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Agendas and Minutes

Tree Commission (View All)

Regular Meeting

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Ashland Tree Commission

Regular Meeting

January 5, 2006




I.              CALL TO ORDER:   Chair January Jennings called the Ashland Tree Commission meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. on January 5, 2006 in the Siskiyou Room in the Community Development/Engineering Services Building located at 51 Winburn Way.


Commissioners Present:  Pennie Rose (absent)

Bryan Holley

Mary Pritchard

Laurie Sager, arrived at 7:50 P.M.

Ted Loftus

January Jennings

Steve Siewert


Council Liaison:                  Cate Hartzell, arrived at 8:45 P.M.

Staff Present:                       Amy Anderson, Assistant Planner

                                                   DonnTodt,ParksDepartment, (absent)                                                                                                                          Carolyn Schwendener, Account Clerk


II.            APPROVAL OF MINUTES:   The call to order date should be December 8, 2005.  On the second page under applicant testimony, Tom Myers name was misspelled.   Page three of five under section 6 letter A the third paragraph down, the fee should read $350.00 not $35.00.  Holley/Pritchard m/s to approve the minutes of December 8, 2005. Voice vote:  All AYES, Motion passed.  The minutes of December 8, 2005 were approved.



None present.




PLANNING ACTION: 2005-1836 is a request for a Conditional Use Permit to use a portion of a new home for an accessory residential unit for the property located at 695 Walnut St.

APPLICANT:  Steven J. Asher 

Amy read the staff report. 


The Commissioners discussed this Planning Action and felt that they would follow the Planning Commissions direction on the irrigation plan and mitigation tree.  They felt it was more of an infill issue not a Tree Commission issue. 



1) Tree Commission supports Staff recommendations.



PLANNING ACTION: 2005-2105 is a request for Site Review approval for a three-story, mixed-use building comprised of commercial space on the ground floor and two residential units on the second and third floors for the property located at 145 E. Main St.  The proposed building would be located on the vacant lot situated between Lithia Way and the Will Dodge Way alley, northeast of the old Harrisonís Auto Parts building.

APPLICANT: Urban Development Services, LLC


                Amy read the staff report. 


Applicant Testimony:  Mark Knox, Urban Development Services, 320 East Main St., Suite 202 and John Galbraith, Landscape Architect, were present to represent the applicants.  Mr. Knox explained how the applicant is adjusting the building in order to meet the required sidewalk widths. They will be protecting the three trees in the adjacent City owned parking lot. Holley asked if it is necessary to protect the trees on the City owned property if in fact in the future they will be removed for the construction of an Affordable Housing Unit.  Mr. Knox explained because it has not been finalized yet measures need to be taken to protect those trees at this time.  Loftus asked Mr. Knox if the utilities will be going near the three trees in the adjacent parking lot.  The utilities will go into a service corridor under the building, stated Mr. Knox.


Mr. Galbraith explained the use of structural soil on this project.   It is made up of 80% rock mixed with topsoil so there is less damage to infrastructure around the trees, and eliminates the need for root barriers.  Holley suggested this might make a good Daily Tidings Back Page article.



1)       Tree Commission recommends using structural soil in lieu of root barriers in the tree well for the street tree.


2)       Tree Commission recommends selecting the Street Tree from the amended Lithia Way Street Tree list.


3)       Tree Commission is in support of the changes made to the building at the Historic Commission meeting from January 4, 2006 and the relocation of the tree well and the street tree.


PLANNING ACTION:  2005-2107 is a request for Outline approval under the Performance Standards Chapter, 18.88 for a five-lot subdivision located at 1500 Oregon St.  Physical Constraints Review Permit to remove three trees greater than six inches diameter at breast height in the Hillside Area adjacent to Windsor Street.

APPLICANT: Urban Development Services, LLC


Pritchard disclosed that when she went to the site the applicants were present and gave her a tour.  


The Commissioners discussed the Planning Action.  Amy explained that the applicant will be required to provide CC&Rís prior to the signature of survey plat. The CC&Rís will include the maintenance of the roadway, maintenance of the park rows, sidewalks and anything else that is designated as natural features.  If there was an open space the CC&Rís would dictate how those trees are taken care of and who would be responsible to take care of them.  The CC&Rís will come in prior to the plat at the same time as the Final Plan.  Amy suggested that if the Tree Commission has any issues with tree protection or tree choices they could recommend that it come back to them at Final Plan.  Typically the Tree Commission would not review it again because a Final Plan is usually a Staff or Type 1 Action.


Applicant Testimony:  Mark DiRienzo, Urban Development Services, 320 E Main, Suite 202 and John Galbraith were present to represent the applicant.  Mr. DiRienzo shared that the owners of the property are open to trying to shave as much as possible.  They have worked with the utility department to minimize the trenching that is going to go down the north side of the property.  Mr. DiRienzo stated that the CC& Rís will state that the tree protection has to be followed and that any changes to the site will have to have Staff approval in writing prior to those changes. 


John Galbraith explained the proposed tree protection plan as well as the trees for mitigation.  


