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-Conservation Commision Mtg 04/25/07

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Conservation Commission
These Minutes were approved by Conservation Commission at the May 23, 2007 Conservation Commission Meeting.

April 25, 2007
6:00 pm
Community Development Building
51 Winburn Way
Chairperson Chapman called the meeting to order at 6:00 pm in the Siskiyou Room at the Community Development Building.
Attendees: Risa Buck, Russ Chapman, Lindsay Gerken, Ross Finney, Melissa Schweisguth (arrived 6:20). And Kathryn Houser. Stuart Corns and Jim Hartman were not present.
City Council Liaison: Dave Chapman
Staff Liaison: Dick Wanderscheid, Robbin Pearce
Commissioner Finney noted the motion presented by him concerning support for Councilor Chapman, incorrectly listed the wrong Commissioner for the second.
Commissioner Buck questioned the section under Ashland Recycling Update, second paragraph, compact fluorescent tubes/bulbs instead of fluorescent tubes in the second paragraph under Ashland Recycling Update. Also, Commission Buck corrected the words “Trash-In” should be Trashion show.
Commissioner Chapman made a motion to approve the minutes of March 21, 2007 with the stated corrections and Commissioner Finney seconded the motion.
Voice vote: all Ayes. The motion passed with a unanimous vote.
Donn Todt, the Director of the Ashland Parks and Recreation Department, spoke to the Commission regarding the operational usage of pesticides within the City park areas and schools. He also reviewed with the Commission the Park policy regarding treatments for parks and different aspects of landscaping they are responsible for maintaining. The Commission had an opportunity to address any concerns or ask any questions. Commissioner Chapman thanked Donn and his department for the work they do, providing our City with wonderful parks and Dick Wanderscheid complemented his department for their great policy in maintaining all of our areas.
Chris Thomas, from SP Recycle Corp presented the Commission with a Power Point presentation regarding recycling once it leaves our area how items are recycled. The Commission was able to ask questions about recycling in our state and in the Northwest. The Commission thanked him for such an informative presentation.
Huelz Gutcheon spoke to the Commission regarding the renewable energy news broadcasts on television, encouraging them to view them and also mentioned the Commission should read the article in the Daily Tidings which reported that the Planning Commission was interested in assuming a larger role in effecting a sustainable future for Ashland.
Set aside
A.    Formation of sub-committee to support new goals
Set aside, put on next agenda.
B.    Green Business Update, Robbin Pearce
Robbin had sent out information with the packet that explained the new guidelines and procedures, and objective standards for becoming a Green Business. She had 3 businesses to ask the Commission to approve as Green Businesses, which would end the past phase: Dagoba, First Congressional Church and Ward Wager Architects.
Commissioner Finney made a motion based on staff recommendation to certify the Dagoba, First Congressional Church and Ward Wagner Architects be approved and certified as Green Businesses. Commission Chapman seconded the motion.
Voice vote: all Ayes. The motion passed with a majority vote.
Commissioner Schweisguth voted for First Congressional Church and Wagner Architect, but did not vote for Dagoba because of a conflict of interest.
C.    Rainwater Collection-Risa Buck, Robbin Pearce
Robbin Pearce asked for direction after updating the Commission regarding system development charges, monthly fees, how they are calculated, and the guidelines for rainwater collection. Commissioner Buck remarked this area has not been embraced yet by the Conservation Commission. Chairperson Chapman remarked about Paula Brown’s report to the Council at the last Council session, and her team looking into issues of rainwater, greywater, irrigation water and these other issues. Susan Chapman remarked about a web site that would work with cities regarding rain barrel collection. Dick Wanderscheid explained to the Commission that his department would continue to work in this area.
Councilor Hardesty spoke to the Commission regarding the Green Conservation Department brochure, acknowledging a great source of information for the public. She suggested updating the brochure design to be more appealing for the public.
Commissioner Buck also mentioned Ashland Sanitary has asked Miles Murphy from the Ashland Daily Tidings, to allowed a section of the newspaper to be dedicated to “Reduce, Reuse Corner” which would be another outlet for getting information to the public.
D.    Earth Day Update
The attendance at Earth Day was between 800- 2,000. This was Ashland’s first attempt at a zero waste event, and there was only approximately 25 gallons of actual garbage. There were three collection banks with a middle school child representative on hand at each site. The compostable eat ware was a success and Commissioner Buck hopes to have an even more detailed process for next year for the community.
A.     Solar Pioneer Update
Dick Wanderscheid reported he would be asking for final approval from the City Council for the Solar Pioneer II Project on May 15, 2007. He briefly re-explained the project to the Commission and answered questions regarding time commitment, costs, and different aspects of the project.
The Commission thanked Lindsay Gerken for her service to the Commission and wished her luck. Tracy Harding has applied for place on the Commission, pending approval from the Mayor.
Dick Wanderscheid thanked the Commission on behalf of the Bonneville Environmental Foundation for their Green Tag purchases this year. BEF sold 330,000 green tags last year, which accounted for 110 megawatts of clean energy.
Dick Wanderscheid asked the Commission to think about sub-committees to support the new goals adopted by the Commission and they referred it to the next meeting.
Next meeting date, May 23, 2007 6pm
Community Development Center
Meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm.
Respectfully submitted,
Mary McClary, Administrative Assistant to
Electric/Telecommunications Department

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