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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Draft Minutes
October 10, 2012
Ad-Hoc Homelessness Steering Committee
Ashland Library
4:00 - 6:00 p.m.
Ayars, Parker, Saldana, O’Bryon, Sohl, Rohde, Lewis, Morris (Council liaison)
 Reid (Staff)
Agenda Item #1: Call to Order
Parker called the meeting to order at 4:05 p.m.
Agenda Item #2: Approval of Minutes
Rohde/Ayars moved to approve the minutes as presented.  Voice Vote-Motion passed unanimously.
Agenda Item #3: Debrief from City Council Meeting 10/2/12
Parker spoke about her impressions of the Quarterly update to Council at their regular meeting on October 2nd.  There was some contention about the lack of an update by the HSC regarding the requested research on the feasibility of a Municipal Veteran’s Court. Parker relayed that some members of the Council feel that as the chair of the committee, she is responsible for this item being overlooked.  Parker asked the Committee if they would like her to resign as chair and would like to elect someone else.  Rohde wanted to go on record as saying that the community needs this committee, and that he stands by Parker’s leadership and the good work that she has done as chair.  O’Bryon stated that she believes that Parker’s role as chair is in carrying out the consensus of the larger committee, so if there is fault to be found it is with the entire committee as Parker was only following direction provided by the group.    Lewis felt that the committee had dropped the ball on the Veteran’s court request. O’Bryon admitted that she missed the Veteran’s Court request until the last meeting when the minutes from the study session were discussed and felt that had anyone seen it or remembered prior to that meeting that they would have brought it up.  Parker formally resigned as chair of the committee, Rohde as Vice Chair will Chair the next two meetings as the next meeting is the Faith Based Outreach Meeting and Hopkins-Powell will not be present a new chair will not be elected until the following meeting (November 14th).  Lewis stated that the HSC needs to be more conscious of what needs to be included in the quarterly reports and suggested that the committee work on compiling information for the report as they go.
 Agenda Item #4: Review Final Scope of Work from City Administrator:
Parker liked the clarity that the newest scope of work provides, Parker also liked how well the scope spells out the evaluation process.  The Committee members felt that the new scope provides valuable direction on the project evaluation process.  O’Bryon suggested that the HSC should create a matrix from scope to use in project evaluation.  Reid will create a matrix and bring it to the November 14th meeting for review.  Lewis stated that the HSC needed to recruit more members as there are still vacant seats.  Reid will contact the mayor about approving additional members.
Agenda Item #5: Faith Community Outreach Planning
Parker drafted a letter inviting the members of the Faith community to the regular meeting on October 22nd.  O’Bryon has generated an e-mail contact list for most of the Faith Based Organizations on the previously generated list.  Reid will send out both e-mail invites and hardcopies on the 11th of October.  Sohl suggested sending out e-mail reminders the morning of the event.  Lewis felt that the HSC should focus on three main points as stated in the letter; report on new developments, discussion of overnight shelter, and training for shelter volunteers.  Parker talked to Ruth Coulthard and Barbie Breneiser, they will come to the meeting to present an overview of the policies and procedures that they use at the Sunday night and emergency overnight shelters.  The schedule for the Faith Community outreach meeting will be as follows: 
  • Rohde will do the welcome and introductions
  • O’Bryon will do background on the last meeting and the resource list
  • Sohl will do recent developments and ask about any new developments at the various congregations.
  • Lewis will do a brief history of the HSC
  • Ruth and Barbie will do a presentation about their shelter program at the Presbyterian church
  • Parker will talk about next steps: shelter volunteers or spaces, volunteer training, and volunteer coordination.
Agenda Item #6: Resource List Update
Reid passed out the updated resource list for the HSC to review.  No corrections or additions were suggested.
Agenda Item #7: Winter Shelter
No new updates
Agenda Item #8: Veteran’s Court
Lewis provided some information on the Veteran’s court in Klamath Falls.  He has contacted Troy Ferguson, who works on veteran’s issues in Senator Greg Walden’s office.  Tony is doing some research on it and will get back to Lewis.  Parker has put in a call to Paul Skinner at the SORCC in White City.  Lewis wondered if this program could be created at the Municipal level and also wondered if, in doing so it would be duplicating a service already offered at the circuit court level.  Morris would like to see some data on the number of vets showing up in court in Ashland, Rohde would like representatives from the HSC to talk with the judge to get more information and see if the Judge would even be willing to offer a vets court.  O’Bryon would like to check in with the police to see how many vets are getting arrested.  The HSC agreed that they need to become more educated about the veterans court model, funding mechanism for such courts, where veteran’s courts already exist and the need within the Ashland community.  The HSC also agreed that the evaluation matrix provided by the new Scope of Work will be useful in evaluating the feasibility of a Veteran’s court in Ashland.  Lewis and O’Bryon volunteered to work on this item.  
Agenda Item #9: Revised Meeting Schedule for Nov. & Dec.
The HSC will hold all further meetings in the Library with the exception of the November 26th meeting which will be held in the Siskiyou Room of the Community Development building.  The December 24th meeting is cancelled.  The HSC will resume their regular meeting schedule in January.
Other Reports/Announcements
O’Bryon has a new e-mail contact.  It is
Reid announced that the Project Community Connect (PCC) Event planning sub-committee convened their first planning meeting on Tuesday.  The PCC invites anyone interested in participating in planning and organizing the event this year to come to the next regular meeting.  The PCC meetings are held the second Tuesday of every month from 10:30-12:00 at the United Way in Medford, located at 769 Spring Street.  The event is tentatively scheduled for May 31st.
Next meeting: October 22, 2012 4:00-6:00 P.M.
Gresham Room of the Ashland Library
Respectfully Submitted by Linda Reid, Housing Program Specialist

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