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Regular Meeting

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


August 11, 2009





Visitors: Linda Tripp


APPROVAL OF MINUTES: July 7 Motion by DeBoer for approval, second by Hendrickson, unanimous vote, minutes approved as written.

Additional Items: (1) Crowman Mill Site. (2) Entrance Road Sign. (3) Hangar Construction (4) Airport Luxury

Public Forum: No Public Comments


AIP Project Engineering Design: Fleury informs Commission that the City of Ashland did not receive the 100% funding for the current AIP project construction phase, but will receive the 95% funding. The project construction is scheduled to start in April and continue for approximately eight weeks. The additional 25x3600 runway section that was added in 1983 will need to be completely rebuilt and this will add additional time into the construction. Fleury also states that he is working with ReidMiddleton and the FAA about using the Taxi-way as a temporary runway during the main runway closure. Fleury also states that the PAPI obstruction survey was performed and that there are a couple of trees that encroach into the 4 degree angle that PAPIs will be set at. Fleury to work with Consultant and have trees removed to provide a safe landing approach. Fleury is also working with the Street Department to remove trees that are obstructing the 20-1 approach slope.

Rate Policy Development: The City Council approved the Commissions recommended rate structure and presented by staff at the July 21st meeting. Fleury states that he will put the budget on the agenda and include the ODA and SOU economic impact studies that show monies brought into Ashland via its Regional Airport. Fleury would also like a member of finance there to answer questions that arise regarding the operating budget of Ashland Airport.

Airport Commission Ordinance: No new updates regarding status of ordinance re-write by the Legal Department. Once Legal is done writing new ordinance Commission will receive copy to review.

Hangar Doors: Fleury did research into what other municipalities are doing regarding hangar door maintenance. They seem to be doing the same as the City of Ashland when it comes to maintenance. Emails were attached to packet discussing maintenance. Other jurisdictions currently do what the City of Ashland does when it comes to hangar door maintenance. No new update on hangar door pin replacement for the new back of T-hangars.

Airport Website: Graves has not arrived yet to give his overview of improvements to the Airport website. Commission would like Graves to put together information regarding improvements and email it to Fleury so he can forward to the whole Commission for review prior to discussion at the next meeting. Commission agrees there is definite room for improvement from top to bottom of the website.

Insurance Requirements: Fleury states that he has the letter and a First Amendment to the lease for all month to month rental tenants. The letter details the requirement for a $1,000,000 liability policy and the First Amendment detail is for all tenants to sign and return to the City accepting the change in terms to the original month to month lease. Fleury states that through his research that all people with an insurance document on file with the City currently hold the required $1,000,000 policy.


Goals and Visions Presentation: Silbiger gives the Council Goals and Visions presentation to the Airport Commission. Survey information was attached to Commission packet and needs to be filled out by Commissioners and returned to City Hall when completed. Commission thanks Silbiger for putting on presentation and will complete survey as requested. Further discussion will take place at next meeting.

Wash Rack Operation: Fleury goes over wash rack operation and states that he will have Dale Peters verify its operation. The operation manual was attached as part of the Commission packet this month. Fleury to also work on getting a diagram showing operation of diversion basin on site for all to see. Fleury states that someone dumped a few gallons of oil at that location and the City had to hire a special cleaning crew to come on site and remove contaminates. This lead to more investigation of the wash rack basin and its operation. No contaminates made it to the stream, they were all contained within the basin and on the pavement. The Commission would like to see the basins at the Airport stenciled with the basic "only rain in the drain" type stencil so users understand where the water goes. Commission also interested in policy for all users on what to do with waste, such as oil. DeBoer states that at Town and Country they accept steel for recycling. More discussion needed on recycling options.

Hangar Construction: DeBoer mentions that he is in the beginning stages for constructing 4 hangars at the Airport. He would like to occupy one of them and sell the additional 3. He plans on constructing hangars across from bank of new T-hangars. The ALP shows this area is available for construction. There will be a significant amount of earth work to be done on site. DeBoer will keep Commission abreast of plans for construction.

Fire Extinguishers: Fleury goes over email from the fire department regarding the requirement of fire extinguishers every 75. Commission interested to know where they would be placed, inside or outside of Hangars. Fleury thinks the fire extinguishers should in inside on the closed hangars and placed out the outside posts for the open T-hangars. All privately owned hangars will have to provide there own extinguishers and safety inspections on a yearly basis. Fleury to work with Facilities Maintenance to generate plan for having fire extinguishers throughout the Airport. This will be an added cost to the yearly budget.

Croman Site Committee: Fleury discusses requirements of building within the Airport Horizontal and Conical Surfaces. There is a form that individuals can fill out and send to the FAA when buildings encroach into the imaginary surfaces as defined by FAR 77. The FAA will then make recommendations for mitigation or ask that structure not be constructed. FAA has no enforcement jurisdictions on the matter, they relay on the local planning board to follow recommendations. Currently the ground on the Crowman Site encroaches into the horizontal surface and local planning code states that the maximum building height for that location is 40. The Commission would like planning to follow any recommended site mitigation if tall structures are erected. Commission would also like Public Works to stay on top of issues as the Croman Site Master Plan continues along.

Airport Luxury: Commission discusses statement that some people perceive the Airport as a luxury for affluent people within the Ashland area. Commission to work on informing residents and the Council of the benefits of having a Regional Airport. The Oregon Department of Aviation defines Ashland Airport as a Regional one because it helps serve the region of Southern Oregon and beyond, not just local pilots in Ashland. Fleury to work on the economic benefit aspect of the Airport locally and bring that to the Commission to discuss and then prepare a document for Council to review stating the benefits of having a strong regional Airport.

Entrance Road Sign: Liz Tripp asks about entrance road sign and ability to put JLC Avionics on it. Commission agrees that all business on site should be listed on sign. Commission thinks that JLC should fabricate a sign and work with Skinner for installation.


Status of Airport, Financial Report, Review of Safety Reports: Commission asks Fleury to email Skinner regarding helicopter in open T-hangar row to discuss the safety concern of the tail boom sticking out from underneath. Commission also asks Fleury to email Skinner and ask for update on why one hangar was left un-rented for 1 month.

Maintenance Updates C Fleury states that the concrete and door rail system for the second enclosed t-hangar has been replaced. Hendrickson asks about installation of a speed bump near stop sign at entrance to taxi-way. Fleury to discuss with the Street Department about installation.


The meeting of the JC airport commission is the third Monday of the month at 12:00 PM.

NEXT MEETING DATE: September 1, 9:30 AM

ADJOURN: Meeting adjourned at 11:16

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