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Agendas and Minutes

Tree Commission (View All)

Regular Meeting

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Ashland Tree Commission

Regular Meeting

February 9, 2006




I.              CALL TO ORDER:   Chair Bryan Holley called the Ashland Tree Commission meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. on February 9, 2006 in the Siskiyou Room in the Community Development/Engineering Services Building located at 51 Winburn Way.


Commissioners Present:  Bryan Holley

Mary Pritchard

Laurie Sager

Ted Loftus

January Jennings, absent

Steve Siewert


Council Liaison:                  Cate Hartzell, absent

Staff Present:                       Amy Anderson, Assistant Planner

Carolyn Schwendener, Account Clerk


II.            APPROVAL OF MINUTES:   Commissioner Jennings adjourned the meeting not Pritchard as stated. Page two of five, bottom of the page under applicant testimony: Owners were trying to save as much as possible not shave. Pritchard/Sager m/s to approve the minutes of January 5, 2006. Voice vote:  All AYES, Motion passed.  The minutes of January 5, 2006 were approved as corrected.



None present.




PLANNING ACTION # 2005-01307: A request for Site Review approval to construct a second residential unit above the existing garage for the property located at 125 Sherman St.  A Conditional Use Permit is required to expand the non-conforming garage structure.  The garage is located within a foot of the rear property line and ten feet is required.  A Solar Setback Variance is requested to create a greater shadow on the property to the north than is permitted. APPLICANT: Russ Dale


Amy read the staff report


Applicant Testimony:  Russ Dale, applicant, was present. Mr. Dale stated that at the Historic Commission meeting on February 8, 2006 they requested he go back to version number two which was to reduce the size of the structure. 


The Commissioners discussed this Planning Action.  They were concerned because a tree protection plan had not been submitted. 







1)                   Protect to the dripline of the Apple Tree, use existing fence where possible all other protective fencing shall be installed in accordance with 18.61.200, to be installed and inspected prior to site disturbance and storage of materials.


PLANNING ACTION # 2006-00057: A request for Variance to the side yard setback requirement and Conditional Use Permit to expand a non-conforming building for first and second story additions to the home located at 247 Third St.  The proposed additions are less than the required six feet for a side yard on both the north and south sides of the building.  A Solar Setback Variance is requested to create a greater shadow on the property to the north than is permitted APPLICANT: Marc Valens and Anne Golden


Amy discussed the staff report with the Commissioners informing them that the main concern is the trees along the alley. The staff report does recommend that an arborist provide a valuation of the tree and if it will need to be cut to install the gable.


Applicant Testimony:  Marc Valens and Anne Golden, applicants, were present.  They explained their Landscaping and Tree Protection plan as well as answered questions by the Commissioners.    




1)                   Tree Commission recommends hand digging within the root zone of the Black Walnut, if roots greater than 2-inches are encountered consult an arborist otherwise cut roots cleanly with sharp tools.

2)                   Tree Commission recommends removal of the existing Birch Street Tree and replacement with 1 large stature street tree or 2 smaller street trees from the Recommended Street Tree Guide with attention to utility lines and parkrow width.

3)                   If plum and/or box elders along alley become hazardous by shape or with disease owner reserves the right to remove and Tree Commission supports their removal, with appropriate permits and not requiring a modification of this approval.

4)                   Tree Commission recommends the owners reserves the right to remove the Plum (tree #7) and Tree Commission supports their removal with appropriate permits and not requiring a modification of this approval.


PLANNING ACTION # 2006-00088: A request for Site Review approval for a mixed-use building for the property located at 588 N. Main St.  The proposed building is comprised of medical offices, and is approximately 6,100 square feet in size.  A Variance is requested to allow a covered entry, stairs and a wheelchair accessible ramp to intrude into the required 20-foot front yard for properties abutting arterial streets. 588 N. Main St. APPLICANT: Ashland Community Hospital Foundation


Amy showed the large scale plans to the Commissioners.  The Staff report had not been made available to Amy prior to the meeting. 


Applicant Testimony:  Pat Flannery, Director of Development for Ashland Community Hospital and Norma Hawkins from Galbraith and Associates were present to represent this Planning Action.  Ms. Hawkins reviewed the landscaping plan with the Commissioners. 


