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Tree Commission (View All)

Regular Meeting

Thursday, July 06, 2006



July 6, 2006


CALL TO ORDER –Chair Bryan Holley called the Ashland Tree Commission meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. on July 6, 2006 in the Siskiyou Room in the Community Development and Engineering Services Building located at 51 Winburn Way, Ashland, OR.


Commissioners Present

Council Liaison

Bryan Holley

David Chapman, absent

Mary Pritchard


Laurie Sager

Staff Present

Ted Loftus

Amy Anderson, Assistant Planner

Steve Siewert

Anne Rich, Parks Department


Carolyn Schwendener, Account Clerk



Page 2 last paragraph Adam will be posting the ballot not ballet on the website.  Loftus/Siewert m/s to approve the minutes of June 8, 2006. Voice vote:  all AYES, Motion passed.  The minutes of June 8, 2006 were approved as corrected.


Amy reported that the Hearings Board approved two trees for mitigation instead of the recommended three at 1505 Siskiyou Blvd. 



None present



PLANNING ACTION 2006-00612 is a request for Site Review approval to construct a mixed-use development comprised of 7,841 square feet of general office space and six residential condominiums for the property located at 160 Helman St.  An Administrative Variance to the Site Design and Use Standards is requested to reduce the required landscape strip between the parking area and property line to less than the required five-foot minimum. COMPREHENSIVE PLAN DESIGNATION:  Employment ZONING:  E-1; ASSESSOR’S MAP #:  39 1E 04 CC; TAX LOT#:  2100.

APPLICANT:  Siskiyou LLC/James Batzer


Site Visits and Ex Parte Contacts – All the Commissioners did a site visit.


Amy read the staff report explaining staff’s concerns and the conditions of approval.  Because of various issues the applicants have requested a continuance to next month. 


Applicant testimony:  Mark Knox, Urban Development Services, and Mike Mindor were present to answer questions.  Mr. Knox confirmed the request for a continuance though he still wanted the Commissioners to review the project so they could help with regard to the tree and landscaping efforts. At next months meeting they will address the trees on the property after first getting an arborist report. 


The Commissioners discussed the size of the planter boxes. Sager commented that sometimes small planters can be a liability on a project.  In the heat when the plants are struggling sometimes its better not to have a planter at all.  Sager also stated that along the Parkrow on Helman Street there needs to be some parking spaces where the paving comes right up to the street so that people parking can get out. 


Rich reported that the trees on this site have been poorly maintained only sighting one that was in good condition. The opportunity to plant new ones would allow for larger and better trees.  Loftus would like to wait for the arborist report before making any decisions regarding the trees. 


 It was suggested that there might be a possibility of using pervious concrete at this site. 


Amy asked Mr. Knox to supply a small scale utility plan for the Commissioners to review.


PLANNING ACTION 2006-01090 Is a request for an Outline Plan, Final Plan and Site Review approval for a four-lot, eight-unit  multi-family residential development for the property located at 41 Garfield St.  Two new units are proposed in a separate common-wall structure on two parcels, and the existing six-unit building will be located on a separate parcel.  COMPREHENSIVE PLAN DESIGNATION: High-Density Multi-Family Residential; ZONING:  R-3; ASSESSOR’S MAP #:  39 1E 10 BC; TAX LOT#:  3100 & 3101.

APPLICANT:  John Fields and Habitat for Humanity


Site Visits and Ex Parte Contacts – Commissioners Pritchard, Siewert, and Holley did a site visit.  Loftus and Rich did not.


Sager recused herself because her office is working on this project.


Amy read the staff report and reviewed the landscaping plan.  The Commissioners commented that they did not see any Cottonwood trees on this site; it seemed to be an empty lot.  Amy confirmed there was only one existing tree.


Because this is a high traffic area the use of a drought tolerant grass or ground cover was suggested. Acknowledging that the home owner might not have the funds available to take care of the landscaping such as a lawn mower, the Commissioners recognized this might be a burden.  



