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Monday, February 06, 2012

Monday, February 6, 2012
Siskiyou Room, 51 Winburn Way

Mayor Stromberg called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m. in the Siskiyou Room. 
Councilor Silbiger, Lemhouse, Slattery, Morris, Chapman, and Voisin were present.  
1.    Look Ahead Review
Item not addressed.
2.     Will Council approve the FY13 Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Project List, the Overall FY13-18 CIP Program in Concept, and the FY13 Capital Equipment Plan?
Engineering Technician II Scott Fleury submitted an updated Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) spreadsheet with the Ashland Water Advisory Ad-Hoc Committee (AWAC) recommendations that in the Water Fund section deleted items T-10 and T-11 for the new filters and upgrades to the existing water treatment plant.  Another AWAC recommendation moved items T-6 and T-8 under Water Treatment Storage to the Unfunded Category along with Water Plant Security Fencing.  The $200,000 amount allocated for item D-2 under Water Distribution would decrease by $100,000 on a five-year cycle.  AWAC recommended adding the following to Water Distribution:
D-6   Pipe Replacement Program
D-7   Radio Read Meter Program
D-8   Hydrant Replacement Program
D-9   Emergency Response Plan Update
D-10 Cross Connection Control Plan Update
D-11 Safety Plan Update
Mr. Fleury and Public Works Director Mike Faught gave a presentation that included:
FY 2011 Highlights

  • Plaza Ave:  Construction Cost $62,331.00 – Budgeted Amount - $80,000 (biding has gone down)
  • Jefferson Ave Extension:  Construction Cost $666,397.85 – Budgeted Amount -  $775,000
  • Liberty Street LID:  Construction Cost $179,840.81 – Budgeted Amount - $275,000
  • Miscellaneous Concrete-Walker Ave:  Construction Cost: $260,432.29 – Budgeted Cost:  $250,000
  • Laurel Street Sidewalk Improvements:  Construction Cost $182,682.41 – Budgeted Amount $280,000

Transportation Total CIP Budget

  • FY12 Transportation Execution Rate 52%
  • FY13 Total Budget $2,765,000
  • FY13-18 Budget $5,925,000
  • Unfunded Totals $16,552, 000

Staff explained how projects were budgeted over multiple fiscal years and that the Unfunded Category kept high priority projects visible until there were sufficient funds through the City or grants.  Council suggested adding the date items move onto the Unfunded Projects for historical purposes.  Mr. Faught noted the Unfunded Category started in 2009.  The master plans would incorporate some of the projects and make others obsolete but there would always be unfunded needs.  Funding strategies would eventually come out in the master plans.
Engineering Services Manager Jim Olson explained the State would fund the Oak Street Railroad crossing with the City paying $30,000 to extend the sidewalks.
Transportation CIP FY 13-18

  • North Mountain Reconstruction FY14 $350,000
  • Wightman Street Overlay FY15 $225,000
  • Allison Street Overlay FY16 $320,000
  • Fielder LID FY14 $130,000
  • Miscellaneous Concrete Repairs FY13-18 $100,000


  • Schofield Monte Vista LID Construction Cost FY12 $347,000
  • Hersey/Wimer Intersection Realignment FY12 $500,000 & FY13 $500,000
  • Walker Ave Railroad Improvements FY13 $750,000

Staff explained overlays were an inexpensive way to manage street systems and they extended use of the road.  It was important not to under budget street repair projects.
Water Total CIP

  • FY12 Execution Rate 100% plus additional carryover projects
  • FY13 Total Budget $617,000
  • FY13-18 Budget (AWAC) $28,363,000
  • Unfunded - $15,668,000

 Associate Engineer Pieter Smeenk explained the pump stations on Mountain Avenue and Terrace functioned at an inadequate capacity and replacing and combining them would increase efficiency.
Water CIP FY13-18 - CIP Updates Based on Draft Master Plan Recommendations

  • Park Estates Pump Station FY 13-14 $2,000,000
  • Emergency Response Plan Update FY14 $20,000
  • CT Disinfection Improvements FY13 $85,000

Water CIP – Based on Draft Water Master Plan Recommendations

  • 2.5 MGD Water Treatment Plant FY16-18 $12,000,000
  • Crowson II 2.6 MG Reservoir FY16-18 $6,746,000
  • Water CIP-Emergency TAP Pipeline FY15 $2,000,000

 Mr. Faught noted there was not enough money in System Development Charges (SDC’s) to pay for the TAP Pipeline and it was unrealistic to use SDC’s 100%.  He went on to confirm the Water Master Plan included necessary upkeep and replacement costs.
Wastewater Total CIP

