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Airport Commission Regular Meeting Minutes 5/8/2012

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

May 8th, 2012
Visitors:  NONE
  1. APPROVAL OF MINUTES: April 3rd, 2012, motion by Skillman for approval, second by Tripp, unanimous vote, all approved.
Additional Items:  None
  1. Public Forum: None
  1. AIP Project Engineering Design/Connect III: No updates
  2. Pavement Maintenance Program: Staff updates Commission that the PMP for Ashland Municipal Airport this year is complete. The contractor working for ODA completed cracking sealing onsite and a small asphalt patch. Some areas defined for pavement maintenance were not worked on at the agreement of the engineer and contractor. It is the expectation that when a new engineer is under contract to design the PMP program for next year the other areas will be accounted for with the necessary improvements. 
  3. Zoning Ordinance: Staff discusses process for legislative amendment as stated in email from Molnar. The process is what has been previously discussed for adoption of the existing master plan into the City’s comprehensive plan. The legislative amendment will need to go before the Planning Commission for review. The Planning Commission has 30 days from the review meeting to make a recommendation to the City Council on whether or not to approve the amendment. The plan is to work with the Planning Department to have the item placed on the agenda at a future for approval and recommendation to the City Council. Staff would like the item placed on a June Agenda for the Planning Commission and then proceed forward to the Council meeting in July.
  4. T-Hangar Enclosure: Staff would like to put this item on the task list as it will be a project to put together once the monies get approved in the final FY13 budget. Skinner also states that the Commission should have a policy about the current tenants of the hangars and their ability to stay in the closed hangar after construction is complete. Motion by Hendrickson: Open hangar tenants can stay if they so choose when the hangars are enclosed, 2nd by Skillman, all approved.
  1. NEW BUSINESS:          
  1. Good Neighbor Policy: Staff recently asked Skinner to contact FSDO to discuss helicopter operations onsite to determine if any policy/mandate action exists for requiring helicopter operators to use prescribed runway approach and departure patterns. Skinner spoke with Mike Harris and as long as it did not create a safety issue, the City could create a policy asking for all operators to use the runway. This policy would not be enforceable through any FAA regulations. Skinner does not believe that requiring helicopter operators to use the runway would create a safety issue as the airport is a general aviation airport that does not have the same traffic issues of a commercial airport. In addition if all operators use the radio as they should, no safety issues should develop. This policy is meant to be a firmer request to helicopter operators specifically Brim Aviation, to use the runway to minimize the impact to surrounding properties. Staff states that in addition to the runway use policy we could further develop our existing fly friendly program as a noise abatement issue to encompass use of the runway. This noise abatement policy would also be non-enforceable, but a measure to get information out to all airport users.
  2. FBO RFP/Lease: Skinner leaves meeting as to not be privy to any discussion as it relates to the RFP. Staff is still waiting for the Legal Department to finalize the lease before scheduling a final FBO lease subcommittee meeting. Staff goes over scope items of the RFP with commission and scoring system. Staff asks Commission to review RFP and send in email comments prior to the next meeting.
  3. SuperAwos: Skinner informs Commission that the battery problem from last month has been solved as the batteries have been replaced and the SuperAwos seems to be running ok now. Zeve states that he did have an issue previously when clicking in and the system did not respond. Skinner would like people to inform him if they do have an issue with the system.
  4. Power Pole Storage: Staff reviews request from the Electric Department to use a portion of airport property as storage for 40-50 power poles. The poles are currently stored on a city owned tax lot and the Electric Department is looking to relocate the poles to a better location. Staff met representatives of the Electric Department to discuss the possible location of a storage facility. The only place away from fixed wing/helicopter traffic is the portion designated as future development. This area was discussed in the master plan as being used for a storage facility in the future or an aviation related use if applicable. Staff states that the existing lot used for storage is around 150’x200’. The Electric Department would build a small gravel road to the proposed area and then fence in and gate the storage area. If approved by the Airport Commission the Electric Department would still be required to go through the planning process and then have a ground lease approved by the City Council. Commission would like staff to verify with FAA that this type of use is acceptable. Staff states that the FAA has been allowing non aviation related uses of sites if the monies are reinvested in the airport. Staff will verify with the FAA. Staff also states that the ground lease should contain a 60 day opt out clause by either party in case the area needs to be developed for an aviation related use. Doran asks about fire regulations for the site. Staff states the Electric Department should maintain the site adjacent to the storage area for the required setback as defined by fire regulations. Motion by Zeve: storage facility be accepted as discussed with a 60 day opt out clause and provisions made for fire setbacks, 2nd by Skillman, all approved.
  5. Airport Users BBQ: Wolske states that the airport users group will have a bbq at JLC avionics on May 18th from 4-7 to possibly gain memberships and rekindle the users group. A flyer has been sent out via email to users informing them of the bbq. Doran states that she did not receive a flyer for the event, but can post one at Sky. Wolske to forward flyer to Doran.
  6. CAP hangar: Skinner informs Commission that he spoke with DeBoer regarding Brim Aviation finalizing the purchase of the CAP hangar. It appears that DeBoer had spoken with Brim previously and Brim was having second thoughts about the hangar purchase. The Commission asks if any lease revenue is being collected for the hangar. Staff states that in January a letter was generated to terminate the lease agreement with the CAP since the sale to Brim was imminent, but the letter might not have actually been sent as the transfer of the property would have terminated the lease. Staff will verify if letter was sent. If the lease has not been terminated then the lease rate for CAP is still set at the agreed upon 1.00 dollar per year. The Commission would like to see a final resolution to this issue as it has been stopped and started numerous times over the past year. Motion by Hendrickson: City contact the CAP with regards to lease termination requirements based on lease language and either remove the hangar per agreement or pay adequate monthly lease fees as established by resolution, 2nd by Skillman, all approved.
  1. Status of Airport, Financial Report, Review of Safety Reports: Skinner informs Commission that the site was recently mowed and the county crews where onsite doing some weed eating. A few delineators were damaged during the process and a runway light was run over. Cook from the Electric Department has repaired the light. Skinner reports there has been an uptick in activity associated with the weather and student start ups have increased dramatically as compared to previous years at this time. Skinner is also finalizing the deal for a new fuel supplier that should allow for a decrease in cost for onsite fuel.
  1. Maintenance Updates: Staff has filled out a work order with the Electric Department to complete the security camera installation. Skinner previously received a bid that Skinner and staff believed was too high for the services offered. No other maintenance updates.
  1. Brown Bag: No update
  1. Transportation Commission: No update.
  1. Medford Airport Update: No update
  1. Action Item List: No updates to the action item list.
  1. OTHER:
The meeting of the JC airport commission is the third Monday of the month at 12:00 PM.
  1. NEXT MEETING DATE:  June 5th, 9:30 AM
ADJOURN:  Meeting adjourned at 11:34

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