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Agendas and Minutes

Homelessness Steering Committee ad hoc (View All)

Homeless Steering Committee Ad Hoc Regular Meeting-Minutes

Monday, September 24, 2012

Adopted Minutes
September 24, 2012
Ad-Hoc Homelessness Steering Committee
Siskiyou Room, Community Development Building
4:00 - 6:00 p.m.
Ayars, Parker, Saldana, O’Bryon, Sohl, Hopkins-Powell, Rohde, Reid (Staff)
Lewis, Morris (Council liaison)
Agenda Item #1: Call to Order
Parker called the meeting to order at 4:10 p.m.
Agenda Item #2: Approval of Minutes
Hopkins-Powell/Saldana moved to approve the minutes with corrections.  Voice Vote-Motion passed unanimously.
Agenda Item #3: Update on Winter Shelter
Saldana reported that she contacted Don Roberson from the Parks Department.  He provided some details regarding the City’s policy for emergency shelter, including how City/Parks buildings and CERT could be utilized in event of “extreme weather”.  The Committee members reviewed Resolution 2007-11, the City’s emergency shelter resolution.  Parker offered to talk to the City administrator about the process for activating the shelter during extreme weather conditions.  Saldana felt that the Committee should talk with Ruth and Barbie about the City’s procedure for activating CERT and getting a City building.  Hopkins-Powell stated that it is easier for the current organizers of the emergency shelter to not go through the City process. Ruth has set up an informal telephone tree to let people know when the shelter is open.  That is the other major problem; people don’t always know when the shelter is open or where it will be.  Parker asked that Ruth and Barbie be added to the Faith Based Outreach meeting Mailing list.  Reid stated that City staff used to be notified by CERT when emergency shelters were open and then posted that notice on City buildings.  Hopkins-Powell announced that the Episcopal Church will vote on whether to open regularly for shelter in the winter in October; if they decide that they will be able to open it will be on Wednesdays.  The Episcopal Church will probably not have enough volunteers to staff a weekly shelter regularly.  Saldana added that similarly, even if there were more shelter space opportunities there would probably not be enough volunteers to staff them. 
Agenda Item #4: Update on Adult Day use Center:
Parker and Ayars went to the council study session.  The Council asked the City Administrator to move forward with developing a Day-Use Center.  The City will offer funding to pay for the rent and utilities on a space for a non-profit to operate a Day Use Center.  The City would offer the funding through an RFP process.  The City has identified five optional spaces for the Center.  Parker asked what the Committee felt their next step should be.   Rohde mentioned that some funders offer a grant orientation for potentially interested parties to explain what the City expects from the applicant.  Parker expressed concerns that there might not be very many applicants.  Rohde added that an orientation might help to promote interest.  Parker stated that she hopes that whatever agency that ends up undertaking the Day Center through this process would offer the opportunity for community members to volunteer.  
 Agenda Item #5: City Council Quarterly Report Planning
Parker reported that the Quarterly update has been moved from the Council Study Session on October first to the regular Council meeting on October second because there were no other Study Session items.  The Council would like a written report and an oral report.  It was suggested that the report be a one pager with bullets.  O’Bryon asked that the outreach to the faith community efforts be included in the report.  Other items suggested for the report include:  cold weather shelter, resource list, expansion of La Clinica services, Day Use Center list refinement, Donation boxes.  Others thought that the report should show what the committee has done and what the committee would like to get from the Council.  Parker will write a draft and send it out to the committee members.  Heidi and Paula will present the report to the Council.
Agenda Item #6: Faith Community Outreach Planning
 Parker drafted a letter (see attached) inviting the members of the Faith community to the regular meeting on October 22nd.  Parker invited the committee members to make comments and corrections to the draft letter.  Reid will see if the Gresham room at the Library is available for that date.  O’Bryon suggested sending out e-vites to those who attended the last Faith Based outreach meeting.  O’Bryon offered to make some phone calls to those Faith Based groups that the Committee does not have e-mail addresses for.  Reid will combine both lists and send it to O’Bryon.  Parker asked that the invites be sent to all of the Faith Based groups on the previously drafted mailing list and to add the minutes from the previous Faith Based outreach meeting.  The committee members agreed that the main focus of the meeting should be winter shelter and the Day-use center.  Reid will also send out the updated resource list to the group.    
Other Reports/Announcements
September 25th is National Voter registration day-Peace house has generously offered to act as an address for homeless populations to use for voting purposes.
Open Table Model training October 2nd-7th
Reid was able to schedule all future meetings in the Library, except for the November 19th meeting.  Parker suggested looking at adjusting the meeting schedule for the holiday months at the next regular meeting in October.
Public Comments – Several
Next meeting: October 10, 2012 4:00-6:00 P.M.
Ashland Library
Respectfully Submitted by Linda Reid, Housing Program Specialist

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