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Conservation Commission Monthly Meeting 07/28/2010

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

6 p.m. – July 28, 2010
Community Development Center

Chairperson McGinnis called the meeting to order at 6:03

Vice-Chairperson, Russ Chapman, resigned from the Conservation Commission effective after this meeting. In addition, he will be working less hours for Recology Ashland Sanitary, but still focusing on special projects.
Commissioner Buck will now represent Recology Ashland Sanitary.

The members thanked Russ for his commitment and service to the City and public. Larry Giardina presented Mr. Chapman with a photo and recognized his participation on this Commission since its conception.

Commissioner Buck brought up an idea of creating a plaque for the original creators of the Commission.

Risa Buck, Sheri Cellini, Russ Chapman, Stuart Corns, Ross Finney, Jim Hartman, Jim McGinnis and David Runkel were present.
Shelley Lotz was not present.

City Council Liaison: Carol Voison,
Staff Representative: Larry Giardina, Mary McClary

Chairperson McGinnis asked for approval of the minutes for June 23, 2010.

Commissioner Buck corrected spelling in her announcements and corrected the sentences for IDEO from challenging behaviors, to changing behaviors and a correction in the correction portion of the minutes.

Commissioner Finney made a motion to approve the minutes as amended, Commission Chapman seconded the motion.
Voice Vote: All Ayes. The motion passed with a unanimous vote.
No one present
Next Meeting- September 22, 2010.

Councilor Voison announced the RVTV show with Commissioner Buck, “Living with Nature” was in June and August 11, Wednesday from 7-8pm, there will be a show with SOU talking about conservation and sustainability.

Larry Giardina announced the State of Oregon made a temporary ruling to change the way they offer tax credits for solar systems, limiting the amount of the tax credit to 50% of the cost of the system for residential systems. Conservation Department is working on redesigning their incentive program to a contract for purchase of power thereby they would not see a reduction for implementing a system. This idea is still in discussion.

  1. Sub-Committees report
    1. Sustainability Strategic/Climate Change
Some members had a hard time opening the document (revised letter to Mayor), so from now on whoever is
submitting documents will save them as a document so everyone can open them.

Chairperson McGinnis explained The Mayor and the City Administrator advised this process be approved through the City Council. Chairperson McGinnis has rewritten the letter, and the Commissioners discussed the revisions, participations, and how the process would go forward.
Councilor Voison suggested to reinforce and support the ad hoc committee, each Commission could
implement sustainability aspects as part of their annual goals.

Commissioner Runkel pointed out there was a revision that changes the intent of the letter.
Chairperson McGinnis repeated the major concerns of the Commission for the revision:
   Long term vision
   Mayor appointing committee members from each Commission
   Authorized by City Council
   Limited to Commission members
   Committee would be called Sustainability Group
   Staff Liaison         
Commissioner Cellini would like to see the membership open to members of the community,  Stating there are a lot of citizens who have training, education, degrees in sustainability and are not on  Commissions.
Commissioner Runkel made a motion to approve the letter to the Mayor as amended, Commission Hartman seconded the motion.

Chairperson McGinnis read the changes of the letter:
            First Paragraph, changing Conservation Department to Conservation Commission
            Fourth Paragraph: We envision the Mayor appointing one representative from
            each Commission or Ad-Hoc committee, that would be interested in participating,
            and a city staff liaison.       
Commissioner Runkel made a motion to approve the letter to the Mayor as further amended, Commission Hartman seconded the motion.
Voice Vote: All Ayes. The motion passed with a unanimous vote.
2.  Green Building
 No report
 Larry Giardina announced the Green and Solar Home Tour, will be on Saturday,
 October 9thTickets will be available through the Parks Department and must be
  obtained in advance.
3.  Energy Focus
         No report.
4.  Water Quality and Storm Runoff
Commissioner Buck reported Richard Randleman, the CERT Program Coordinator, will be responsible now for the project, since Libby’s job will not be funded any longer from Americorp. The project has been delayed due to lack of supplies because of the end of the fiscal year. Supplies will be ordered soon. This project has been instrumental with increased awareness and citizen volunteers.
Public Works Department is updating maps of where each medallion is placed.

  1. Budget
Larry Giardina explained all required services, and purchases must be received and finished before the end of the fiscal year in order for funds to be paid. Since the Commission had approved a purchase for Commissioner Hartman’s project with the Ashland High School, materials for that project were purchased instead of the LED lights installed at City Hall. Commissioner Hartman demonstrated and talked briefly about the project. For the record Commissioner Runkel objected to the purchase of 9 windmills instead of 1.

The Commissioners discussed presenting annual budget items for approval by the Commission meeting in May. Chairperson McGinnis asked to have a budget discussion next month. Commissioner Buck asked Commissioner Chapman to explain the program for recycling CFL light bulbs.  

Commissioner Chapman explained Alex Amarotico asked Ashland Sanitary if they would facilitate this project if the Conservation Commission funded it for one year. Recology Ashland Sanitary has subsidized the ongoing project with some contributions from this Commission.

Quarterly Liaison Reports (SOU, Ashland School District, Conservation Department & Recology)
SOU—Stuart Corns
Commissioner Corns announced that SOU was named as the Cascade Conference Champions in 09-10. They placed 12th out of 54 in the College/University Green Challenge.

They purchased 33,300,000 kilowatts of green power which represents 287% of the university’s power usage.
The higher education center received a Leed Platinum certification, making it the first building in the Oregon University system to receive this certification.

The University is replacing/using building materials at a higher value then what required. They are also building with visions of utilizing solar at a later date.

SOU has submitted the campus, endowment, writing services for the Collage Sustainability Report Card Program.   This program is sponsored by the Association of Sustainability of Higher Education which is comparable to ICELI but for Higher Education.

Stars (Sustainability, Tracking, Assessment, Rating, System) is another program the Chancellors office is encouraging all 7 universities to participate. This program allows you to submit your progress and rank yourself in the following areas:
            Change in Energy
            Green Building
            Student Involvement
            Endowment Transparency
            Investment Priorities

One of SOU’s goals is to be number one in the country for sustainability.

  1. Plaque of appreciation
Commissioner Buck suggested the Commission have a plaque of appreciation dedicated to the original Conservation Commission members that helped to form this Commission and the Recycle Center.

Commissioner Runkel would like to do more community outreach. The Commission could hold an event and recognize a person of the year for conservation, a business and a non-profit organization.

Commissioner Buck made a motion that she work with Mr. Chapman to come up with the correct number of founders for the Conservation Commission and the Recycle Center.
Commissioner Buck amended her proposal to add names to a plaque and the Conservation Commission contributes toward that goal. The motion was seconded by Commissioner Hartman.
Voice Vote: All Ayes. The motion passed with a unanimous vote.

  1. Master Water Plan
Councilor Voison gave a brief report. There will be an open house in the future so they can receive public input. They would like to accomplish an additional 30% conservation (savings), combined with a 5% additional water supply. There are several options for the additional water supply. The Commission decided to continue this report next month and include a report from Robbin Pearce, City of Ashland’s Water Conservation Analyst.

  1. Goal Setting Review
Chairperson McGinnis suggested the Commission start with New Business at the top of the meeting next month.

Commissioner Buck reconfirmed the Dan Cunningham will participate in the compost classes for August and Chairperson McGinnis for September.
Commissioner Buck announced Living Opportunities will now help to take care of the Clear Max containers, and are excited to participate in this program.
Chairperson McGinnis led the Commission in a French version of Hip, Hip, Hooray for Russ Chapman.

Chairperson Mcginnis adjourned the meeting.


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