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Forest Lands Committee (View All)

Regular Meeting

Tuesday, November 18, 2008



November 18, 2008 – 5:30 PM

Community Development, 51 Winburn Way



MEMBERS PRESENT:            Craig Gorson, Christopher Iverson, Dan Maymar (Vice Chair),                                                                          Melody Noraas, Ben Rice, John Williams

Members Absent:                     Anthony Kerwin (Chair)

Staff Present:                            Pieter Smeenk, Keith Woodley

Non-Voting Members Present: Marty Main


I.                CALL TO ORDER: Vice Chair Maymar called the meeting to order at 5:46 PM in the Siskiyou Room.


II.              APPROVAL OF MINUTES: John Williams / Chris Iverson m/s to approve the minutes of September 30, 2008 as submitted. Motion passed unanimously.


III.            PUBLIC FORUM:  None.





A.    Ashland Forest Plan FEIS Update:

Woodley reported that Preferred Alternative is currently in the office of Ms. Mary Wagner, Regional Forester. The Regional Review Team completed their analysis of the document and the objections filed last week. There were three objections filed against the FEIS, one of which had been withdrawn. The remaining objections were filed by Jay Lininger and Eric Navickas. The committee will complete their work and the objectors will be notified of the USFS findings. No firm date yet as to when the ROD will be issued.


B.  Multi-Party Monitoring Grant:

Marty Main reported on the preliminary meeting held between The Nature Conservancy, City of Ashland and US Forest Service regarding the Multi-Party Monitoring Grant that was received by The Nature Conservancy. Discussions included fiscal procedures, model monitoring frameworks, identification of USFS and Nature Conservancy lead team members. Details are still to be worked out. Next joint meeting was scheduled for early December 2008.


Borgias recalled discussion with the AFRCAT about the desire to do hydrologic stream side riparian restoration work including work associated potentially with haul roads. The Forest Service continually reminded the Commission and AFRCAT that AFR was a project under the Healthy Forest Restoration Act and thus could not include a non-related project. Borgias stated that the cost of removing roads and rebuilding crossings was a major issue, but just could not be included. He thought that maintenance of haul roads was a reasonable proposal however and this body could carefully consider what roads are really needed. 


C.  Winburn Parcel

Several Commissioners indicated that more time was required to fully digest the draft management plan. Chris Iverson suggested that we reschedule discussion for the December 9, 2008 AFLC meeting and Commissioners agreed. Marty Main gave an overview of the new data on Page 35 in Table 5. He compared and contrasted this data with the 2000 baseline data shown on Page 17. Trends indicated that Ponderosa Pine and Sugar Pine are not finding the openings they require to reseed themselves sufficiently. Additional planting may be considered to increase representation of these species within the stands. Current data provided a firm foundation for effectiveness monitoring of past treatments. Crown ratios and mean diameters are increasing. Maymar stated that Unit 4 average basal areas are trending high. Crown closure requirements for owl nesting habitat was in the 60% range. All units reporting data showed 72.1 to 86.7 crown closure percentages.


Discussion ensued regarding the role of Native Americans in early landscape treatments. Iverson felt that human actions have upset the natural ecological balances requiring interventions to achieve restoration of the forest ecosystem. Gorson commented that the forest has been managed to meet human needs. Williams suggested an executive summary be added to improve the readability by elected officials and the general public. Discussion ensued regarding the benefit of the “Summary of Prescriptions” section. Main described the process he utilized to identify and manage established physical plots. Norass suggested noting in the document when ranges and trends are above or below expected norms.


IV.            NEW BUSINESS:  None.


V.              COMMISSIONER COMMENTS: None.


VI.            ADJOURN: Motion by Iverson to adjourn at 7:30 PM.


Dan Maymar, Vice Chair

Respectfully Submitted, Keith E. Woodley, Clerk

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