The Commissioners discussed the trees on site and the removal and transplant of them. 









1)                   If the existing Street Trees are to be replanted at site following transplant and are not in good health following storage – 2 new street trees chosen from the Recommended Street Tree Guide shall be re-planted.


2)                   If possible retain existing street trees in place and protect in accordance with 18.61.200, to be installed, inspected and approved by Planning Department prior to site work and storage of materials.



V.            ACTION ITEMS


A.      Type I Review Assignments

a.        March 9, 2006, Loftus, Siewert Jennings

b.       April 6, 2006, Sager, Holley, Siewert

c.        May 4, 2006, Pritchard, Loftus, Siewert

d.       June 8, 2006, Holley




A.      Goal Prioritizing/Adoption

The Commissioners prioritized their list of 2006 Goals. 

1.        Immediate goal:  Dealing with the Lithia Park Ailanthus Tree

2.        Broaden Education

a.  Tree Walks

b.  Tree Clinics

c.  Media Outreach

3.        Street Tree Guide

4.        Resolve Ordinance issues


B.      Arbor Day Planning

a.        State Wide Tree Walk.  Sager and Jennings will be leading the Tree Walk in the Railroad District on April 2, 2006 at 2:00 p.m. Participants will meet at the Railroad Park. 

b.       Tree Planting Ceremony. 

Donn Todt reminded the Commissioners that he still has a Red Maple that needs to be planted at the Clay Street Park.  He also suggested planting a Black Maple at the YMCA Park where they lost a Trident Maple. 

c.        Tree of the Year Plaque installation.  Cost estimate is $175.00

d.       Earth Day.  The Commissioners agreed to donate fifty dollars to become sponsors of Earth Day which will include a booth.



A.       Liaison Reports

Todt handed out three Arborist reports regarding the Ailanthus Tree located at the entrance to Lithia Park.   It is Todt’s as well as the arborist’s opinion that the tree be removed immediately.  Loftus would like to see a back page article in the Daily Tidings with the earliest pictures available from Terry Skibby. It’s a fabulously educational tool for the community, stated Loftus.  Sager will ask Fred Stockwell to take a photo of the tree for the Tidings article. Todt will write the story as well as take a couple of slides of the injury of the tree.  The Commissioners agreed to put together a replacement tree list that will be presented to the public for their assistance on choosing the  replacement tree. 




B.      Old Business

a.        Resolution to Council status/Mitigation.  Amy reported that the City attorney, Mike Reeder said that the Tree Commission should not use the ISA in its resolution because it is an unlawful delegation of legislative authority.  Mr. Reeder requested that the Commissioners wait until more of the ordinance review is done before they start doing any of the resolutions.  Sager, Loftus and Pritchard decided to have another sub-committee meeting to discuss the resolution that Amy wrote. 

b.       New tree planting specifications (diagrams, information) Sager will be emailing her planting specifications to the Commissioners once again for their review.  The Commissioners will discuss this topic at their next meeting.


c.        2003 Liberty St. Tree of the Year plaque re-installation.  Todt will call Holley and arrange a time for installation.


C.      New Items

Holly would like CIP (City’s Capital Improvement Projects) on the Agenda next month.  Amy stated that someone from Public Works and the Electric Department is scheduled to come to the Tree Commission meeting next month.  The Electric Department will bring their Tree Trimming report. 



D.      Current Balance



E.  Tree Commission Goals

                 i.  Education

1.  Daily Tidings Back Page Topics

February: Removal of the Ailanthus Tree.

March: Article on Arbor Day,

Pritchard suggested that a great way to introduce the Tree Commissioners to the community would be for have each member pick their favorite tree and write an article about it for the back page.


                ii. Tree Clinics

Pritchard had about 18 to 20 attendees at her January 8, 2006 Tree Pruning Clinic at North Mountain Park.  Pritchard would like to continue to do at least one Tree Clinic a year.


iii. Monitoring




Commissioner Holley adjourned the meeting at 9:30 p.m.


Respectfully submitted by

Carolyn Schwendener, Account Clerk









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