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Agendas and Minutes

Homelessness Steering Committee ad hoc (View All)

June 9, 2011

Thursday, June 09, 2011


June, 9 2011

Ad hoc Homelessness Steering Committee

Gresham Room, Ashland Public Library

4:00 – 6:00



Saldana, Rohde, Parker, Lewis, Ayars, Voisin (council liaison), Everson, Slattery (council liaison) Seltzer (city staff)





Call to Order

Parker called the meeting to order at 4:05.


Approval of Minutes

Minutes of the May 26 meeting were approved with corrections.


The committee discussed how to proceed with the discussion on the proposals submitted and referred to the announcement issued by the committee which stated proposal will be reviewed and:


  • May be considered actionable by the committee as written
  • May be returned to the submitter for development or further explanation, possible with recommended changes or suggested partnership
  • May be forwarded to the City Council for consideration
  • May not be actionable at present time


Thirty-one proposals were submitted.


1.               Unitarian Universalists

The proposal stated an interest in the need for a residential facility and a coordinator to oversee it with homeless persons providing community service.  The committee felt this was not a complete proposal but did show a willingness to collaborate with others.  This proposal was set aside as a possible resource for other proposals.  Seltzer will draft a letter and send to the submitter.


  1. Ashland Business Support

The committee liked the idea of business support but found the concept of scrip complicated.  It was commented that the homelessness already get food and clothing for free.  The committee felt this proposal was not actionable. Seltzer will send a letter to the submitter.


  1. Ashland Community Service Center

This proposal was about establishing a “service center” to provide access to a variety of resources.  The committee felt this was a nice idea but a huge project with no funding and felt it was trying to recreate ICCA.  A comment was made that one of the reasons ICCA failed was its location.  The committee determined this proposal may be actionable and will respond and invite the submitter to re-submit the proposal with a plan to execute including a fund raising plan and demonstrate solid relationships with partners.  Seltzer will send a letter.


  1. Chamber of Commerce Donation Boxes

The Chamber proposes paying for and placing “donation boxes” for people to deposit money to assist the homeless population.  The committee liked this concept but expressed concern it did not identify a non-profit to collect and distribute the funds.  Comments were made that many social service agencies advocate giving money to providers rather than to individuals and that, the proposal creates socially responsible philanthropy.  The committee decided to move this concept forward to the City Council as a summary, rather than to submit the actual proposal and recommend the Council identify the appropriate non-profit to administer the funds.  Seltzer will send a letter.


  1. Public Toilets

The proposal requested opening existing public restrooms 24/7 and providing portable toilets in locations where public restrooms do not exist.  Some commented that homeless persons have indicated that the lack of full time access to public toilets was not an issue and other commented that it would be helpful to have full time access.  The proposal did not identify a source of funding or possible locations.  The committee decided to forward this proposal as a summary to the City Council.


  1. Ashland World Café, Gallery Walk, Plaza Performance Space and Resource Center

The committee commented the proposal included so many different concepts and each needed more work.  It was decided to return the proposal to the submitter and invite them to re-submit one or all of the ideas with a complete plan on how the idea will be executed, including oversight, funding, and possible partners.


The remaining proposals will be reviewed at future meetings.


Next meeting dates:

Monday, June 20 location TBD

Monday, June 27, location TBD

Thursday, July 14, Gresham Room

Thursday, August 18, Gresham Room


Meeting adjourned at 6:00 p.m.


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