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Monday, June 30, 2008

Monday, June 30, 2008
Council Chambers, 1175 East Main Street

Mayor Morrison called the meeting to order at 6:51 p.m.

Councilor Hartzell, Navickas, Jackson, Chapman and Silbiger were present. Councilor Hardesty was absent.

1. Look Ahead Review
City Administrator Martha Bennett reviewed the items on the Council Look Ahead.

2. Will the Council hear the final report from the Facilities Master Plan Committee? Will the Council provide general direction to staff to proceed with one of the options identified in the report? Will the Council dissolve the Ad Hoc Committee at the conclusion of today's meeting?

Management Analyst Ann Seltzer presented the staff report on the Facilities Master Plan and explained what was being asked of the council. She further explained that staff had identified five key areas that council would need to keep in mind. She introduced Ken Ogden consultant from ORW Architecture, George Kramer and Don Mackin committee members who presented the Facilities Master Plan.

The following was explained:

  • Charge of Committee

  • Process - Evaluate and document all city properties and facilities; determine space needs and develop program of spaces; verify program within space constraints; develop potential costs; develop potential solutions; compile information; present to council

  • Existing conditions

  • Data gathering - interviews with Department Heads; Questionnaire distribution; community open houses; site visits

  • Proposed program and plan verification

  • Common department challenges - Security; Conference Space; Location; Parking

Areas where critical needs were identified:

  • Administration - Additional conference rooms; additional flexible work stations; separate office for Human Resources; relocation of City Attorney allows administration expansion

  • City Hall - not enough meeting space; no sense of public entry or security between public and employee areas; work space congestion; "receptionists" needed for each entrance

  • City Recorder - additional storage area; public work station; accessibility to the public maintained; finance maintains one cashier station; 700 square feet

  • City Attorney - Relocated from 2nd floor; security/public access control provided; office for future attorney provided; 1,028 square feet

  • Finance - Relocated to the Grove from City Hall; 2 public counters provided; security provided; auditorium converted to large group conference room; 4,800 square feet

  • Fire Station #2 - vehicle storage inadequate, equipment must be inside; ventilation/exhaust problems between apparatus bay and living quarters; existing building only 2,600 square feet, program requires 12,000 square feet; building is inefficient, does not provide adequate space for the number of staff using facility; despite good maintenance, the building materials are deteriorating and have exceeded expected life span

  • Information Technologies - New addition to civic center; Head-End remains at warehouse building; consolidated office space; expansion also allows for new council chambers; X square feet

  • Police Department - Remodel and expansion to existing facility; provides new briefing room; adequate office space; approximately 3,000 square feet

  • Electric Department - Relocation of Information Technology allows office space to be reverted back to Electric Department

  • Electric/IT/Maintenance - Overcrowded conditions; work stations in unconditioned warehouse mezzanine; impact on residential neighbors; not enough covered vehicle storage or outside equipment and material storage; public access and security control

Proposed Options:

Option One - Reuse and reorganization of existing city properties

No new property acquisition

  • Finance move

  • Remodel and relocate remaining departments

  • Can be phased easily

  • Potential costs $9-$12 million

  • The Yard - not a good option for the yard

  • Fire Station #2 - Existing location good; impact to adjacent park and neighbors; previous bond proposal will work on property

Option Two - Combination of existing remodel and new construction

  • Move Finance to Civic Center, allows remaining departments downtown to be reconfigured

  • Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) placeholder for storage building can be re-allocated for City Hall remodel

  • New Civic Center Building

  • Allows Yard to expand on site

  • Fire Station #2 (same as Option #1)

  • Potential Costs between $8.5-$14 million

Option Three - New Downtown Building

  • New building resolves all existing challenges and existing building constraints

  • New building would possibly allow expansion, lease space or affordable housing

  • Faster resolution of department challenges

  • Potential costs range from $4.5 - $14 million

Program of spaces with cost options, overall cost matrix, inflation matrix and new building possibilities were included in the report.

Mr. Ogden offered to meet individually with any councilor that may need further clarification or have more questions.

He further explained how the study was determined as it related to the Yard, the potential properties that could be obtained for use by the City for the Yard and the challenges, including costs the City would face by relocating the Yard.

Mr. Kramer stated that Option Two is a middle ground that allows maintaining civic presence in the downtown area and expansion of departments by utilizing current city property. There is no "one right" answer to the question.

Mr. Ogden stated that the committee had overlooked a potential piece of property that the City owns off Lithia Way but could explore this option if the council desired. He did acknowledge that the Mistletoe/Tolman Creek property would be considered for potential location of city Yard facilities.

Ms. Seltzer clarified that the Parks Department had been advised of the potential use of The Grove by the City and did not seem to offer any concerns that their programs could not continued to be offered to the public.

Mr. Ogden addressed questions raised by council relating to the City Yard location, additional building on the Community Development/Public Works Building, square footage and needs associated with Fire Station #2.

Ms. Bennett summed up the questions that staff needed from council and suggested that the council ask that the committee continue to help format these in a way the council could review.

Mr. Macklin explained that he understood that the Committee's task was to provide the information and tools to the council in order for them to make a decision. He did agree that Option Two was the most flexible as it allowed for phasing given budgetary constraints. He felt that the committee's task was complete and requested that the ad-hoc committee be disbanded.

It was noted that public input is essential and further discussion is required.

Council comments included:

  • Known budgetary constraints

  • Prioritize Fire Station #2

  • Commercial use in the downtown area

  • Use of Lithia Yard

  • B Street Yard location

  • Inadequate space acknowledged

  • Move slowly and conservatively

  • Concern with use of The Grove by City Departments

  • Priority of placing second story on Community Development/Public Works Building

  • Explore other locations in the downtown area

  • Maintain City Yard in current location

  • Use what we have better

  • Support of Option Two

  • Need for council to have time to prioritize

  • Use existing downtown parking lots currently owned by City

Mr. Ogden agreed to appendage into the report some of the questions raised by the council.

3. Review of regular meeting agenda for July 1, 2008
None requested.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:35 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Barbara Christensen
City Recorder

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