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Regular Meeting

Monday, February 27, 2006

City of Ashland






February 27, 2006



Present:    Commissioners D. Amarotico, Eggers, Gardiner, Lewis, Rosenthal; Director Robertson; Superintendent Gies; Superintendent Teige; City Council Liaison A. Amarotico

Absent:     None

CALL TO ORDER         

Gardiner called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM at the Parks office, 340 S. Pioneer Street.


Regular Meeting – January 23, 2006

In the section entitled Prospective Goals for 2006-2007 Fiscal Year, Eggers asked that the sentence referring to an additional goal be clarified to read: “Eggers requested the inclusion of an additional goal of touring all parks properties for potential community garden sites and reviewing existing lawn areas considering water use and maintenance costs.”

In the section entitled Earth Day Concert Request, under “Discussion Among Commissioners,” Eggers asked that the sentence referring to sound levels read: “… added that restrictions would need to be placed around the approval, including monitoring of sound levels and confinement of the amplified sound to a restricted area.”

MOTION Gardiner moved to approve the minutes as amended. Lewis seconded the motion.

The vote was: 5 yes – 0 no


Open Forum

R.C. Heublein, 678 Glendale, discussed a park access easement – requested of the Planning Department by the Waldorf School on Clay Street – located adjacent to the Clay Street Park, the Waldorf School, and his property on Glendale. Referencing a diagram of the location, Heublein expressed his desire to prohibit both a bridge from being built across the creek and the inclusion of a fourth access point to the location. He requested the Parks Commission’s cooperation in the placement and construction of a fence as well as their intervention with the Planning Department [to prevent the requested planning action from moving forward].

Kip Keaton, 2015 Mae Street, speaking in his role as Community Service Officer, asked the commission to consider the installation of a frost-free drinking fountain at the Skate Park on Water Street. He also spoke of the increasing vandalism at that park.

Jan Janssen, 107 5th Street, speaking in her role as Community Outreach Officer, stated that she is rededicating herself to the issue of the Skate Park. She said that it is time to discuss the park again and to identify what is working well and what can be improved upon. She stated that the issue of seating options needs to be reviewed and that she is in favor of a frost-free drinking fountain at the location. She asked that her name, along with Keaton’s, be placed on a list [along with skaters interested in the topic] to discuss the park at a future study session.

Alexander Dunlap, 1331 Iowa Street, Apt. I, a skater who frequents the park, asked the commission to consider issuing waivers to adult skaters, giving them the option of skating helmet-free. He expressed his frustration with the Police Department, whose officers ticket skaters not wearing helmets [per a City ordinance]. He reported that he passed around a petition at the park and obtained 120 signatures in one day. Finally, he expressed that the graffiti and vandalism at the park is unrelated to skateboarders and is conducted by people who are not concerned about the park. The commission agreed to address Skate Park issues at a future study session, preferably no earlier than April.





Teige reminded the commission of the request by Nature Center staff for the relocation of the entertainment stage for use of amplification at its 2006 Earth Day event. She requested a decision from the commission.

Discussion Among Commissioners

Commissioners discussed the matter at length. Eggers expressed concern about setting a precedent for approving extended periods of sound [more than 1.5 hours] and approving amplified sound on parks properties, stating that loud music would be out of character for such an event. Commissioners requested a lineup of the proposed music for the day [in order to make a more educated decision about the request]. Nature Center staff indicated they were still in the process of determining the lineup. Commissioners asked how sound could be restricted to the ballpark area alone and were told that all efforts would be made to prevent disturbances to the neighbors, although some sound would reach them. When asked how amplified sound could be monitored, staff reported that a sound manager would be on hand to ensure appropriate noise levels for the area and the event. Several commissioners expressed a desire to accommodate the request with the understanding that its success or failure would determine the commission’s future decisions about similar requests. Commissioners further suggested personally notifying neighbors adjacent to the event [along North Mountain Avenue].

Motion Gardiner moved to approve a one-time relocation of the entertainment stage at North Mountain Park for use of amplification on Saturday, April 22, 2006, from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM. The amplified event would be monitored by Parks staff to ensure amplification did not exceed reasonable limits and so that sound requirements would be followed. D. Amarotico seconded the motion.

                      The vote was:   D. Amarotico, Gardiner, Lewis, Rosenthal  – yes; Eggers – no



Robertson referenced the list of prospective goals for 2006-2007 and requested feedback from the commission.

Discussion Among Commissioners

Commissioners discussed various items on the list and asked for minor adjustments to the wording. Targeted items included: update of identified properties on the Open Space Plan list; review of the water quality technology used at the lower duck pond to solve the water quality situation at the upper duck pond [wording to be changed to: “address upper duck pond water quality issues”]; and the continuation of the N. Main / Scenic Park site development process.

MOTION Lewis moved to adopt the 2006-2007 goals list as amended. Eggers seconded the motion.

The vote was: 5 yes – 0 no



Rosenthal introduced his neighbor, Bill Davies, who generated a petition for the purpose of soliciting citizen signatures for proposed improvements at the Dog Park. He invited Davies to speak to the commission.

Public Input

Bill Davies, 1264 Orchid, voiced appreciation for the Dog Park and requested the construction of a concrete or asphalt walkway toward the front of the fenced area to help with the problem of rainy season mud. He also requested an additional dog droppings bag station toward the entrance to the park.

Discussion Among Commissioners

Commissioners commented favorably on the suggested improvements and directed staff to investigate the implementation of Mr. Davies’ suggestions.


Robertson introduced the topic, referencing his packet memo, and requested that staff be permitted to shut down overflow parking at the site.

Public Input

Julia Sommer, 573 Scenic Drive, reinforced Robertson’s view of the situation, stating that parking at the site was a problem. She thanked Robertson for his support of the proposed parking ban.

Discussion Among Commissioners

Commissioners discussed the matter and agreed to the suggested parking ban.

MOTION Eggers moved to approve the closure of the North Main / Scenic Park land to all parking from all parking accesses and to ban parking at the site until the handicapped parking spaces or other official parking spaces were developed in accordance with the master plan. Lewis seconded the motion.

The vote was: 5 yes – 0 no



Teige reported that the Darex Family Ice Rink closed for the 2005-2006 season on Sunday, February 26, and offered to provide a full report [on the rink’s performance] at an upcoming commission meeting.

Eggers reported on the work of the joint subcommittee between Schools, City Council, and Parks, stating that the three entities were working together to find solutions to retain the Briscoe and Lincoln playgrounds as part of the city’s parks system. The commission agreed to meet in the near future to talk about the three suggested scenarios proposed by Robertson [at the recent joint subcommittee meeting].

Gies reported that the installation of the baseball lights at North Mountain Park was well underway and nearing completion.




§         Budget session set for Tuesday, March 14, at 3:00 PM—Parks office, 340 S. Pioneer. Executive session to follow.

§         Joint study session set for Thursday, March 16, at 7:00 PM—Council Chambers, 1175 E. Main.

§         Study session set for Monday, March 20, at 7:00 PM—Parks office, 340 S. Pioneer. Topic to include:

§         North Main / Scenic Park Master Plan Discussion

§         Regular meeting set for Monday, March 27, at 7:00 PM— Council Chambers, 1175 E. Main. Topics to include:

§         Discussion regarding access to Clay Street Park for Waldorf School

§         Charter Review Discussion

§         Greenway Update

ADJOURNMENT – By consensus, with no further business, Rosenthal adjourned the meeting at 8:45 PM.

Respectfully submitted, Susan Dyssegard, Ashland Parks & Recreation Department

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