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September 16, 2011

Friday, September 16, 2011


Public Art Commission

September 16, 2011

Regular Meeting



Commissioners: Davis, Friend, Garrington, Pugh, Slattery (council) Seltzer(staff)





Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 8:15 a.m.


Approval of Minutes

Minutes were approved with corrections.



Citizen Issues/Proposals

Nicole Shulters, student at AHS spoke to the group about the mural she is proposing on Enders Alley.  The Commission heard a presentation from her father Dan Shulters at the August meeting who offered letters of support from neighboring businesses and approval from the property owner.  Shulters passed around an illustration of the proposed art work.


The committee explained the process for approval and asked Nicole to prepare a written proposal to the Public Art Commission which includes more details such as:

·         Square footage and demarcation of the wall

·         Wall texture and condition and how you intend to prepare the wall for paint (wall prep, priming etc.)

·         How you will physically execute the painting e.g. scaffolding, lift requirements, placement of orange cones, caution signage for vehicles and pedestrians etc. How much space will you need from the wall into the alley? The City will need to know this information to determine if the alley should be closed to vehicles, for safety reasons,  during the time you are working.

·         Paint specifications

·         Anti graffiti and UV coating

·         Explanation of your vision

·         Color sketch of your proposed vision

·         Timeframe (how long will this take from start to finish?)


If approved by the PAC at the October meeting, the proposal will be forwarded to the City Council for the first or second meeting in November for final approval.  Shulters was advised to submit her written materials and drawing to staff no later than October 10.


Art Grants

Garrington provided a spreadsheet of various granting agencies that provide funds for public art. These will be used when the PAC begins the fundraising campaign for the Gateway project.


Christman Sculpture

Staff advised the artist has been paid in full and the City now owns this piece of art.  Staff was asked to compile a list of city-owned public art and provide to commission members.


Commission Vacancies

General discussion on who might be willing to be on the commission.  Commission members will actively try to recruit new members and advise them to submit a letter of interst to the City Recorder.


Update on meeting with Parks

Pugh updated the group on the meeting that she and Bussell attended in August and commented that some members of the Parks Commission were not happy with the memorial plaque to Jack Hardesty.  Pugh and Bussell will meet with the Memorial Plaque subcommittee for final approval.  Parks did approve the addition of another pedestal for public art in the Calle area.


Update on Helman project/Council approval

Council approved the project at Helman school and the school has been notified. 



General discussion on the Sound Peace sculpture and what happens if the piece is sold which is currently “on loan” to the City.


Pugh will draft an article for the Ashland Gallery Guide due in December. 


Seltzer explained the Fire Station #2 project is a city project that requires one half of one percent be set aside for public art.  The amount is $15,000.  Seltzer will ask legal if the funds must be used for public art at that location or if all or a portion can be used for a different public art project.


Meeting adjourned at 9:55.

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