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Conservation Commission Mtg 05/31/06

Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Conservation Commission
These Minutes were approved by Conservation Commission at the June 28, 2006 Conservation Commission Meeting.

May 31, 2005– 7:00 pm
Community Development Building
51 Winburn Way
Chairperson Amarotico called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. in the Community Development Building.
Attendees: Risa Buck, Russ Chapman, Ross Finney, Lindsay Gerken, Kathryn Houser, and Melissa Schwisguth were present. Stuart Corns and Jim Hartman were absent.
City Council Liaison: Alex Amarotico
Staff Liaison: Robbin Pearce

Chairperson Amarotico asked for an approval of the April 26, 2006 minutes. Due to illness of the clerical support, Mary McClary, the minutes were not located and would therefore need to be approved at the next regular meeting.
The existing and new Committee members introduced themselves focusing on Sustainability and gave a brief introduction of themselves.
Russ Chapman representing Ashland Sanitary has been with the Commission since its formation in 1995 and was also on the recycling task force in the early 1990’s.
Ross Finney works for a company that works for The Energy Trust of Oregon and primary works with large energy efficiency projects in the industrial sector. He attended graduate school at SOU in the Environmental Education Program, MBA program and Sustainable business. He started working with the Conservation Commission to put together the Ashland Green Business Program as part of his graduate school work.
Huetz Gutcheon, a guest speaker, introduced himself and explained he studies about zero net energy homes.
Melissa Schwisguth…works for Godiva Chocolate Company, is a perm culturist and writes a bi-weekly, weekly column on sustainability issues for the Ashland Daily Tidings. She is working with the Green Business Program and focusing on the Chambers Greeting Meetings and their awareness on conservation issues.
Lindsey Gerken a free lance writer, received her masters at SOU and learned about the Commission through the Jackson County Sustainability network and is happy to be part of the Conservation.
Kathryn Houser has returned to living in Ashland after 19 years of living in Austin Texas where she served on a sister commission for 6-7 years and also has worked as an educator in all renewable energies including: green buildings, zero net energy projects, LEED certification, rain water collection, and organizes tours and workshops.
Alex Amarotico, owner of Standing Stone Brewing Company and a member of the Ashland City Council, has always been a liaison to the Conservation Commission during his term as a Council member. Although his term will end in 6 months he plans to remain a part of the Conservation Community through his business and citizen input.
Robbin Pearce represented the Conservation Department with expertise in Water conservation. She is currently part of a three-person team within the City under the direction of Dick Wanderscheid.
There was also a guest student from Ashland High School.
Commissioner Buck wondered if there was a way to invite any interested HS students to become more involved with the Commission.
The Commission discussed the possibility of high school students attending or acting as a liaison to the Conversation Commission and the different ways that could be accomplished.
Commissioner Chapman presented the results of the Ashland Sanitary Annual Phone Book Drive, with Talent Elementary School coming in first place. Total collected were 2,276 books, with Talent receiving a $400.00 first place prize and Walker Elementary receiving a $200.00 prize for second place.
He also reported on an annual Talent Enhancement event where they filled up 5 boxes of brush, approx. 9,200 pounds that was converted to electricity.
Commissioner Chapman brought with him the comment cards from the Garbage Land event at SOU last month. He separated them by people wishing to be contacted and others with suggestions or comments. The members discussed distributing a list that was put together by Paige Prewett (former Commission member) that had details where recycling takes place in the Rogue Valley.
Zero Net Energy Presentation:
Huelz Gutcheon did a presentation for the Commission regarding zero net energy. He emphasized a 20% density bonus incentive for all zero net energy homes and ideas for discussing his proposals.
The members discussed affordable housing, zero net energy homes, density bonus incentives, homeless population and other related topics to Mr. Gutcheons presentation.
Reconstruction of Subcommittees
The members discussed the validity of the existing committees, the possibilities of different subcommittees and also not constructing subcommittees at this time.
The members decided to retain Green Business, Education/Events and discussed developing new committees regarding Zero Net Energy, Ecology and Bio Diesel.
Update on Garbage Land Talk
Commissioner Chapman, Buck and Schwisguth volunteered to sort through the comment cards and report back to the commission the results.
Commissioner Buck and Houser volunteered for the Education/Event Committee.
Commissioner Finney volunteered to communicate to the other members in regards to forming a Green Business Committee. Chairperson Amarotico remarked that there would be a possible two reports for the next meeting.
Commissioner Buck wondered if it were possible to communicate more with the citizens regarding the publics input, welcoming them to the monthly meetings, useful information like the list of recycling in the Rogue Valley in terms of an article in the newspaper.
Commissioner Finney made a motion to grant an additional $500.00 out of their current budget to Ashland Sanitary to continue the florescent tube and bulb recycling program at the recycling depot and also the remaining $101.64 be available to the subcommittees to expend on outreach and promotional items related to Garbage Land presentation and the recycling list that was presented there up to 101.64 thats needs to be expended by the end of the June 2006.
Voice vote: Commissioner Buck, Finney, Gerken, Houser and Schwisguth all voted for the motion. Commissioner Chapman obtained from voting on this motion.
The motion passed with a unanimous vote.
1.      Historic Conservation
No report.
2.      Education/Events
No report.
3.      Green Business
No report.
Next meeting date, June 28, 2006.
Meeting adjourned at 9:00 pm.
Respectfully submitted,
Mary McClary, Assistant to
Electric Department

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