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Monday, March 19, 2007

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March 19, 2007




Present:        Commissioners Eggers, Gardiner, Lewis, Noraas, Rosenthal; Director Robertson; City Council Liaison Navickas; Superintendents Gies and Teige

Absent:          None


Eggers called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. at the Parks Office, 340 S. Pioneer Street.


Robertson reviewed the budget process to date, reporting that the City of Ashland Finance Department directed staff to develop the Parks budget without incurring additional expenses. He indicated that staff was able to accomplish that goal with a few exceptions, including possible Nature Center staff restructuring [one new FTE and a restructured position] and additional maintenance workers for schools.

Commissioners asked several budget-related questions, including the possibility of adding a Volunteer Coordinator [shared position with the City of Ashland], potential development of additional trails / funding sources, and the status of the request from the Siskiyou Field Institute for $3,000 in FY 07-08 to help fund their Summer Outdoor Program. Robertson responded that SDC-generated funds could be used for trail purchases, not trail development, but that CIP funds could be used for trail development. In terms of the SOP, he indicated that providing funding from Parks would be a commission decision, not a staff decision.

Robertson distributed long-term budget projections based on expending 100% of budgeted amounts over a four-year period. He reminded the commission that they typically spend below that level, but in the event of an unforeseen disaster, it was prudent to review the numbers.

Public Input

Jerry Hauck, 847 Garden Way, questioned whether all recreational activities offered through the Parks Department are profitable and why golf is viewed in terms of profitability if other unprofitable recreational offerings are not similarly viewed. He asked whether other recreational offerings are provided year-round, the number of people they serve, and if the commission’s three-year golf course improvement plan would move beyond its first year.

Ron Corallo, 805 Indiana Street, reported that he prepared a listing of golf course events and said that the golf course is an important community-based recreational venue and many listed items are charitable events that benefit the community. He stated that Drew Moyers, Golf Course Superintendent, is “doing the work of three people” to get the course in better shape and needs the commission’s support.

Marty Karlin, 1580 Greenmeadows Way. Robertson reported that Karlin could not attend the meeting but sent a correspondence requesting $25,000 toward a disc golf course in Ashland, possibly located next to the wastewater treatment plant.

Discussion Among Commissioners

Commissioners reviewed the proposed FY 07-08 CIP list prepared by staff. Items included:

§         Nature Center office addition

§         N. Main Park site

§         Ashland Creek Park site

§         Playground upgrades

§         Ice Rink Improvements

§         Calle resurfacing

§         Lithia Park duck pond (upper)

§         Sherwood Park restroom

§         Hunter Park tennis lights

§         Oak Knoll Golf Course projects

§         Nature Center gazebo and enclosure

§         Disc golf course

§         Siskiyou Field Institute – Summer Outdoor Program

Commissioners reviewed the projects, some of which were carried over from the previous fiscal year. After extensive discussion, proposed allocations included:

§         Nature Center office addition – remove from list / revisit next year

§         N. Main Park site – allocation of $400,000 (overall park development) with possible additional $50,000 from SDCs

§         Ashland Creek Park site – included above, with possible additional $50,000 from SDCs

§         Playground upgrades - $30,000 (from unused FY 06-07 allocation)

§         Ice rink improvements - $50,000 seed money (from unused FY 06-07 allocation)

§         Calle resurfacing – remove from list / develop fee and surcharge structure for funding of maintenance and improvements through CIP

§         Lithia Park duck pond (upper) – no funds allocated / research options with possible RFP

§         Sherwood Park restroom – remove from list / revisit next year

§         Hunter Park tennis lights – remove from list / possible USTA grant money / revisit next year

§         Oak Knoll Golf Course projects – allocation of $40,000

§         Nature Center gazebo and enclosure – remove from list / revisit next year

§         Disc golf course – remove from list / revisit next year

§         Siskiyou Field Institute – Summer Outdoor Program –$3,000 (last year of Parks funding – encourage them to seek alternative funding sources)

Commissioners also discussed/sought solutions regarding funding requests for:

§         No smoking signs in parks – Discuss outside budget process

§         Environmental education program for global warming – Discuss outside budget process

Eggers requested feedback from commissioners about the meeting in terms of whether they felt it was successfully conducted, with anticipated goals achieved. Commissioners provided positive feedback about the amount they were able to accomplish, the value of conducting monthly study sessions, and their appreciation about reaching consensus on issues.

ADJOURNMENT – By consensus, with no further business, Eggers adjourned the meeting at 9:20 p.m.

Respectfully submitted, Susan Dyssegard, Ashland Parks and Recreation

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