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Agendas and Minutes

Homelessness Steering Committee ad hoc (View All)

July 14, 2011 Homelessness Steering Committee

Thursday, July 14, 2011


July 14, 2011

Ad hoc Homelessness Steering Committee

Guanajuato Room, Ashland Public Library

3:00 – 5:00



Rohde, Lewis, Hopkins-Powell, Ayars, Parker, Voisin (council liaison), Seltzer (city staff)



Everson, Saldana, O’Bryon, Slattery (council liaison)


Call to Order

Rhode called the meeting to order at 3:05.


Approval of Minutes

Minutes of the June 27 meeting were approved with corrections.


The committee reviewed the “parking lot” items.


Mobility Hospitality Cart


Voisin indicated La Clinica was interested in securing a mobile unity.  There was general discussion about partnering with La Clinica.  Voisin will contact La Clinica and let them know about the proposal for a Mobile Hospitality Center.


Hopkins-Powell raised the question “What is the committee’s role” and asked if it is the responsibility of the committee to link providers with proposals.   



The committee reiterated the next outreach for proposals should be more focused.  Suggestions of jobs or housing were put forth.  The committee did not vote on the specific issues for the next round until it is clear what is being done with the existing proposals approved to forward to Council.


The committee decided to focus their discussion on the proposals to be forwarded to the Council and set aside the “parking lot” ideas for a future discussion.


Forward to Council proposals


It was noted Listening Post needs to be included in the list of proposals to forward to Council.  The committee reviewed each proposal to identify what information is still needed for each and what the proposal is requesting of the City.


Chamber Donation Boxes

  • Identify the non-profit who will oversee the collection and distribution of funds
  • Number and location of the proposed boxes
  • Proposed language for sign
  • Request permission from City to place donation boxes on public property.

Seltzer will contact the Chamber.


Public Toilets

Location of portable toilets

Possible cost of maintaining public toilets open 24/7


It was suggested portable toilets be located at each end of town and specifically noted a location near the bikepath at Valley View Road.  It was also suggested the public restrooms on the Calle and near the dog park be open 24/7.


Parker will contact submitter Steve Auerbach for more information.  


Standing Homeless Committee

The committee reviewed the “charge” of the committee as outlined in the proposal.


Rohde and Voisin will work together on this proposal


Day Use Center

Identify possible locations, either City property or private property that might be available rent free for the center.


Ayars will research possible locations.


Listening Post

Hopkins-Powell reported that she is working with Lewis and it is possible the Methodist Church could provide space for Listening Post services.  At this point they are not asking for City office space but may need to do so in the future.


The committee agreed each person would provide an update of their research at the next committee meeting.  That meeting is set for Wednesday, August 3 at 3:00.  Seltzer will check with the library for available meeting space.


Report to Council

The committee will report to the City Council on September 20.  There was general discussion about what should be included in the report.  The committee agreed it should include a summary of all the proposals received so the Council and the community are aware of the number of the proposals. 


Seltzer reported she will be available for the August 3 meeting but not available for the August 18 meeting and another staff person will attend.


Next Meeting Dates:

August 3, 3:00-5:00 Location TBD

August 18, 4:00 – 6:00 Ashland Library, Gresham Room



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