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Joint Study Session

Tuesday, April 26, 2011






April 26, 2011



Planning Commission Chair Pam Marsh called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers, 1175 East Main Street.  


Planning Commissioners Present:


Transportation Commissioners Present:

Larry Blake

Micahel Dawkins

Pam Marsh

Melanie Mindlin

John Rinaldi, Jr.

Tom Burnham

Steve Ryan

Brent Thompson

David Young

Absent Members:

Staff Present:

Eric Heesacker

Debbie Miller

Julia Sommer

Colin Swales

Corrine Vieville

David Chapman, Council Liaison

Russ Silbiger, Council Liaison

Mike Faught, Public Works Director

Bill Molnar, Community Development Director

Brandon Goldman, Senior Planner

April Lucas, Administrative Supervisor



1.  March 17, 2011 Joint Study Session Minutes.


Commissioners Thompson/Burnham m/s to approve the March 17, 2011 Joint Study Session Minutes. Voice Vote: all AYES. Motion passed 9-0.



Commissioner Marsh explained the focus of tonight’s meeting is to identify which of the potential programs and projects outlined in the TSP White Papers require particular focus or attention, or require additional information before an informed decision can be made. Public Works Director Mike Faught explained they are at the point in the process where the commissions will need to start identifying which items will be included in the City’s TSP, and which ones are out. He added tonight the commissions are charged with identifying the major topics they want to discuss further.


Susan Wright with Kittelson & Associates, Inc. joined the meeting via teleconference. She stated they are looking for a thumbs up or thumbs down on all of the white paper subjects so that they can start pulling together a comprehensive plan for the City. She noted there will be three more meetings for the commissioners to provide input, and then they will start drafting the plan. Ms. Wright listed the next steps in the process and noted the upcoming joint discussions where the group will be able to further discuss and explore the white paper topics.


Mr. Faught clarified that the commissions will be allowed to identify priorities at an upcoming meeting, but tonight they should focus on identifying which of the items they want to discuss further.


The commissions briefly discussed how to structure tonight’s discussion, and agreed to walk through the items listed in Kittelson’s summary report and identify which ones they need additional information on and want to discuss further.


White Papers Group #1: Road Diets, Street Patios, Other Modes of Transportation, Railroad Crossings, and Offset Intersections.

The commissioners shared their opinions about the topics in White Paper Group #1. Consensus was reached for Road Diets, Railroad Crossings, and Street Patios to be brought back at an upcoming meeting for further discussion.


White Papers Group #2: Roundabouts, Bicycle Route Connectivity and Bicycle Boulevards, Shared Streets and Alleyways, and Green Street Standards.

Ms. Wright clarified some of the roundabout intersections were crossed out if they were deemed infeasible at that location. Suggestion was made that a better approach may be to identify which intersections need attention, and put together a toolkit of options (including roundabouts) to address the problems.


The commissioners shared their opinions on the elements in Group #2 and Roundabouts and the Bikeway Network Map were identified for needing additional information and further discussion. Additional recommendation was made for the Bikeway Network Map to be provided to local biking enthusiasts for review and input.


Transportation Commissioner Thompson left the meeting at 8:00 p.m.


White Papers Group #3: Funding Programs, Transit, Will Dodge Way, Multiuse Trails, and Safe Routes to School.

Funding Programs and Transit were identified for further information and discussion. Planning Commissioner Dawkins noted that he has been appointed to the RVTD Budget Committee.


Shawn Kampmann/Addressed the group and stated the biggest problem with the City’s transit system is there are not enough riders to make it sustainable. He stated the City has been having this same discussion for many, many years, and we are still in the same place. He added he would like to see the commissions toss out the items that they know will not work.


White Papers Group #4: Commuter Rail/Passenger Rail, Streetcar, High Density Housing, Downtown Access Plan, Access Management Plan, and Safety Focus Intersections.

Comment was made questioning if the City’s Downtown Plan - Phase II would be adopted by reference in the TSP. Ms. Wright stated this is something they need to talk about further, including whether they want to pull out specific items or incorporate the entire plan. Comment was made voicing support for pulling out items they want to incorporate and not adopting the entire plan by reference. Comment was also made regarding the trail system (Group #3), and it was noted that the citywide trail master plan prepared by the Parks Department had not been incorporated into this process.


Consensus was reached for the Downtown Plan - Phase II and the Trail System to be added to the list of items that need further detail and discussion. 


White Papers Group #5: Alternative Development Review Process, Freight, Airport, Special Transportation Area Designation, Addition of an I-5 Interchange.

The Alternative Development Review Process was put on the list of items to be discussed further.


Community Development Director Bill Molnar reviewed the items selected for further information and discussion. Commissioner Marsh requested one whole meeting be dedicated to the Transit issue. Mr. Faught clarified staff will be bringing back the bigger issues first, including transit and road diets.


Meeting adjourned at 8:45 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

April Lucas, Administrative Supervisor

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