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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Minutes for Public Arts Commission Gateway Project Meeting – July 27, 2011-8:15am

Members Present: Bussell, Davis, Edson, Friend, Garrington

Members Absent: Pugh, Wilkerson

Discussion of Gateway Sculpture Site Values

Davis presented two publications for the commission to consider as possible guides for the planning process:  “Public Art by the Book” a book by Barbara Goldstein, and “Art in Public Places – A Public Arts Handbook” obtained from Washington State Art Commission web site. 
After a short review, members agreed both publications appeared to be useful planning documents for the PAC, and all members are encouraged to review the publications in more depth.  Two other web sites were also mentioned as possible sources of information: (a part of wordpress) for funding and Creative capital.


Davis presented the commission with a draft “Timeline for Gateway Project” (incorporated by attachment) detailing step one in the sculpture acquisition planning process including developing PAC criteria and a vision for the piece.  The commission reviewed and discussed the values presented and made editing suggestions for the draft document.  The commission decided the selection process should be based on the ability of the sculpture to meet the criteria outlined in the draft with some additions including the sculpture’s “appropriateness for the space”.   A discussion of what appropriate entails included two major topics:


1.       The sculpture chosen is intended to become an iconic element in the Ashland experience for both citizens and visitors as viewed by passing cars and pedestrians. 

2.      For safety reasons, the sculpture should primarily be a visual presentation rather than a physically interactive one eg: no water feature, climbing, or other element encouraging active physical use of the piece.  This was decided because the location in the center of major traffic intersections in a relatively small space does not allow for safely encouraging children using the site as a play area.


The commission decided that while we are developing a clearer idea of what we want for the site, we should simultaneously begin to find out who is available and willing to do a project of this magnitude.     By issuing a call for artists in an RFQ, we would get an idea of who is available and qualified to work on the project.  We are hoping to find from this call for artists, five artisans who are qualified.  We would then ask for proposals for the site, based on the criteria we are developing.  Artists that may not be qualified for this project may be right for other projects.  Therefore, it was suggested that this be the beginning of developing an artists data base.  Besides a developed body of work, two major qualifications are that the artist has worked with government/quasi govt agencies before, and has experience creating durable outdoor sculptures of a high caliber.   As a result of the meeting, Davis agreed to develop a preliminary RFQ.  Edson will develop an outline of a proposed timeline and project to do list.  Garrington will research possible funding sources.    These items will be reviewed and discussed at the September meeting. 

Bussell will continue her work on the Calle Guanajuato by presenting to the parks meeting the PAC’s desire to move Wataru sculpture and have a new pedestal made. She will also write a grant proposal for the new pedestal. 


Additionally, the commission discussed the importance of attendance at meetings and the importance of keeping up on the issues if unable to attend.  It was suggested that we could perhaps send the minutes to all members the week immediately following a meeting to allow members not in attendance to review them in a timely way. 


Meeting adjourned at 10:00 a.m.


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