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Regular Meeting June 19

Friday, June 19, 2009


Public Art Commission

June 19, 2009

Regular Meeting


Commissioners:  Bussell, Edson, Markell, Wynkoop, Pugh, Seltzer (staff liaison)


Absent: Wilkerson, Longshore, Voisin (Council Liaison)



Kevin Christman, Julie ODwyer, Gerry Garland, Cherie Garland, Steve Cole


Chair Bussell called meeting to order at 8:20 a.m. Markell/Edson/s approval of minutes with corrections.


Citizen Request

Property owner Gerry Garland has requested displaying public art on his private property located at 199 East Main.  Seltzer explained the process as is provided in AMC 2.17 and will draft a letter for the Garlands in order to initiate the process.


The PAC is in general agreement of accepting on loan the piece of sculpture from Kevin Christman and will formally vote on the proposal in July when all the documents are in place including the “letter of request” from the Garlands, the legal agreement between the Garlands and the City, the map of the property showing the location of the piece, a description of the piece including size, material etc.


Once the PAC formally approves the siting of the art on private property the recommendation will go to the city council for final approval.


Commission Goals

Buseell reported on the monthly meeting with the Mayor who is asking Commission to develop goals.  Bussell commented that the PAC goals are listed in the Master Plan and many have been completed or are in the works.  Bussell asks each commissioner to come up with two goals 1) realistic 2) dream goal.


Utility Box Project

Edson will mail the letters to the artist with the agreements.

Pugh will secure a Uhaul rental to be picked up on Thursday July 16

PAC will meet with the artist on June 29 at 4;00 in the conference room to go over the details

Wynkoop will document the entire painting process with photographs

Markell will find a company willing to do the prep work on the boxes within the $500 budget

Markell will rent umbrellas to cover the boxes during painting.  Umbrellas will be delivered on Thursday, July 16.


The PAC agreed that many details still need to be worked out but they will become much clearer once the meeting occurs with the artists.


Next meetings:

Monday, June 29 4:00

Friday, July 17 8:15 a.m.


Meeting adjourned: 9:30


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