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January 20, 2012

Friday, January 20, 2012

Public Art Commission
January 20, 2012
Regular Meeting
Commissioners: Davis, Friend, Pugh, Bussell, Garrington, Seltzer (staff), Capovilla (student liaison), Slattery (Council liaison)
John Karns, Fire Chief
Call to Order
The meeting was called to order at 8:15 a.m.
Minutes from the December meeting were approved
Enders Alley Mural
The Commission discussed the comments received from neighbors of the proposed mural location.  Comments in support and in opposition were received.  The primary concern by one of the neighbors was the mural added to the dark feeling on the alley and they were concerned for their employees.  Dan Shulter, father of artist Nicole explained the scale of the mural is much smaller than the design suggests and he is installing motion sensor lights on above the mural.  The other negative comment was from a neighbor in a private home who did not want to look out her window and see the mural.  Per photos provided by Mr. Shulter, it does not appear the mural is visible from her home.
The commission commented that Nicole had responded to PAC requests to adjust the color, background and roof lines of the mural and that she had done so.  Garrington expressed support for moving the recommendation forward to the City Council.  M/S by Garrington and Bussell to move the recommendation to implement the mural forward to the City Council.
Seltzer indicated this item will be on the February 21 Council agenda.
Fire Station
Chief Karns gave an update on the progress of Fire Station No. 2.  He anticipates groundbreaking in late March or early April and noted the architectural feature inside the lobby has been removed.  Karns was asked if there was a “theme” he would like to see incorporated into the public art.  Karns explained that the link between firefighting and the Ashland watershed is important and that might be a possible theme, but he stressed that the art need not reflect firefighting at all.  He indicated that if electricity or water were needed for the art, it needs to be incorporated into the plans.
The PAC discussed the “project scope” drafted by Garrington.  The group agreed the piece should be located outside and be visible from Ashland Street.  Davis will combine the components of the RFP and asked for the following: Garrington will edit the “project scope” to reflect the discussion, Seltzer will provide the supporting documents including the building renderings and sample contract.  The PAC will review the final draft RFP in February.
Artist Registry
Capovilla reported on the progress of developing an artist registry.  She has researched other cities and noted NYC has the most extensive registry.  She asked for direction from the PAC on how to proceed.
The PAC agreed it would be nice to have the registry as a resource but expressed concern that as a public agency, there could be restrictions on limiting artist who wished to be included.  There was some discussion about having the Gallery Association take on the registry but Davis noted the Association is membership based and artist wishing to be included must pay membership fees.
Generally, the PAC agreed to put this project on hold and asked Abby to continue her work developing an on-line Public Art inventory.
Letter to Tom Foster regarding Lincoln Statue
The PAC discussed the letter drafted by Bussell and Garrington.  Some felt it needed to clearly state the PAC will not take on this project at this time for two reasons: need for a new head carved to match the scale of the statue and current workload of the PAC.  Friend will edit the letter to include those sentiments.
Meeting adjourned at 10:00 a.m.

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