistent with historical numbers. They don’t know what is going to happen under the new healthcare reform. A majority of the clients that they see have insurance but are underinsured with high deductibles so the new healthcare reform may not help them. Voison asked if there would be any change in the relationship between Community Health Center and Asante versus Ashland Community Hospital. Peg answered that she doesn’t expect any change. Morris asked where the expansion was last year? Peg said that they didn’t expand in Ashland, only in Medford and Butte Falls. Voison questioned the demographic showing 447 youth served. Peg said that the number is comprised of school based and clinic based services..
Community Works Inc. (Street Outreach)- Matt Brody, Manager. Mr. Brody explained that the Street Outreach program is offering outreach for 13-21 years olds. Marsh asked how the street outreach program works with other agencies. Mr. Brody said they work well with all of the other agencies who refer clients in and vice versa if need be.
Heimann asked what the impact was on them when the money was not awarded the last 2 years. Mr. Brody answered that they had to get more creative with their resources.
Community works, Inc. (Dunn House)- Barbara Johnson, Interim Director of Services. Ms. Johnson explained that the agency has been around for over 30 years & the Dunn House Shelter has been around since 1977. It is the only shelter for women in Jackson County. They serve any woman and their child/ren who have been a victim of domestic violence. They normally come during an emergency situation. They had an increase after the recession but it has since stabilized at the higher level.
Community works, Inc. (Sexual Assault Victim Services)- Barbara Johnson, Interim Director of Services. It is a program that runs 24-7/365. It is available to help women who have been sexually assaulted and help them throughout the whole process. Marsh asked how they work with SART? Ms. Johnson said they collaborate with SART to offer some of the same services. Marsh asked what the plan was for changing personnel. Ms. Johnson stated that they are currently working through the personnel process.
Community works, Inc. (HelpLine)- Barbara Johnson, Interim Director of Services. It is a 24-7/365 crisis helpline that offers help with all crisis related calls.
Rogue Valley Community Services (Foster Grandparent Program/FGP), Becky Snyder, Executive Director. Ms. Snyder stated that both of the programs are mandated. The program has been around since 1975. $2.65/hour is paid to the Foster Grandparent. The median income of these FGP volunteers is $805. The return on the City’s investment from 2011/2012 was equal to $68,000 in services provided by volunteers. Marsh asked if the organization is required to locally match the funds in order to receive federal funding. Ms. Snyder answered that they are required to match the federal grant with 10% of local funds Voison questioned the salaries and benefits for the organization. Ms. Snyder answered that it includes a full time Admin Asst., Asst Director and Executive Director. Pacific Retirement Services is their sponsoring organization.
Rogue Valley Community Services (RSVP), Becky Snyder, Executive Director. Ms. Snyder said this program has been in the Valley since 1976. She said the return on the City’s investment from 2011/2012 was equal to $169,000 in services provided by volunteers.
Jackson County Sexual Assault Response Team- Susan Moen, Executive Director. Ms. Moen explained that they offer acute services and prevention/awareness. The money goes straight to the Acute Care program which runs 24/7. The nurses perform sexual assault exams. Marsh asked how they work with Community Works. Ms. Moen explained that an advocate gets called out from Community Works and joins the nurse during the examination process. They also work with them for prevention and awareness. Voison asked how they work with the Ashland Police department. Ms. Moen said they have been working very closely with them for the last 4 years and have worked cohesively on the “you have options program”. In the last 2 months there has been a 270% increase in reporting under the program.
Planned Parenthood of Southwestern Oregon- Stacy Kostenbauer, Regional Health Center Manager. Ms. Kostenbauer explained that this is for the “Get Yourself Tested Program” which is a national campaign that provides sexually transmitted disease testing to those 25 and under. She also stated that they have asked for an increase in funding this year to go towards free HIV testing. Runkel said that in the narrative they talk about regulations that offer sliding scale fees. Ms. Kostenbauer stated that Ashland is not Title 10 and does not provide sliding scale fees for their services. Runkel stated that he thought it was a small number of people being served, only 48 people last year. Ms. Kostenbauer said that funding limits the amount of clients they can see and when they are unable to provide services to the clients they do refer them to other organizations.
Help Now! Advocacy Center- Not present
Children’s Advocacy Center of Jackson County- Not present
Access- Not present
CASA of Jackson County- Jennifer Mylenek, Executive Director. Ms. Mylenek said that they are primarily a volunteer run organization. They have over 170 volunteers which consist of retired or current professionals across every occupation. It is a court requirement for every child from birth to age 21 who is in foster care. 92% of funding comes from the community. Each child is placed with CASA on average of 53 months. Foster care costs the system over $2000/month. There are 30-35 volunteers per case supervisor (employee). There are over 250 kids on the current waiting list. They plan by 2018 to be able to serve all of those on the waiting list. She stated that donations are down by 28% YTD. The project budget is for 130 kids. Voison questioned what made up the $354,500 in personnel services. Ms. Mylenek stated that it consists of 8 employees.
The Rose Circle mentoring Network, Inc.- Not present
Center for Nonprofit Legal Services- Debra Lee, Executive Director. Ms. Lee explained that they have been around for 40 years and provide professional services in the areas of family, housing, consumer, public benefits, immigration, and employment law. They also offer petition assistance for youth immigration petitions. The attorneys are all licensed. Voison questioned the Capital Outlay expense of $48,000. Ms. Lee stated that their building in Medford is aging and repairs had to be made to it.
WinterSpring Center Transforming Grief and Loss- Julie Lockhart, Executive Director and Paul Gibson. Ms. Lockhart said the organization has been around since 1989  and helps all ages with the grief and loss process. The children’s program at Bellview elementary school should be up and running in April. They also have programs at Ashland Middle School and Ashland High. Runkel questioned who made up the 99 people served. Ms. Lockhart answered that it included the ongoing program at the Ashland Community Health Center for adults and at the schools in Ashland.
Ashland Supportive Housing & Community Outreach- Not present
OnTrack, Inc.-Not present
Mediation Works- Deltra Ferguson, Executive Director. Ms. Ferguson stated that this funding is for the at risk youth program. They are the only regional provider for this. They work with kids in the schools, also work with juvenile justice and offer mediation services for parents and teens. Heimann questioned the Demographic profile. Ms. Ferguson stated that the numbers come from the schools that participate in the program Runkel asked how people know about the services. Ms. Ferguson answered that they do outreach within the schools & they also have a Juvenile Justice contract in place.
The meeting will be continued on March 21, 2013 at 6:00pm. 
The Meeting was adjourned at 8:22 p.m.

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