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Tuesday, February 03, 2009


February 3, 2009









Visitors:  Dave Risdale, Larry Graves, Alan Bender

CALL TO ORDER:                   9:30 AM


APPROVAL OF MINUTES: January 2009, Motion by Skillman for approval, second by Wolske, unanimous vote, minutes approved as written.


Public Forum: Alan Bender states that new Medford Terminal is open and the restaurant will be open soon. Traffic is down throughout the industry as well as locally. He also states that Allegiant Air will be adding a new flight.




A.    Hangar Door Installation: Skinner is in a holding pattern, waiting for City. Skinner to draft letter to City with expectations for payback schedule and interest requirements. City to respond to requirements and receive approval for payback schedule. Commission all agrees that the hangar door needs to be replaced. Skillman states that the safety and liability issues of the old door should motivate the City of Ashland to setup the terms with Skinner for replacement with the donated door in a timely manner. Skinner also states that the existing door needs rollers replaced and maintenance on a periodic basis that costs the City money annually and could be remedied with installation of the new door.

B.     Avionics Business: The business is up and operating. Risdale has issues with sign installation due to planning code. He is not able to install sign on side of building that has no door. Risdale and DeBoer to discuss door installation on DeBoers hangar. JLC Avionics sign to be added to Airport entrance road sign.

C.    ODA Inspection Repairs: As per Hendrickson email, regarding the varmint problem that is contributing to the failure of small perimeter sections of the runway and return taxiway, it appears that smoke bombs are the easiest and least evasive techniques recommended by Kevin Christenson of the ODFW. Fleury to work with Street Department or Parks to use smoke bombs to help remove varmint. Christenson also stated the best way to keep deer from entering the runway area is to remove their safety habitat in the proximity, which would be any vegetation they use for cover in the surrounding area. Fleury states that ODA is requiring Ashland to remove blackberry growth near the vasi-lights and runway right now and this will bush back that vegetation and might help keep the deer clear of runway. Fleury to work with the Street Department and Parks to remove the blackberries for a certain distance, not to enter into the 20’ from top of bank of Neil Creek zone. Fleury also states that he is working on the permit to remove the willow trees at the south end of the airport and top the trees at the North end that are encroaching into the 20:1 approach slope zone. These trees have been flagged by ODA and FAA for this encroachment and need to be dealt with. Fleury also states their might be AIP money to take care of topping and removal and will work with Jim Olson to determine.



NEW BUSINESS:          

A.    Riparian Ordinance: Fleury goes over information in email from Maria Harris regarding Riparian Ordinance and its affect on the Airport Property. The main issue would be any work that happens within 50’ of top of bank of Neil Creek. This is regarded as the buffer zone. This will present issues with tree-removal and clearing specifically at the North-West end of the Airport in the future. Fleury states that with the new Airport Overlay Zone being written that we should be able to handle this situation.

B.     Airport Zoning Ordinance: Fleury states that he is personally working on the new overlay zone for the airport to replace the existing zone as defined in Ashland Municipal Code 18.60. The new overlay should handle most of the planning issues with respect to construction that have plagued the Airport in the past. Fleury has found some useful information from other jurisdictions regarding their Airport Overlay zones. Fleury states the whole process to write the new ordinance and have the Airport Master Plan adopted into the comprehensive plan will talk over a year to accomplish.

C.    Airport Master Plan: Fleury asks commission members if they have a copy of the existing Master Plan and if they would like to have a copy. He also states the Master Plan is available for download from the City of Ashland website on the Public Works Airport page. Skinner would like a couple copies available at the FBO office. Fleury will make multiple copies and bring them to the next meeting for whoever would like them.

D.    Hangar Numbers: Fleury shows layout of hangar numbers for Commission to review. Also states that fire is ok with all common wall hangars to have unit numbers that start at 1 and end at the last unit number instead of the previously presented system in which the numbers continually increase throughout the Airport. Fleury to work with Wolske, Margueritte Hickman and Lea Light to adopt a pattern of numbering that works for all, with minimal impact to existing approved address’s.

E.     Object Free Area Sign: Commission agrees that Fleury should work with Skinner to adopt correct wording and layout for signs at the end of runway 12 and 30 that need to be moved into the OFA. Skinner states that he would like to see a couple additions to the signs including the new SuperAwos frequency.  The Commission discusses the entrance sign and Skinner to find out what SASO’s on site would like their name’s added to sign at entrance and report back to Fleury. 

F.      CAP Hangar: Commission discusses CAP hangar and current lease. CAP does have a current lease through 2011. In the recent Fire inspection it was noted that the CAP hangar has serious issues with wiring throughout that need to be addressed along with a boat being stored within the Hangar. Commission tasks Fleury with writing a letter to CAP to gauge there intent of use with regards to the hangar. The CAP lease states that, the lessee shall use the premises solely for the purposes related to or arising out of the Civil Air Patrol’s three missions; emergency services, aerospace education, the cadet program and any activity in support of local, state and federal agencies. The City and Airport Commission need verification that the CAP is still using the hangar as per the lease. The Commission agrees that if the CAP is not using the hangar per the lease then they either need to remove it as per the lease or determine if it is a possibility to give the hangar to the City and let the City improve it and rent it out.   

G.   Rates Policy: Skinner and DeBoer reviewed the rate policy of Josephine County and discussed with the rest of the Commission. The Commission agrees that they do not want to adopt any more policies regarding rates and adjustments for the Airport. Deboer states that the ground leases have existing language within them that adjust the lease rates every year and that they follow the Airport Master Plan and ODA guidelines when adjusting the rental rates and tie down fees.

H.     Commission Vacancy: Zeve spoke with Mayor Stromberg regarding review of applications for open spot. Opening will be filled with approval by Mayor in May 2009. Also existing Commission members who applied to continue their appointment will be notified in May of there status.




A.              Status of Airport, Financial Report, Review of Safety Reports: Commission discusses equipment and trailers belonging to Burl Brim. There is concern over trailer parked on side of hangar that is close to taxi-way and presents a possible wing strike object and concern over helicopters to far out on apron in front of hangar that also present possible wing strike objects. Zeve to discuss with Burl Brim. Burl Brim also has tanker truck stored back behind hangar and Commission worries about spills and any spill prevention items that can address the concern.


B.               Maintenance Updates – No new updates regarding any work performed out at the Airport. Fleury to keep working with Street Crew for required maintenance as per ODA inspection report.




The meeting of the JC airport commission is the third Monday of the month at 12:00 PM.


NEXT MEETING DATE:  March 3, 2009, 9:30 AM


ADJOURN:  Meeting adjourned at 11:22AM

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