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Conservation Commission Monthly Meeting 03/31/2010

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

6 p.m. – March 31, 2010
Community Development Center

Chairperson Finney called the meeting to order at 6:05 pm.
Attendees: Risa Buck, Larry Blake, Russ Chapman, Stuart Corns, Ross Finney, Jim Hartman, Shelley Lotz, Jim McGinnis and David Runkel were present.

City Council Liaison: Carol Voison
Staff Representative: Larry Giardina

Chairperson Finney asked for approval of the minutes for February 24, 2010.

Commissioner McGinnis stated he would like the wording changed under Old Business, No.1, last paragraph:
     The Commission ultimately decided they would need to have more discussions, due to the
     enormous possibilities to consider before they would be able to send this
     recommendation to the Council.
The Commission ultimately decided they would need to have more discussions, due to the need to consider changes before they would be able to send this recommendation to the Council.
Commissioner McGinnis motioned to approved minutes as corrected and Commissioner Buck seconded the motion.
Voice Vote: All Ayes. The motion passed with a unanimous vote.
Sheri Cellini, who has applied for the vacant seat on the Commission, introduced herself. She is a certified sustainable advisor and is interested in working with the Conservation Commission.
The Commission members briefly introduced them selves to Ms. Cellini.

Quarterly Liaison Reports (SOU, Ashland School District, Conservation Department & Recology)
SOU-- Larry Blake

Chairperson McGinnis moved the SOU quarterly liaison report up due to the limited time of the representative, Larry Blake. Mr. Blake presented a Power Point presentation regarding SOU’s Climate Action Plan and how they would meet the future Federal standard guidelines. (attached at end of minutes)

Commissioner Corns commented on the great job that Larry does with limited resources.

Chairperson Finney reminded the Commission about the rotation of liaisons- Conservation, Recology, School District, and SOU.

Next Meeting- April 28, 2010.

Commissioner Buck announced Recology will have a latex collection day of April 30, and May 1 and this would
be the last time Recology would offer this service/event.
The household hazardous collection day is May 7, and May 8.

Earth Day Event coming up April 24.

Discount Day, May 15, is for residential customers only, $4.00 per load, instead of $8.00 per load.

Ashland Car Share is celebrating their first anniversary.

Compost classes are scheduled June 19, July 17, August 21, and September 18 will be the when the classes are offered. Time:10-12 noon
               Location: Recycle Center
               Title of Class: Urban Composting Class

The Commission discussed the schedule for Earth Day:
     Commissioner Corns will be there from 10am to noon
     Commissioner Runkel will be there from 12 -1:30pm
     Commissioner Hartman from 1:30- 3
      and Chairperson Finney from 3 until take down.
A. Sub-Committees
     1.  Sustainability Strategic
          Commissioner McGinnis passed out a proposal for a recommendation from the
          Conservation Commission to the City Council and Mayor. He was hoping that the
          Commission would get the recommendation to the Council so when they do goal
          setting for 2011, this would be included for their review.

         Councilor Voison supported the idea of diverse groups creating a community voice
          for the Council.
          There was a lot of discussion about how to present this proposal, who would be
          involved and what  exactly would be recommended.

          Larry Giardina explained the proposal would be a recommendation from the
          Conservation Commission to develop an adhoc committee that would explore and
          make recommendations to The City Council regarding a review of ICLEI, Natural
          Step, permaculture, and sustainability/resiliency.

          Commissioner McGinnis and Lotz would present to the Council this recommendation
          in hopes that the Council would support and ask for participants from citizens and
          other Commission members.

         Commissioner Hartman made a motion to support Commissioner McGinnis’s proposal.
         The Commissioners discussed bringing this back next month with a clearer proposal.
          Commissioner Hartman tabled his motion.

     2. Green Building
         No report.

    3.  Local Energy Production
         No report.

    4.  Water Quality and Storm Runoff
         Commissioner Buck/Runkel reported the pilot for Storm Drain Stencil will be done on
         April 17. After the pilot, there will be promotions for this project that intends to mark
         over 3,000 storm drains.
         At the Earth Day event, there will be a table with a City map of all the storm drains.

    5.  Climate Change Initiatives
          Combined with Sustainability Strategic subcommittee.

B. Compost Classes
     Set Aside.


Elect Chair; Vice-Chair
  Chairperson Finney explained and read the City Ordinance 3003 regarding the election
  of Chair/Vice-Chair.
There was discussion among the members regarding the recent changes. The members
 also discussed the requirements for the sub-committee meetings. Councilor Voison explained the reasoning behind the ordinance was an assumption that the Vice-Chair person would become the Chair, because they would have spent a year “in training” and very familiar with proceedures.

The election of the Chair and Vice-Chair would be first on the agenda for next month under Old Business.

Future of Compost Classes
Set aside.

Commissioner McGinnis suggested another retreat to discuss Commission goals, to be put on next month’s agenda.
Commissioner Runkel made a motion to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Commissioner Hartman.

Voice Vote: All Ayes. The motion passed with a unanimous vote.
7:55 pm.



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