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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Social Services Grant Presentations
March 16, 2011 6pm
Civic Center, Council Chambers, 1175 East Main Street


The Budget Committee Meeting was called to order at 6:02 p.m.


Committee members Stebbins, Morris, Runkel, Silbiger and Voisin were present.

Silbiger/Runkel m/s Stebbins as chair.  All Ayes.


STAFF REPORT AND REVIEW: Mr. Tuneberg went over the grant process.  The Committee decided to review the packets and use the time for this meeting to ask questions instead of presentation.  The applications are in order of receipt.  There is $120,710 available to grant there are 21 applicants and amount requested is $183,240.  Grants will be rewarded using Resolution 86-35.  After asking questions the Committee identifies how much they will grant to each organization.  If needed this process will continue to the following night.  The Committee decided to call each organization that attended to the front for questioning.  If an organization is not present it will not be held against them.

Childrenís Dental Clinic-Deb Silva, Clinical Director.  Runkel questioned what percentage of Dentists participates in this program.  Deb answered at least half of the Dentists in Ashland participate.  Runkel questioned how big the service area is.  Jackson County.  Runkel questioned how this organization relates to La Clinica.  Deb answered that they collaborate quite a bit, their main focus is school aged children who are not insured.  La Clinica has Happy Smiles which does screenings at schools.   If a child is uninsured they are sent to Childrenís Dental Clinic if they are insured they go to La Clinica or their established dentist.  They work together in referrals.  Stebbins commented that the calculation for the amount needed was helpful.  Voisin questioned what they would do if they donít receive this grant.  Deb answered that they will have to look at other organizations. 
Southern Oregon Child Study & Treatment Center (SOCSTC)-Leslie Kurlan, Clinical Director.  Stebbins stated she appreciated their calculations in the application.  Runkel questioned if they are doing any outreach to get Ashland board members.  Leslie answered yes and they recently merged with Family Friends in Grants Pass. 
Community Health Center-Peg Crowley, Executive Director.  Silbiger stated that on the list of board of directors almost everyoneís occupation is listed community advocate and it would be more helpful to see an actual title.  Peg stated she would share that with the board.  Runkel questioned what services they provide. Peg stated they provide primary healthcare services which include prevention, acute care, illness and chronic care management.  Stebbins wanted to clarify that the funds they are asking for will go directly to the Ashland facility.  Peg stated yes, 100%.
Rogue Valley Manor Community Services RSVP & FGP. Becky Snyder, Executive Director.  Stebbins stated she felt more compelled when looking at the Foster Grandparent Program (FGP).  She questioned what the amount would be used for.  Becky stated that in the FGP the funds would go towards half of a year a stipend for one volunteer plus mileage reimbursement.  Stebbins said she liked how the volunteers were drawn from lower class senior citizens so this stipend would be great for them.  Stebbins questioned how many Ashland volunteers they have.  Becky answered 54. 
Southern Oregon Permaculture Institute-Chuck Burr, Executive Director.  Stebbins questioned if this was a start up organization.  Chuck stated no, this is their third year in planning and second year of operation.  The adult education was ran last year the grant this year is to expand add a youth nutrition education summer camp of the grant request $9000 for adults $6000 for children from the ages 9-12.  Runkel asked how many kids would be attending this camp.  Chuck stated they are estimating 30 kids but maybe partnering with ScienceWorks which could add another 30 kids.  He stated it would open a whole new demographic for them if they can get low income citizens involved too and direct the funds towards scholarships.  Runkel question how long the camp is.  Chuck stated its one week increments.  There will be two weeks of youth camp the end of July and adding another week with ScienceWorks and the end of August.  Adult education goes on throughout the year.  Stebbins questioned how many were enrolled last year.  Chuck stated 20 adults.  Stebbins questioned if anyone can sign up for these camps.  Chuck answered yes, from anywhere internationally. 
Community Works, Sexual Assault Victim Services-Anna DíAmato, Director.  Stebbins questioned how she came up with her proposal amount.  Anna stated they came up with that number by taking the amount they received last year and added a 3% increase in cost.  Runkel asked how their organization works with other organizations.  Anna stated they coordinate with Sexual Assault Response Team (SART). 
Community Works, Helpline- Anna DíAmato, Director.  Anna stated that all three programs; Sexual Assault Services, Helpline and Dunn House are operated by volunteers and the majority of volunteers are from Ashland.  Helpline is a County wide program which is being operated for the whole community.  Voisin questioned what they will do if they donít get funds.  Anna stated they will look for other resources and are working close with United Way and Access. 
Community Works, Dunn House Shelter-Anna DíAmato, Director.  Runkel stated that this is an important program.  Voisin questioned what they will do if they donít get the money they are asking for.  Anna stated they will have to reduce cost and look elsewhere for funds.  Voisin asked if they had other resources they could go to.  Anna answered not at the moment but will keep researching. 
Community Works, Inc.-Anna DíAmato, Director and Holly Burkquist, Program Manager.  Runkel questioned what their participation was with the Cityís debate regarding homelessness.  Holly stated that her role is supporting street outreach advocate.  Anna stated that they are discussing this with the Mayor about resolution and looking at ways to work together with what has been going on in Ashland. 
CASA of Jackson County-Jennifer Mylenek, Executive Director.  Jennifer announced that the representative was here for the Childrenís Advocacy Center but she had to go home ill.  Stebbins said it will not negatively impact them.   Runkel stated he was shocked to see they were short on donations and how they plan to turn that around.  Jennifer answered that they to eliminate one event they held twice a year that netted them $20,000.  Since then Remax Ideal Brokers has championed an event for CASA called Southern Oregonís got Talent.  This event was held in October; it sold out the criterion and netted $15,000.  They have also developed a Motherís Day card with a $25 donation.  They are trying to implement some Donor Development Software to help trend and track their donations.   
