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Agendas and Minutes

Forest Lands Commission (View All)

Regular Meeting

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

August 12, 2008 – 5:30 PM
Community Development, 51 Winburn Way
MEMBERS PRESENT:  Craig Gorson, Anthony Kerwin (Chair), Christopher Iverson, Ben Rice, John Williams
Members Absent:  Dan Maymar
Staff Present: Keith Woodley
Non-Voting Members Present: Marty Main, Eric Navickas, Frank Betlejewski
I.    CALL TO ORDER: Chair Anthony Kerwin called the meeting to order at 5:52 PM in the Siskiyou Room.
II.  APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Iverson/Rice m/s to approve the minutes of May 13, 2008 and July 8, 2008. Motion passed unanimously. New Commissioner John Williams was introduced.
III.  PUBLIC FORUM:  Navickas referred to a reference document “Summary Presentation to the EPA Concerning the Ashland Watershed” dated 12/18/80 that described the history of fire and sedimentation in the watershed and reservoir. He wanted staff to make copies of pertinent sections for the commission.
Kerwin noted a recent fire in the Winburn parcel that was put out quickly by the USFS. The primary fire was in an area already thinned, however the debris piles had not been burned. Woodley provided a first-hand account of the fires.
IV. ADJUSTMENTS TO THE AGENDA: Woodley asked to place discussion of the recent Winburn Ridge Fire on the agenda. Commission agreed.
A.    Ashland Forest Plan FEIS Update
The AFLC recommendations on the Preferred Alternative were presented to the City Council on August 4, 2008 and deliberated on on August 5. Due to time constraints, no action was taken. The action was not placed on the September 2nd City Council agenda. Betlejewski thought the FEIS captured most of what was proposed in AFRCA. Navickas did not support the Preferred Alternative (e.i. commercial extraction in roadless areas). Iverson thought diameter limits as proposed in AFRCA was an important issue to the community. Kerwin encouraged the Commission to review the final document when it is distributed.
A discussion occurred regarding the AFR and why the Council tabled the issue. Kerwin asked Navickas if City Council would still like comments from the commission prior to the FEIS objection period. Navickas suggested expressing concerns to the USFS that the City's comment period was too short.
B.     Community Outreach Plan Update
The community outreach hike is currently scheduled for September 20, 2008. Kerwin volunteered to lead the hike and Iverson volunteered to promote the hike. The hike will begin at 10AM in the "Darex Ice Arena" parking lot in Lithia Park. This would be the final community outreach hike of the year.
C.    Winburn Parcel Management Plan
Kerwin was continuing to review the plan and intended a final draft by next month's commission meeting. Main suggested getting one or more SOU students involved to help with the plan as part of their senior year Capstone projects.
A.     Winburn Ridge Fire
Woodley updated Commission on recent Winburn Ridge Fire in the Ashland Watershed and distributed photographs. Woodley reported that 22 buckets of water from Reeder Reservoir were used to put out the fire by helicopter. All fuel in the fire area was consumed down to the soil level. Discussion ensued regarding fire characteristics, impact on duff layer and its location in WPP handpile unit. Applications of prescribed fire and retention of legacy pine in fire area were also discussed.
Both Woodley and Main underscored the need to act as soon as possible with fire suppression measures, especially to protect large legacy trees.
Kerwin noted that new northern spotted owl critical habitat maps were published as of this day.
VIII.       ADJOURN: 7:20 PM
Anthony Kerwin, Chair
Respectfully Submitted, Keith Woodley and John Williams

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