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Social Service Grant Meeting

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Social Services Grant Presentations
March 17, 2011 6pm Civic Center
Council Chambers, 1175 East Main Street

The Budget Committee Meeting was called to order at 6:03 p.m.

Committee members Stebbins, Morris, Runkel, Silbiger and Voisin were present.

The Committee discussed the allocations.  Voisin stated that she used three criteria that she used, proximity to Ashland, where the funds were going directly and success record.  Stebbins said that the reason she proposed zero for St. Vincent De Paul is because she doesnít feel it is right to give tax payer dollars to religious organizations and feels strongly between church and State.  Voisin stated she wanted to give all they proposed is because they have saved 200-300 people from going to homelessness. Mr. Tuneberg recommended when the Committee reaches tough decision to look at page 2 of the resolution to see the criteria. 
Childrenís Dental Clinic-The average was $3993.  Voisin wanted to increase to $5000.  Stebbins feels their projection was based on a high number of children. Silbiger suggested the average of $4000.  Majority-$4000.
SOCSTC-Average $2528.  Majority-$2880.
Community Health Center-Voisin in complete support of this organization.  Majority-$37,000.
Rogue Valley Manor Community Services RSVP-Stebbins suggested $1500.  Voisin stated that they have other sources for their money besides the City of Ashland. Majority-$1500.
Rogue Valley Manor Community Services FGP-Majority-$1500.
Southern Oregon Permaculture Institute (SOPI)-Runkel stated he would be willing to give $1500 for a childrenís day camp.  The Committee felt this application would be best in the Economic, Cultural, Tourism and Sustainability grants.  Majority-0
Community Works, Sexual Assault Victim Services-Majority -$2730.
Community Works, Helpline-Stebbins stated she had a problem with their calculations of adding 5% to what they got last year. Stebbins thought 2% would be better. Voisin stated that given their expenses they need this money.  Majority-$10,625. 
Community Works, Dunn House Shelter-Voisin proposed zero for them and stated that she feels that since they are such a great resource they will be able to find funds elsewhere.  She stated that it didnít meet her criteria and it is based out of Medford.  Silbiger stated that he is in support for this organization.  Stebbins stated the success rate is amazing and has a good impact in Ashland. Majority-$16,000.
Community Works, Inc.-The Committee decided on the average.  Majority-$8250.
CASA of Jackson County-The Committee decided to go with the average.  Majority-$2120.
St. Vincent De Paul-Runkel is in support of this organization and stated that he liked that they provide services to anybody whether a church member or not and how they the money was dealt with the direct service not the individual. Voisin is concerned for the number of people who are at risk of losing their home and feels this organization is important to help.  Silbiger initially had not allocated anything for them but after hearing what they had to say feels like the organization is worthwhile, although he doesnít feel they deserve the whole amount because they have gone this long without funding. Morris stated he stated that since they had not applied before he didnít feel comfortable with giving such large amount but did want to see what they can do so wanted to give some money. Majority-$5000.
Help Now! Advocacy Center-Stebbins stated that it seems like a good project but is concerned because the amount they are asking for is needed is needed in total to keep the project running.  Voisin feels they need to look to for other funding opportunities.  Runkel was impressed with the effort and agreed with Roberta that it is either all or nothing.  Majority-0
Center for NonProfit Legal Services-Majority-$7000.

OnTrack Inc.-Morris stated that the services at the School are good.  Stebbins stated she thinks it is great how they support a Counselor on staff. Majority-$3500.

ACCESS, Inc.-Majority-$6000.

Sexual Assault Response Program SART-Voisin stated this is a very important service and feels it is essential.  Majority-$4000 for the time being.

Planned Parenthood of Southwestern Oregon-Majority-$4000.

Mediation Works, A Community Dispute Resolution Center-Voisin proposed zero, she stated that they do really great fundraisers and feels that they could have the amount that they are asking by fundraising.  Morris does not feel comfortable with zero.  Runkel would like to support them.  Majority-$1000.

WinterSpring CenterTransforming Grief and Loss-Voisin stated that they have other alternatives besides the City of Ashland for funding.  Majority-0

Childrenís Advocacy Center-Silbiger stated that they are a very necessary service and do good work and is supportive of what they do. Voisin stated she felt the board did not contribute enough and could find funds in other places.  Runkel suggested to give them $2605 and the remaining money of $1,000 to SART which would give them a total of $5000.

Silbiger/Morris m/s to approve the proposed allocations and send them to the Budget Committee for approval.  All Ayes. 
City of Ashland Social Service Grant Allocations
Total Funding Available $120,710



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