Stebbins questioned if the funds requested are specifically for a project.  Jennifer stated it is part of collaboration with all other funders to help them sustain their services.  Runkel questioned how many volunteers they have.  Jennifer answered they have 170 volunteers with 21 new in training.  Their volunteers have a retention rate of 40 months and 30-40% of the volunteers are from Ashland.  Voisin questioned what percentage of funding comes from the board.  Jennifer answered that each board member is required to donate $500 or do something that helps them earn $500 in the year. 
St. Vincent De Paul-Chicky Cutting, President and Rich Hansen, Volunteer.  Silbiger asked if they could go over what specific services they provide.  Rich answered that they respond to calls to people in financial difficulty and go to their homes to determine what their issues are.  The main issues they deal with are eviction notices, rent and utility bills.  They also help with transportation issues by purchasing bus tickets.  The past year they spent approximately $25,000 dollars on rent and almost $40,000 on utilities out of a $68,000 budget.  Currently 2/3 of the people they help are Ashland residents and 1/3 of Talent residents.  The Committee questioned if they have asked for funding elsewhere such as United Way.  Rich stated no this is the first time they have asked for funding and they came to Ashland specifically because the homeless issue and want to help expand homeless efforts.  If donít get the grant they wonít expand help.  This is an ongoing program.  Voisin questioned who they give the money to.  They answered that they do not give the money to the person directly they deal with landlords and utilities directly.  Each home is limited to $300 per family per year.    Voisin questioned if they refer them to other resources.  Chicky answered yes.  Voisin stated she is impressed with their amount of fund raising.  They average 8-15 calls a day from people that need assistance. 
Help Now! Advocacy Center-Larry Kahn, Executive Director. Larry stated that there was a correction in the application in the Client Demographics.  Larry stated that they work closely with St. Vincent De Paul and get referrals from them.  Larry stated that the new program they want to be funding is Ashland Crisis Resolution Assistance (ACRA) which is a program that will focus on getting information out, referrals and advocacy services.  An advocate will be staffed and devoting 10 hours to this program per week.  Voisin questioned what percentage the board contributes to their funding.  Larry answered an estimate of   3-5%. 
Center for Non-Profit Legal Services-Did not attend. 
OnTrack Inc.-Pam Marsh, Staff.  Runkel asked if they have any youth involvement on their board.  Pam answered no not traditionally; they have a tremendous variety of programs within the County one being a specific youth element which might be a good place for teen involvement.  Runkel questioned where the funds would go if they received a grant.  Pam answered they would go directly to the High school to support a counselor on staff for 3 days a week.  Voisin questioned what percentage the board contributes.  Pam stated that giving has not been an expectation of board members but would estimate that in a year board donations averages to about $300 a year.    
ACCESS Inc.-Did not attend. 
Sexual Assault Response Program (SART)-Susan Moen, Volunteer Agency Manager.  Stebbins questioned how the organization works with Community Works.  Susan responded that by definition a SART is a coordinated response team, the advocates of Community Works are members of SART.  The one program that they run independently is the Sexual Assault Response Program.   When a call occurs there is a coordination of agencies that work on the case.  SART runs the acute Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANE) program.  SANE nurses are on call 24/7.  The services are completely free to the survivor.  The goal of the program is to take someone in acute trauma that will have extreme after effects and have advocates helps with immediate care and then give referrals to other SART partners who do follow up care. 
Planned Parenthood of Southwestern Oregon-Stacy Kostenbauer, Clinic Manager and Joelle Graves, Development Officer.  Voisin questioned how this organization plans to keep going.  They stated they have a plan and are part of a national federation.  The focus will be on serving clients first.  Voisin questioned how many SOU students go the Ashland Office. They answered they donít know and since SOU has a Health and Wellness office it s a competition for them since it is easier for college students to go there since it is right on campus. 
Mediation Works-Cameron McCandless, Executive Director and Angel Victoria Leonard, Director of Schools Program.  Runkel questioned what the percentage of the total funding goes into the school program.  Cameron answered approximately 25% and they have 4 program areas.  The grant request is for two requests one being Pure Mediation and the other is Choicepoint Program.  Choicepoint addresses anti-bullying and bystanders.   They stated that Bullying is becoming an increasingly addressed problem in schools and 81% of bullying happens when no adult is present.  Voisin questioned how much the board contributes.  Cameron answered approximately 2% of total budget but 100% of board members contribute.  Voisin questioned if they had other sources for funding.  Cameron answered that organizational wise they have fee income and contracts which equal about 37% of budget.  Many schools will pay some amount towards bullying. 
WinterSpring Center Transforming Grief and Loss- Sue Carroll, Executive Director.  Runkel questioned if they have been unsuccessful from getting Medford money.  They applied last year and were not funded so did not want to invest time and resources to apply again.  Child and Teen grief is what the proposed amount would be used for.  Sue stated that they have an office in Ashland and their services take place throughout Jackson County.   Sue stated that they are small and have 3 part-time staff members and 116 volunteers.  
Childrenís Advocacy Center-Did not attend.   
The meeting will be continued on March 17, 2011 at 6:00pm. 
The Meeting was adjourned at 8:05 p.m.
March 17, 2011-Allocation Continuation


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