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Tuesday, April 24, 2007




APRIL 24, 2007


I.             CALL TO ORDER – Chair John Fields called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m. at the Ashland Civic Center, 1175 E. Main Street.


Commissioners Present:        


Council Liaison:

John Fields, Chair

Michael Dawkins

Olena Black

Tom Dimitre


Cate Hartzell, Council Liaison, present


Staff Present:

David Stalheim, Community Development Director

John Stromberg

Pam Marsh


Bill Molnar, Planning Manager

Maria Harris, Senior Planner

Melanie Mindlin

Mike Morris


Brandon Goldman, Housing Specialist

Richard Appicello, Assistant City Attorney

Dave Dotterrer


Sue Yates, Executive Secretary

Absent Members:  None














  • Stromberg reported that he attended the Ethics Workshop. 
  • Marsh and Morris have been reappointed to the Planning Commission for another term.
  • Election of officers will be held at the regular Planning Commission meeting in May.
  • Plans for the retreat will be discussed at the May 8th meeting.


III.          REGIONAL PROBLEM SOLVING – County Population Forecasts

Stalheim introduced Kelly Madding, Director of Jackson County Development Services.  Madding provided some Regional Problem Solving (RPS) historical information to the Commissioners explaining that the Regional Plan will come back to each jurisdiction for adoption into their Comprehensive Plans.  She said the Regional Problem Solving Plan is showing where we are going to grow, but not necessarily how we are going to grow.  Increased density is going to be preferred. 


Madding reviewed the County’s Population Element and stated it is the County’s obligation to allocate population.  They are forecasting Ashland to add 2200 people over the next 40 years.  Stalheim added the reason the County allocated Ashland’s population the way it has is because Ashland chose to remain silent on its Urban Growth area.  The County in essence is saying that we won’t allocate population to Ashland because Ashland doesn’t want it.  However, the process makes it possible to bring that discussion back to the table.  There were additional questions and comments from the Commissioners concerning the data. 



Most of the discussion of the revised Powers and Duties as presented by Dotterrer centered around the following areas:

  • Some members wanted language about affordable housing; a statement that would demonstrate the Planning Commission’s dedication to providing affordable housing and a concern for reviewing periodically the progress being made in this area.               
  • Keep the Powers and Duties simple and general.  
  • *Include the suggested sustainability statement.  There was some feeling that if the sustainability statement is included, it will force the Council to grapple with it.
  • *Add a fifth Power and Duty stating:   “To study and propose in general, such land use measures as may be advisable for the promotion of environmental quality and sustainability.”
  • *Move item B to the end of Powers and Duties and change it to Item C.  It will read as follows:  C. Except as otherwise set forth by the City Council, the Planning Commission may exercise any or all of the powers and duties enumerated in ORS 227.090 as well as such additional power and duties as are set forth herein.


Due to the late hour, Black moved to table the vote on the Powers and Duties.  The motion lacked a second and she withdrew the motion.


The Commissioners further decided to:

*Delete “City Attorney and City Engineer” (as ex officio) from 2.12.060A and add “or designee.”  The designee would fall to the Council Liaison.

*Election of Officers –The election to be held at the Commission’s first meeting or as set forth in the bylaws.

*Quorum – Add the wording “The recommendation to the City Council of any amendment to the Land Use Ordinance or Comprehensive Plan shall be by the affirmative vote of not less than a majority of the total members of the commission.”


Stromberg/Black m/s to approve the Powers and Duties with the above (*) modifications.  The motion carried unanimously.


V.            LONG-RANGE PLANNING WORK PLAN – Goals, Outcomes, Milestones

The long-range planning staff group consists of Bill Molnar, Planning Manager, Maria Harris, Senior Planner and Brandon Goldman, Housing Specialist.  They gave a PowerPoint Presentation giving a broad overview of long-range planning they are beginning to undertake.  They reviewed the following:    

               Sequencing of Long-Range Planning Projects

               Long-Range Planning Opportunities and Constraints


               Timeline for Land Use Ordinance Revisions

               Work Plan Approach & Summary

               Public Participation – Principles and Observations

               Ongoing Projects

               Next Steps


VI.           ADJOURNMENT – The meeting was adjourned at 9:45 p.m.


Respectfully submitted by,

Susan Yates, Executive Secretary



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