  • FY12 Execution Rate 72%
  • FY13 Total Budget $1,940,060
  • FY13-18 Budget $12,733,000
  • Unfunded Total $1,025,000

Wastewater CIP FY13-18 – CIP Updates Based on Draft Master Plan Recommendations

  • Ashland Creek Mainline Rehabilitation FY13 $250,000
  • Oxidation Ditch FY14-17 $4,000,000
  • Backup Pump FY13 $60,000

Wastewater CIP-Trading – Based on Draft Water Master Plan Recommendations

  • Shading Construction Cost FY13 $246,000 - Overall Cost $2,921,404

 Mr. Fleury explained the cost for using Chiller Towers was $10-12,000,000 capital costs and an estimated $250,000 for energy costs.  The option of closing Ashland’s wastewater treatment plant would cost $28,000,000 to tie into the Medford system, plus the SDC’s for Rogue Valley Sewer Services (RVSS).  Additionally, Ashland would retain the current Waste Water Treatment Plant as a “scab” plant to handle overflows.  The City would also have to maintain the collection system unless annexed to RVSS for Rogue Valley Reclamation.
Wastewater – Based on Draft Water Master Plan Recommendations

  • Membrane Filters FY13 Budgeted Amount $800,000

Storm Drain Total CIP

  • FY12 Execution Rate 69%
  • FY13 Total Budget $375,000
  • FY13-18 Budget $577,000
  • Unfunded Total $3,296,000

Electric/AFN/IT/GIS Total CIP

  • FY12 Execution Rate 45%
  • FY13 Total Budget $2,410,000
  • FY13-18 Budget $7,018,900
  • Unfunded Total $285,000

Interim Assistant City Administrator Lee Tuneberg explained the City was currently in negotiations for the purchase of the Mountain Avenue Substation and due to the way negotiations were progressing, there was a chance the purchase would not go through.  Purchasing the substation would lower expenses over time through operational costs that would also offset rates. 
He went on to explain staff was working on an update regarding AFN and currently there was not enough information on selling the asset.
Facilities Total CIP Breakdown

  • FY12 Execution Rate 48%
  • FY13 TOTAL BUDGET $3,575,000
  • FY13-18 BUDGT $4,970,000
  • Unfunded - $5,957,000


  • Fire Station #2 FY12 $1,200,000 - FY13 $1,800,000
  • Police Station Remodel FY12 $30,000 - FY13 $1,500,000

Parks Department Total CIP Breakdown

  • FY12 Execution Rate 11%
  • FY13 Total Budget $2,018,000
  • FY13-18 Budget $7,990,000
  • Unfunded $7,190,000

Parks Department

  • Hunter Court Light Improvements FY12 Construction Cost $38,552 - Budgeted Amount $75,000
  • Calle Improvements FY13 $300,000
  • Ashland Creek Park Development FY13 $750,000

Parks and Recreation Director Don Robertson added the remaining funds for the Hunter Park lights would go towards replacing the court lights in Lithia Park.   
Equipment Replacement Table

City of Ashland FY13 Equipment Replacement
Equip No. Department Year Brand  Cost
546 Fire 1991 E-1 Cyclone Pumper  $                 525,000.00
295 Facilities 1997 GMC Savana Van  $                   32,000.00
      Auxiliary Equipment  $                     5,000.00
321 Electric 1998 Ford Ranger 4X4  $                   24,000.00
563 Police 2007 Crown Vic  $                   24,000.00
      Auxiliary Equipment  $                   10,000.00
564 Police 2007 Crown Vic  $                   24,000.00
      Auxiliary Equipment  $                   10,000.00
510 Police- Admin 2005 Chevrolet Impala  $                   24,000.00
      Auxiliary Equipment  $                     4,000.00
310 Street 1997 JohnDeere 410E  $                   90,000.00
318 Waste Water 1998 John Deere 410E  $                   90,000.00
504 Street 2005 Johnston 650 Sweeper  $                 175,000.00
      Total  $              1,037,000.00
Public Works Superintendent Mike Morrison Jr. explained the annual evaluation process used to monitor the life cycle of City vehicles was an industry standard and noted the cost of repair versus replacement.  He would add equipment maintenance and evaluation information to future Equipment Replacement Tables and reports.
Mr. Fleury addressed the airport and noted they were in the process of accumulating grant money for the ramp extension and the Sky Research Hangar onsite development.
Meeting adjourned at 6:45 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,                                
Dana Smith
Assistant to the City Recorder

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