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Conservation Commission Monthly Meeting 01/27/2010

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

6 p.m. – January 27, 2010
Community Development Center

Chairperson Finney called the meeting to order at 6:04 pm.
Attendees: Risa Buck, Larry Burke, Russ Chapman, Ross Finney, Jim Hartman, Jim McGinnis and David Runkel were present. Shelley Lotz was not present
City Council Liaison: Carol Voison
Staff Representative: Larry Giardina

Carol Voison, the new City Council Liaison, was introduced to the Commission members and expressed her delight to be part of this Commission.
Chairperson Finney asked for approval of the minutes for December 09, 2009.

Under Recology, add Green to School for Talent Middle School.
Commissioner Chapman approved minutes as amended and Commissioner Buck seconded the motion.
Voice Vote: All Ayes. The motion passed with a unanimous vote.
Megan Janssen, Melanie Melin and Huelz Gutcheon were all in attendance as they have been in prior meetings.
Next meeting-February 24, 2010.  Commissioner Lotz will not be attending January or February meetings.
It was announced Adam hanks would speak to the Commission at the next meeting about his position with the City of Ashland.


Commissioner Buck updated the Commission on upcoming dates of events including:
    Household Latex Paint-April 30 and May 1
    Earth Day-April 24th
    Discount Day-May 15

Commissioner Buck also explained the Master Recycler Program was taking applications for their 3rd class to begin in March.
Commission members discussed with Councilor Voison the response they submitted to the Council members in regards to their recent meeting discussing Council Goals. Councilor Voison suggested representatives come to the Council Meeting and express their concern over their ability to be “heard”.  
Chairperson Finney will go to the next meeting and represent the Commission with their concerns.                                                                               

    1. Sustainability Strategic
        Commissioner McGinnis sent an email out to the members regarding a Climate
        action plan, risks and benefits analysis, and a sustainability plan in preparation
        for the next few subcommittee meeting and Adam Hanks who will explain his
        position within the City.

    2. Green Building
       No report this month, were not able to meet.
     3. Local Energy Production      
       No report this month, did not meet. Commissioner
       Hartman believes this sub-committee focuses more on
       energy and would like to propose a name change to Energy
       Focus Group. They discussed different ideas including grant
       money to help with projects such as replacing resistance
       heat with ductless heat pumps, some sort of incentives for
       landlords, and making people aware of actual costs.

  4.  Water Quality and Storm Runoff
       Moving ahead when weather permits with supporting the Storm Stencil Drain
        Project, that will utilize teams of volunteers to stencil the storm drains.
        Commissioners Buck and Runkel invite all the Commissioners to participate in
        the project. They will each run a pilot program and will need a total of around
        75 volunteers. This project is a requirement of the Federal Grant that was
        received. Wondering if the City Source would be a good place to write about
        this project?
5.  Climate Change Initiatives
        Combined with Sustainability Strategic subcommittee.
        Councilor Voisin talked about a Live show at the RVTV studio, beginning the 2nd
        Wednesday in March and how this might be an opportunity for the Commission to
        present video, or education components. Carol’s email address is

Croman Advisory Committee
Commissioner Chapman stated the advisory committee is not meeting right now and his main focus is now Earth Day.

Earth Day
Commissioner Chapman remarked they have now raised 9,000 for the event. Applications can be downloaded at and he will handle the Commission’s application. Some members thought being nextto Conservation Department or other like groups might be beneficial. 
Quarterly Liaison Reports
Commissioner Buck presented to the Commission the importance of quarterly reports from SOU, the School District and Recology, as a critically important part of the big picture of Ashland. It will help us to remain focused on these entities and their vital part in our communities. There will be a standard spot on the agenda with each of these representatives rotating monthly.

Chairperson Finney spoke about the Mayor’s brown bag lunch as a way to network with other Commissions and understand snapshots of their work. It provides a way to integrate maybe actions or projects that different Commissions might be overlapping or could provide support.
Future of Compost Classes
Commissioner Buck presented stats on participation for the classes. In 2007- 96 participants, in 2008-106 participants, in 2009-49 participants. The members discussed possible ways to increase participation
Including establishing a evaluation form or different aspects to focus on during the classes. Item to be placed on the March Agenda.

Wastewater Treatment Plant Tour
Commissioner Buck reported about the tour that was taken, impressed with the design and practices of the plant. Commissioner McGinnis would like to see another opportunity arise in the future for the members to attend another tour.
Commissioner Buck reported on his rain barrel project at Ashland High School and asked the Commission for More funding up to $100.00 for fittings or whatever else is needed to move the project along.

Commissioner McGinnis motioned for the Commission to allocate up to $100.00 for the Rain Barrel project at Ashland High School. Commissioner Chapman seconded the motion.
Voice Vote: All Ayes. The motion passed with a unanimous vote.
8:00 pm.



In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, if you need special assistance to participate in this meeting, please contact the Community Development office at 541-488-5305 (TTY phone number is 1-800-735-2900). Notification 72 hours prior to the meeting will enable the City to make reasonable arrangements to ensure accessibility to the meeting (28 CFR 35.102-35.104 ADA Title1).

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