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Joint Council-Parks Special Meeting

Monday, February 08, 2010


Minutes for Joint Special Meeting



February 8, 2010

Siskiyou Room - 51 Winburn Way




Park Commissioner Chair Mike Gardiner called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.



Commissioners Eggers, Noraas, and Lewis were present.  Commissioner Rosenthal arrived at 6:08 p.m.

Councilor Navickas, Silbiger, Jackson, Voisin and Lemhouse were present. Councilor Chapman arrived at 6:45 p.m.



Lynn Thompson/125 N Main Street/Noted that she is Chair of the Citizens Budget Committee and voiced concerns regarding the draft Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the City of Ashland and the Park Commission.  She did not feel that it was appropriate for the City and Parks to agree in a recital included in the contract to a tax rate.  She felt that it should be the citizens and the Budget Committee who determine this tax rate.  That there should be a thorough discussion on what this tax rate should be and that it not be contractually set in this form.




Administrative Services Director Lee Tuneberg presented staff report and stated that the goal is to make sure that everyone is in agreement and understands the costs involved.  He explained that the MOU explains this and provides cost of service information.


He explained that the City Auditors had commented that the MOU needed to be formally approved and adopted.  Staff is looking at this as a ratification of an agreement and clarification of responsibility.  Further explanation was provided on how Internal Services costs were calculated.


Continued discussion and clarification on MOU:

·               Section 3.2 – Consider revising language as current language is not accurately reflecting current practice. Should talk about what is “fair.”

·               Section 3.4 – Consider some revenue to go to City, compensation formula was clarified.

·               Golf Course is the responsibility of Parks and is not included in the MOU – City does not provide funding

·               Recital F – Staff stated that they had been directed to bring this before the two bodies prior to the beginning of the budget process.  It was agreed that this may not be appropriate to place in the MOU.  Comment was made that any agreed upon amount is subject to change and it was suggested that the language recognize that this is an assumption for budget purposes only.

·               Recital F – Suggestion to remove language


Mr. Tuneberg handed out General Fund Projections which indicated projected expenses.  These are expenses spent this year with inflationary increases.  He stated that it is not a proposed budget.


Staff recommended three options 1) approve a 1-year agreement; 2) leave Park tax rate at $2.09 for assumption purposes and 3) reserve, not allocate, the ability for the city to use the un-levied $8.92 from Parks.


City Administrator Martha Bennett explained the basis for this recommendation.  It is not to increase the allocation of $2.09; staff believes that Parks is in a better stable financial situation compared to the City.  Park Commissioners voiced concern that this would set precedence although they understood they just may not agree.  Not having access to un-levied money is troubling to the Park Commissioners.


Ms. Bennett explained that the Citizen Budget Committee will make the decision on this point if the two bodies do not agree.  Park Commission Rosenthal stated that there needed to be a base line established in order for them to work out a budget but understood that these assumptions could change throughout the budget process.


Park Director Don Robertson noted the frustration that was created when the State combined the two levies.  He understood that the direction is for Parks to work on the assumption of $2.09 which leaves no room for growth and if the City requires further funds that these funds would come from the un-levied Park funds rather than the $2.09 assumed rate.


Citizen’s commitment to Parks was noted and “good faith” demonstrations by both the City Council and Parks Commission were noted.


Councilor Silbiger/Lemhouse m/s to approve draft Memorandum of Understanding with removal of Recital F, noted clarifications in sections 2.2, 3.2 and 3.4. Roll Call Vote: Navickas, Jackson, Lemhouse, Silbiger, Voisin and Chapman, YES. Motion passed.


Councilor Silbiger/Chapman m/s that the City & Parks agree on a proposed allocation of the operating tax levy prior to submitting the proposed budget developed on that agreement to the Citizen Budget Committee for approval.  The agreed upon proposed tax rate for Parks is $2.09 for this year. Roll Call Vote: Navickas, Jackson, Lemhouse, Silbiger, Voisin and Chapman, YES. Motion passed.


Parks Commissioner Rosenthal/Noraas m/s to approve the Memorandum of Understand as well as the proposed allocation of levy at $2.09 for Parks and Recreation as approved by the City Council. Roll Call Vote: Rosenthal, Eggers, Lewis, Noraas and Gardiner, YES. Motion passed.



Meeting was adjourned at 7:07 p.m.




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Dana Smith, Assistant to City Recorder            John Stromberg, Mayor


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