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Conservation Commission Monthly Meeting 05/26/2010

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

6 p.m. – May 26, 2010
Community Development Center

Chairperson McGinnis called the meeting to order at 6:00 pm.
Attendees: Risa Buck, Sheri Cellini, Russ Chapman, Stuart Corns, Jim Hartman, Shelley
                   Lotz, Jim McGinnis and David Runkel were present.
                   Ross Finney was not present.

City Council Liaison: Carol Voison, not present
Staff Representative: Larry Giardina, Mary McClary not present

Chairperson Finney asked for approval of the minutes for April 28, 2010.
Voice Vote: All Ayes. The motion passed with a unanimous vote.
 No one presents
Next Meeting- July 28, 2010.

Commissioner Cellini announced the second annual Waste to Energy Finance & Investment Summit will be in San Diego, July 19, 20, and 21st. The summit will help municipalities connect with investors to help fund waste to energy.

Commissioner Corns announced that the SOU & RCC Building was recognized with the Platinum Lead Certification.

Commissioner Lotz announced the Green Expo is June 18th through the 20 at the Medford Armory.

Compost classes are scheduled for June 19, July 17, August 21, and September 18.
Time: 10 -12 noon
               Location: Recycle Center
               Title of Class: Urban Composting Class

Conservation Division Report Continued
Last month Larry Giardina spoke about the programs that the Conservation Division offered and specifically the incentive money available from the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) to accomplish conservation efforts and energy. For every kilowatt hour of energy that we save, they pay us the incentives that we award. They also deduct 25% of the savings that we accomplish with those measures toward our future allocation of cheap hydro power of energy.

He shared with the Commission the implementation manual from BPA, which outlines all the programs the department offers. Some programs include: Energy Star lighting programs, appliance programs, decommission appliances, water heaters, heat pumps, duct ceiling, heating systems, thermostats, Energy Star Homes, Earth Advantage Homes, weatherization, and low income programs (Access Inc.) In addition we have some water saving measures from these programs.

Commissioner Runkel asked how the Commission could help support the Conservation Department. Public education and more awareness of the programs available would help to increase involvement. Also, Larry is looking towards doing a direct mailing to provide more information. The Commissioners offered different ideas on how to help get the information to the public.
Chairperson McGinnis reviewed the purpose and accomplishments of last year’s retreat. Commissioner Buck requested we try to accomplish our goals through our monthly meetings and utilize a retreat method
every few years. The Commission discussed ways to try and make goal setting more efficient.

Commissioner Buck proposed as a new business item for June that we visit goal setting for 2010 and review prior 2009 goals so Commissioners are prepared prior to meeting. Commissioner Hartman seconded the proposal.
Voice Vote: All Ayes. The motion passed with a unanimous vote.
1.      Sustainability Strategic/Climate Change
Chairperson McGinnis and Larry Giardina met with the Mayor regarding the letter (proposal) of an Ad Hoc committee this Commission proposed and approved at the last meeting.

   The letter reads as follows:

May 26, 2010

Dear Mayor Stromberg,

At the Conservation Commission meeting of April 28, the Commission voted unanimously to urge you to appoint an ad hoc committee to review and recommend a process for the development of a sustainability plan for the City.
The Proposal:

Establish an Ad Hoc Committee (8-11) people of select city commission representatives, community representatives and a city liaison person to meet up to six times over a three month period prior to the January 2011 City Council goal setting session.

The Committee’s purpose is to develop recommended planning processes, methods and tools (e.g. Natural Step, or other methods) for the City of Ashland to utilize for implementing a Sustainability* Plan with the understanding that city budgets and personnel are very limited and that Ashland citizens may have a role in developing such a plan.

The Conservation Commission recommends representation from the following groups/citizens:
                        Conservation Commission
                        Planning Commission
                        Transportation Commission
                        Forest Lands Commission
                        Parks Commission
                        Ashland School District
                        City Liaison
                        Ashland Community Hospital

The meetings will be facilitated and recorded by a Conservation Commission representative team member and/or a volunteer facilitator.

Thank you for your consideration,
Jim McGinnis,
Chair, Ashland Conservation Commission

* Sustainability is defined as meeting the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs, including protecting the environment, developing a healthy economy, and ensuring social equality.
Discussion with the Mayor included different ways to implement this proposal, and as we will update the Commission as we received information.

Chairperson McGinnis announced he was attending the OIT presentation from the Natural Step program on June 4th and he offered to report back to the Commission.

Commissioner Buck made a motion that members of the Commission that want to attend the June 4th Natural Step training in Klamath Falls should be reimbursed the $20.00 fee for their participation. Commissioner Runkel seconded the motion.
Voice Vote: All Ayes. The motion passed with a unanimous vote.

Commissioner Lotz proposed monies be set aside for support of community gardens. The Commission discussed how to support all community gardens and/or citizens in general.

Commissioner Chapman reported that in the past the Commission started the CFL project now supported by Recology, with donations of $500.00 each year. The project costs over $2,000.00 annually.

Commissioner McGinnis requested each Commissioner come next month with different requests to allocate the rest of the budgeted funds. Commissioner Buck asked the members to keep in mind the funds to be used for the community as a whole and not require any researching due to time constraints.

2. Green Building
    No report.
3.  Local Energy Production
     No report.

4. Water Quality and Storm Runoff
Commissioner Buck reported there was some thievery that happened afterwards and remarked the areas for Public Works to bolt them. June 9th at Southern Oregon TV station, we will be on “Living with Nature”, hosted by the Mayor. The name of the program will be: Curb to Creek, Protecting our Watershed beginning at 7pm. She also encouraged members to contact North Mountain Park to sign up and join in the project to mark the streets.

Quarterly Liaison Reports (SOU, Ashland School District, Conservation Department & Recology)
Recology—Risa Buck
In June she will be attending the The Association of Oregon Recycler’s Conference and she will be oderating a session on Waste Prevention.
Household Latex Paint event yielded 20 yards of material.
Household Hazardous Waste event yielded over 48,000 pounds of waste that was taken in by contractors, 25,000 pounds of oil based paint. 74,000 total pounds of hazardous waste was collected and a total of 769 cars. This event is paid for by each waste hauler, Recology paid for 16% of the event. The average cost per car is around $130.00 and each car contributes $5.00.
            Discount day included 35 more people than usual.
            Urban Composting Class—Commissioner Chapman will support the first one on
             June 19.
            Plastic Round-Up will be held on October 8-9.
            Free Leaf Day will be held Nov. 7, 21, and Dec. 5th.
Electronics recycling tonnage: April, March-7 tons, January-less than 5 tons and February over 9 tons.
 Commissioner Buck went to their corporate office in SF and was trained in the Waste Zero
Education Program and will be training all the employees of Recology next week.
 Waste and Energy—set aside
 Chairperson McGinnis explained Transition Town’s project regarding a treasure hunt going to community gardens. They received a grant from Ashland Coop for $500.00 and were looking for another $500.00. He will ask them to put together a proposal for next month. Commissioner Buck suggested putting funds into another Clear Max project. Chairperson McGinnis suggested supporting Christmas lighting conversions.

Chairperson McGinnis requested funding requests be precise and Commissioner Runkel suggested circulating proposals prior to the next meeting.
None stated.
Chairperson McGinnis adjourned the meeting.
8:00 pm.


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