1) That pavers strips or paver blocks connecting the sidewalk to the street be installed for foot traffic through the parkrow.


2) That a plant more tolerant to foot traffic such as a drought tolerant fescue or Potentilla nana be used in the parkrow.


3) That a composite bender board be used in the lawn areas instead of steel bender board.


4) That Tree Protection fencing in accordance with AMC Chapter 18.61.200.B. shall be installed for the Crepe Myrtle adjacent to the right side of the driveway.


5) Tree Commission suggests using a large stature tree such as Linden or Zelkova instead of Raywood Ash.


Sager returned to the meeting.



Commission Powers and Duties 2.25 – Holley handed out a draft of the Commissions Powers and Duties.  The Commissioners agreed to review it over the next month and discuss any changes at the next meeting.


Tree planting & pruning specifications – The Commissioners decided that the ISA brochures that are available at the counter are appropriate and at this time they will not make any new ones. The graphic in the City Source is wrong however.  Amy will send an email to Diana (who puts the City Source together) and to Adam (who provides the graphic) and let them know the Tree Commission would like to work with them between now and next spring to get a better graphic. 


Tree Grates – Table until next month. 


Landscape Professional Ordinance – Amy shared that there is a Committee consisting of John Stromberg, Mike Morris, Kate Jackson, Bill Molnar and John Fields who are starting to implement the ordinance change.  They will be doing the housekeeping of Chapter 18 and should take approximately six to twelve months.  Mr. Molnar’s goal is to set up a joint study session of the Tree Commission and the Planning Commission to discuss the ordinance changes, hopefully in the fall.


The resolution that the Commissioners have been working on can still go forward to the City Council it does not need to go to the Planning Commission for their approval. 



Liaison Reports –Rich reported on the mitigation for the Ponderosa Pine.  They have two trees available at $120.00 each which will be planted at Riverwalk.


Holley recently received a message from Mike Gomez regarding Julian Square.  Mr. Gomez has concerns over the screening and Holley asked Amy for an update so he could call Mr. Gomez back with an answer. Amy explained that Mr. Gomez is upset because the original landscaping plan that came in showed 42 trees and the new landscaping plan that came back only has 32 trees on it.  Amy stated that happened because of a variety of reasons one of which is that there is pathways that are required to be installed as well as the alley right of way that Mr. Medinger is no longer going to be landscaped. Amy explained that there is nothing in the Land Use Ordinance that requires a certain number of trees as long as the percentage of landscaping is met, the percentage of canopy coverage and the percentage of street trees.


Amy shared her frustration regarding the Tree Commissions emails that are happening in regard to Code Enforcement.   At the Tree Commission meeting held on November 3, 2005 enforcement issues were discussed and it was determined that the Commissioners would contact Code Enforcement, the Planners and the Applicant with any of their concerns.  Amy stated that it was never discussed to contact the Mayor, City Administrator, Director of Public Works, City Council, newspaper etc.  Looping a bunch of people who have no knowledge of 18.61 or the project, and no idea how this department functions only seems to further complicate the matter stated Amy.  Amy encouraged the Commissioners to stick to the standards that they imposed.


Current Balance - $164.87.  As they are coming to the end of the budget year it was suggested purchasing more ISA brochures for the Lobby, registering for any membership dues or donating money to the Parks Department for the replacement tree.


Sign-Up schedule for back page article. -  “Special Care of Trees in Summer” Both Siewert and Sager will be working on the article. 


Tree Commission GoalsContinuing Education, Tree Clinics, Tree Walks and Media Outreach.  At some point Sager would like to have a sign-up sheet for the articles for the Back Page articles. 


ADJOURNMENT - Commissioner Holley adjourned the meeting at 9:35 p.m.


Respectfully submitted by

Carolyn Schwendener, Account Clerk




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