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Monday, November 15, 2010



Monday, November 15, 2010

Siskiyou Room, 51 Winburn Way


Mayor Stromberg called the meeting to order at 5:33 p.m. in the Siskiyou Room.


Councilor Chapman, Silbiger, Jackson, Navickas, Voisin and Lemhouse were present.


1.         Look Ahead Review

City Administrator Martha Bennett reviewed the items on the Council Look Ahead.  


2.     Will Council set a public hearing and action for the FY12 Capital Improvement Program (CIP) project list, the overall FY12-17 CIP Program in concept, and the FY Capital Equipment Plan?

Public Works Director Mike Faught gave a presentation on the proposed FY12-17 CIP that included:

·         Council Actions Requested

·        CIP Planning – What is Involved – Master Plans:  Current and future capacity, Condition of existing systems vs. life cycle expectancy, Growth anticipations (UGB)

·         Maintenance Records - Planned vs. actual conditions

·         Revenues

·         Balance Capabilities:  Budget limitations and Staffing availability

·        Timing: Replacement vs. cost of delaying and Capacity needs

·         FY11 Current Year Highlights by Fund



 FY11 Est



 $  3,458,000

 $  2,977,000

 $  481,000


 $       35,000

 $     204,555

 $ (169,555)


 $  1,800,000

 $  1,674,849

 $   125,151


 $     865,000

 $     413,500

 $   451,500


 $  1,210,000

 $     955,000

 $   255,000


 $     630,000

 $     630,000

 $            0


 $     196,000

 $     191,000

 $       5,000


 $       95,000

 $       95,000

 $            0


 $     475,000

 $     486,000

 $    (11,000)


 $  2,095,000

 $     445,000

 $ 1,650,000


 $ 10,859,000

 $  8,071,904

 $ 2,787,096


Mr. Faught explained it was doubtful any of the $2,787,096 would carry forward.  Revenues were down in specific funds.  Some projects slipped while others were spread out over multiple fiscal years.


·         FY12 CIP Proposed Program by Division


Staff explained the Parks and Recreation Department plan to issue bonds secured by Food and Beverage Tax revenue and build capital as quickly as possible to fund their projects.


FY2012 Changes from Approved FY 11-16 CIP

·         FY11 CIP for 2012 - $6,707,000

·         Total Proposed CIP FY12 - $9,773,000

·         Difference $3,066,000


Mr. Faught explained the Croman Central Boulevard project would only occur if the City received the grant for $1,000,000.  The developer would fund the remaining balance.  The TID Pump Station upgrades and the Crowson II Reservoir project were moved to unfunded due to insufficient revenue.  The most significant changes were the Fire Station No. 2 reconstruction and Parks and Recreations projects.  Aerial photographs for Geographic Information Systems (GIS) program should occur every 10 years for a city the size of Ashland.  When the project takes place, it will have been 14 years since the last update.  Another new project, the Willow Wind pedestrian crossing would install a Hawk System that will have a red light when pedestrians cross to enhance safety and prevent children from crossing Campus Way diagonally.


Staff addressed the Financial Software Upgrade and explained the Auditors have recommended the City either develop stronger internal controls for the in-house Utility billing software or go to a third party source.  Staff concluded it was in the City’s best interest to outsource to a third party.  The software should last 8-10 years.


The Budget process added the Storm Master Plan and water quality improvements to Ashland Creek after the CIP was issued.  Staff recently updated the CIP to reflect both projects.     


·         FY12 CIP – Proposed Transportation Project List

·         Sidewalk Construction 2011-12 Map

·         FY12 CIP Street Improvements/Overlays per Pavement Management System (Goal of $350,000/yr)

·         FY12 CIP Local Improvement Districts


Mr. Faught clarified there was not enough money to fund all the overlays needed so staff prioritized the ones closest to requiring reconstruction.  He went on to note a title correction to the Schofield/Monte Vista Street LID not reflected in the CIP spreadsheet.


·         FY 2011/12 Maintenance Projects Map – 2nd year Slurry Seal projects

·         FY12 Fiscal Impacts – Street Fund

·         FY12 CIP – Proposed Water Fund Project List


Staff explained of the $23million unfunded in the Water Fund $11million was for Talent Ashland Phoenix (TAP) project and Council may opt not to go forward with that project.  The larger issue with the Water Fund was operations, capital and rates.  The Ashland Water Advisory Committee (AWAC) will have some suggestions and the Master Plan will recommend a new rate structure with short-term solutions coming from the consultant during the interim. 


·         FY12 Fiscal Impacts – Water Fund


Staff confirmed there were several leaks in the water lines but overall none was failing and had not gotten worse.


·         FY12 CIP Proposed Wastewater

·         FY12 Fiscal Impacts – Wastewater Fund

·         FY12 CIP – Proposed Airport and Storm water

·         FY12 CIP – Proposed Electric Fund Project List

·         FY12 CIP – Proposed AFN/Telecom/IT Project Lists


There are 250 employees and approximately 300 computers and staff described the 1.5 computer ratio per employee and current efforts to reduce the ratio 1-1.


·         GIS – Citywide Aerial Photographs – FY12 - $75,000

·         Administrative Services / Finance – Financial Software Upgrades

      FY12- $250,000

·         Administration – City Facilities


Staff explained the concrete project would address cracks and swelling in the sidewalk in front of Fire Station No. 1 due to salting ice during the winter.  Staff was researching new products to use instead of salt.


The Police Department was researching a bond for $1.2million to retrofit The Grove and move the Police Department there.  Dispatch savings would go to hire an architect and asset forfeiture money would go to improvements.  The Grove would last 20-30 years and was less expensive than building a new structure.  It would cost $1.4million to expand the existing facility from 6,000 square feet to 9,000 and the required retrofitting to be seismically sound.  The Grove would provide 11,000 square feet for less.


·         FY12 CIP – Parks Projects - $2,040,000

·         FY12 Capital Equipment Purchase Plan:  Street, Facilities, Police and Fire  

·         FY 12-17 CIP Plan

·         FY12-17 Highlights Transportation, LIDs and Airport

·         FY12-17 Highlights Storm Drain, Water

·         FY12-17 Highlights Wastewater

·         FY12-17 CIP Highlights Electric, AFN, Telecom, IT

·         FY12-17 CIP Highlights – City Facilities and Parks


Staff noted the City would not receive Step Funding for street projects until possibly 2015. Projects in the unfunded category were estimates and included in the six-year plan.  The TSP will have recommendations for projects and the numbers will change with the Master Plans.



Meeting adjourned at 6:49 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,                                

Dana Smith

Assistant to the City Recorder


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