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Conservation Commission Monthly Meeting 08/25/201

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

6 p.m. August 25, 2010
Community Development Center

Chairperson McGinnis called the meeting to order at 6:02.
Risa Buck, Stuart Corns, Ross Finney, Jim Hartman, Shelley Lotz, Jim McGinnis and David Runkel were present.
Sheri Cellini was not present.

City Council Liaison: Carol Voison,
Staff Representative: Larry Giardina, Mary McClary

Chairperson McGinnis asked for approval of the minutes for July 28, 2010.

Commissioner Buck noted incorrect spelling on the 2nd page: physical to fiscal.
Commissioner Buck added to the sentence under New Business, A. and the Recycle Center.

Commissioner Buck made a motion to approve the minutes as amended, Commission Hartman seconded the motion.
Voice Vote: All Ayes. The motion passed with a unanimous vote.
No speakers.
Next Meeting- October 27, 2010.

Commissioner Buck will not be attending the next meeting, but Recology Ashland Sanitary will be represented by Steve DiFabion the General Manager.

Commissioner Lotz is working on a development team for a regional sustainability center in Medford.

Commissioner Buck announced Plastic Round-Up October 8th and 9th.

Larry Giardina announced the annual Green and Solar Tour is October 9th.

  1. Master Water Plan
Robbin Pearce sent a memo to the Commission and Larry Giardina reviewed the highlights including
The Conservation Technical Advisory Group (CTAG). There was a lot of discussion regarding this advisory group. In addition, the Commission members discussed the Mater Water Plan and how education and conservation could be the primary focus. The members felt the City could set examples of conservation usage.

  1. Goal Setting Review
The Conservation Commission was created by resolution in 1995. In 2009 we reviewed the resolution and how the Commission was approaching goals. Chairperson McGinnis asked the Commission to review the resolution for possible changes concerning sustainability and climate change.

Commissioner Lotz compiled a recap of 2009 and a 2010 review for the Commission.
Commissioner Buck recommended that the goals the Commission adopts should be members that are committed to working on them, accomplishing and reporting monthly at the Commission meetings.

Commissioner Buck would like to work on creating interest with the City Counselors to maintain a goal for the City that would include: zero waste, carbon neutrality, conserving energy utilizing renewable energy, elimination of persistent manmade chemicals and being a model for sustainability.
Commissioner Hartman suggested choosing an area to concentrate on to realize actual goals.
Commissioner Buck would like to then focus on a solid zero waste town by 2030 that started with the City working toward this goal. The members discussed different aspects of administrating this goal.

Commissioner Runkel would like to spend more time doing more public outreach. Events such as recognition for Conservation efforts for Businesses, Non-Profit organization and individuals would help to educate more citizens. The members discussed different ideas and times that could be effective.

Chairperson McGinnis would like to like to have the Water Master Plan input go to both the planning as well as the City Council.

Draft Goals
1.      Sustainable Planning
a.      Specific recommendations for how to develop a sustainable plan engaging the City Commissions.
b.      Reporting to the City Council in January in time for their Goal Setting

2.      Green Building
a.      Research what is happening in the City and State
b.      Promote Green Building to citizens as educational outreach

3.      Conservation Department
a.      Specific recommendations for energy conservation programs implementation and assistance.
4.      Storm Drain Market Program
a.      Support the Curb to Creek program
b.      Researching use of grey water and water catchment
c.      Support in bags for leaf cleanup
5.      Climate Change
a.      Write a letter of support to have free education to the Commissions
b.      City updates of Climate changes and outreach
c.      Public median and letters to the editor

6.      Public Outreach
a.      Event recognizing Conservation Heroes
b.      RVTV once a month
c.      Web page
d.      City Source.

7.      Water Master Plan
a.      Input from the Commission.

Agenda item for next month to establish Commission members and projected dates of accomplishments.

  1. Budget Review
Commissioner Hartman made a motion to give Recology Ashland Sanitary $200.00 for the recycling of CFLs.   Commission Corns seconded the motion.
Voice Vote: All Ayes
Commissioner Buck did not vote.
The motion passed with a unanimous vote.

  1. Vice-Chair
Chairperson McGinnis nominated Commissioner Lotz as Vice-Chair. Commissioner Lotz declined. Commissioner Lotz nominated Commissioner Buck as Vice-Chair, who declined. Commissioner Hartman nominated Commissioner Runkel.
Discussion followed about responsibilities.
Commissioner Hartman made a motion for Commissioner Lotz to take the position of Vice-Chair. Commissioner Corns seconded the motion.

Voice Vote: All Ayes
The motion passed with a unanimous vote.

QUARTERLY LIAISON REPORTS (SOU, Ashland School District, Conservation Department & Recology)
Ashland School District
Set Aside for next month.

October agenda to discuss the plaque for the Recycling Center.

Chairperson Mcginnis adjourned the meeting.
8:00 pm.

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