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Tree Commission Minutes

Thursday, September 08, 2011

CALL TO ORDER –Ashland Tree Commission meeting was called to order at 6:07 p.m. on September 8, 2011, in the Siskiyou Room in the Community Development and Engineering Services Building located at 51 Winburn Way, Ashland, Oregon.


Commissioners Present

Council Liaison

Russ Neff

Russ Sibliger - ABSENT

Casey Roland


Bobby Townsend

Staff Present

Tracy Peddicord

Michael Pina, Assistant Planner


Anne Thayer -  Parks Dept.

Tom Myers - ABSENT





August 4th Tree Commission Minutes – Townsend motioned/Roland seconded to approve the August 4th, 2011 regular meeting minutes Voice vote: all AYES, Motion passed.  The minutes were approved as submitted.









PLANNING ACTION:                        2011-00996

SUBJECT PROPERTY:          660 B Street

APPLICANT:                          Constance Crow         

DESCRIPTION:                      A request for Tree Removal Permit approval to remove an approximately ten-inch diameter ponderosa pine tree from the front yard of the property located at 660 B Street.

COMPREHENSIVE PLAN DESIGNATION: Low Density Multi-Family Residential



Commissioner Townsend recused himself from the review. Ms. Crow is a client of his.

Site visits were performed by all.

Amy read the staff report.


The Commission discussed that the tree is clearly the wrong tree in the wrong place. A Ponderosa Pine will get too large in this location and will soon threaten the other trees on the site. The commission all agreed the mitigation tree is appropriate for the location.


Commissioner Neff moved to approve, all were in favor.

PLANNING ACTION:            2011-00885

PLANNING ACTION:                        2011-01087

SUBJECT PROPERTY:          156 Seventh St. 

APPLICANT:                          Ann McIntyre 

DESCRIPTION:                      A request for a Modification of a previously approved Site Review for a Tree Removal Permit approval to remove a 42-inch in diameter breast height (DBH) Incense Cedar tree that was initially proposed to be preserved.  The tree is to the left of the front residence and is in decline. A Certified Arborist has reviewed the subject tree and recommended removal. COMPREHENSIVE PLAN DESIGNATION: Multi-Family Residential



Commissioner Roland recused himself, Ms. McIntyre is a client.

Site Visits all.

Amy presented the staff report.


The Commissioners discussed the site and the large conifers on the property. There will be two large trees remaining following the removal of the Cedar. The Commission felt that a deciduous mitigation tree would be appropriate given the large trees on site, the site constraints and the applicants desire to have garden plots.     


Commissioner Petticord moved to approve, all were in favor.


PLANNING ACTION:                        2011-01131

SUBJECT PROPERTY:          545 Lit Way

APPLICANT:                          Kerry KenCairn (agent for business owner Keira Harrison) 

DESCRIPTION:                      A request for Site Review approval to allow the conversion of an existing residence to commercial use as a healing arts center for the property located at 545 Lit Way.   The property is zoned Commercial (C-1). COMPREHENSIVE PLAN DESIGNATION: Commercial; ZONING: C-1; ASSESSOR’S MAP: 39 1E 15 AB TAX LOT: 6100


Commissioner Peddicord recused herself, she is an employee of KenCairn Landscape Architecture. 

Site Visits all.

Amy presented the staff report.


The Commission expressed concern regarding the details of the site plans, Tree Protection plan and landscape plan. There were some errors which made understanding of the proposal more difficult. The Commissioners also stated that the applicant should modify their application and apply for a Tree Removal Permit for the Siberian Elm at the rear of the property adjacent to the parking spaces. The paving for the parking will be within the drip line of the elm tree and the Commission didn’t feel that the tree was worth saving. It’s on the prohibited Street Tree list and the tree on this site has already dropped some large limbs and has clearly had portions removed. The installation of the parking in a manner to save it may be futile as the tree is already in poor condition. The Commission also discussed that the Elm is hindering the nice maples on the site.


The Tree Commission has recommended the following for the above planning action:

      1)   A revised Tree Protection, Tree Preservation, Tree Removal plan is necessary. Electric vault at rear of the property not shown on plans, tree protection fencing is shown within Ashland Street on Tree #1 which is also proposed for removal and tree fencing is shown where pavement located for parking area of Siberian Elm (#3).


2)   Plants shown taller in vision clearance triangle at the intersection of Ashland Street and Lit Way which grow taller than 2 ½ feet in height. (E.g. Blueberry, rock rose and lavender)


3)   Tree Commission recommends applicant modify application to apply for the removal of the Siberian Elm tree (#3). Tree is on prohibited street tree list due to the weak structure of the species, is interfering with maple trees, appears to have lost limbs and appears to be in generally poor condition.




Tree of the Year Ballot: The Commissioners determined which trees they would like to see on the ballot. They felt this year’s selection of nominated trees was marginal and decided to have four trees instead of five up for vote. Those trees are: the redwoods on Granite, the Sequoia’s at 156 Seventh Street and at 965 Bellview Avenue and the Magnolia tree at the McCall House B&B on Oak Street – oldest Magnolia recorded in Jackson County. Amy will get the ballot together, send it to the Locals Guide, place it on the City website and print copies to place in various locations around town.


Groasis Box: Commissioner Roland has been in touch with the representatives of the Groasis Company in Holland. They are completely willing to work with the City and fill the order for the 10 boxes. The Commission decided the best sites would be North Mountain Park on Rocky Point, Hargadine Cemetery, Hald-Strawberry Park, Golf Course, Southern Oregon University and Casey would like to purchase one. One species idea is a Sugar Pine. Amy will place the order.



Liaison Reports:

Anne Rich, Parks Department Liaison: Anne talked about the issues with subsurface irrigation which was used extensively on Siskiyou Boulevard and in some of the parks. It is very difficult to determine if the line is broken and often cannot be determined until the plant ides. Additionally according to the manufacturer’s specifications, chlorine is used to clean the system which is harmful to plants. Anne also talked about the new Park Superintendent – Bruce Dickens and that he is working on a set of standards or guidelines on how parks get developed and maintained.


Current Balance $750.00



The meeting was adjourned at 7:25 PM. Next Meeting:  Thursday, October 6, 2011


Respectfully submitted by Amy Gunter, Assistant Planner


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