Because of the recent issues at Prospect and Mountain, Sager had questions regarding any concerns the neighborhood might have. Mr. DiRienzo explained that they have already had a neighborhood meeting and the homeowners appear happy with the project. Commissioner Siewert inquired about the irrigation of the trees.  Siewertís concern is that big trees donít like change and since they were not previously watered they probably will not want water now. Mr. Galbraith stated that there would indeed be irrigation going to the trees though he feels the trees may be stressed currently due to lack of adequate water. 


It was decided by the Tree Commissioners that if they are contacted in any fashion by a citizen, the project applicantís email will be added to all correspondence. Amy requested that she also be included in the emails.



1)       Tree Commission recommends street trees to be installed chosen from the City Recommended Street Tree Guide along the Windsor St. frontage on proposed lots 4 & 5. One street tree for every 30-feet of frontage prior to the issuance of Certificate of Occupancy for Single Family Residences.


2)       Tree Commission recommends careful planning for the installation of the irrigation system in proximity to the large established trees. 


PLANNING ACTION: 2005-1830 is a request for a Land Partition to create three parcels for the property located at 309 Alta St.  The application includes a request for a Variance to reduce the paving of West Street to 15 feet from the required minimum width of 20 feet.  A Physical Constraints Review Permit is requested to create parcels with slopes 25% and greater in Hillside Lands.

APPLICANT: Urban Development Services, LLC.


Amy showed the plans and some additional photographs for this Planning Action.  Sager asked Mr. Knox if they have prepared a Tree Protection Plan for during construction. Mr. Knox explained that at this phase of the project they will only be adding three or four feet  of paving on the upper west portion and curbing on the downhill side of Alta Street.  There are no trees in that general area. 


Applicant Testimony: Rodney and Barbara Hinds, owners, and Mark Knox were present.  When the Hinds purchased the property in 1987 the landscape was very barren.  They planted all the trees and vegetation that is now there.   The proposal is to remove only one tree because their intent is to minimize any type of disturbance to the landscaping.


Pritchard recommended to the applicants that they not allow the ivy to flower because it will spread very quickly with help of birds. Ideally it would be nice to remove it and use another type of ground cover for erosion control.



1)       Tree Commission recommends tree protection fencing along the street frontages while the streets are under construction to be installed and inspected in accordance with 18.61.200.


2)       Tree Commission recommends support of the Variance to the street widths so as to preserve the trees along the street frontages.


PLANNING ACTION: 2005-2186 is a request for Modification of the Outline Plan subdivision approval for the Birnam Woods Subdivision to modify the approved building envelope and tree preservation plan for Lot 5 which is the property located 1449 Windor St.  The proposal includes the removal of the 24 inch diameter at breast height pine on Lot 5 which was originally slated for preservation.  A request for a Tree Removal Permit for the pine is included in the application.

APPLICANT: Gary S. Plano & Mark C. Meyer


The Commission had waited for the arrival of Tom Myers to represent this Planning Action but he never arrived.  Amy read the staff report and handed out a letter of opposition that was recently submitted by a neighbor. 


The Commissioners discussed this Planning Action and felt that the Pine Tree could live with this disease for many years.  Because there is a way to access this lot and build a house without cutting down this tree the Commissioners did not support the removal of it.  Loftus also stated that it would not matter if the applicant or Tom Myers were present at the Tree Commission meeting he would still feel the same way.



1) Tree Commission recommends not approving the removal of the Ponderosa Pine and recommends treatment methods be instituted by a Certified Arborist.


V.            ACTION ITEMS


A.  Goal Setting Meeting Ė January 22, 2006 @ 5:00 p.m.  The meeting will be pot luck at            Commissioner Holleyís house located at 324 Liberty. 




A.      Arbor Day Planning

a.        The Oregon Department of Forestry will make the presentation of Tree City USA at the April 18, 2006 City Council meeting.  There will be an article in the Daily Tidings. 

b.       The Commissioners will be thinking about what tree to plant and where. Amy said that Donn Todt suggested planting a tree either at the Clay Street Park or the YMCA Park.  Siewert suggesting planting a Filbert at Clay St. Park.  

c.        Tree of the Year Plaque installation.  Amy confirmed that the 2005 plaque is on order.  The posts for the replacement tree plaque are ready. Todt will call Holley to arrange the installation.

d.        Earth Day.  The banner is scheduled to go up from April 3rd to the 10th.  Pritchard/Sager m/s to become members of the National Arbor Day Foundation for a fee of $15.00.

B.      Chairperson

a.        Chair/Vice Chair

Loftus/Sager m/s to nominate Bryan Holley as Chair for the upcoming year and Mary Pritchard as Vice Chair. It was noted by the Commissioners that January Jennings has done a fantastic job. 



A.       Liaison Reports

             There were no Liaison reports.


B.      Old Business

Sub-Committee Reports: Loftus and Sager met December 6, 2005 to discuss the mitigation of trees. They are working on a preliminary to create draft language that could go to legal and then forward to the Council.  Loftus suggested coming up with a timeline for the Commissioners to complete their part.  They also discussed where trees should be planted and tree values. Hartzell suggested planting trees by the bus stops..  Jennings noted that trees by bus stops must be really protected because people often snap off branches. 

Loftus asked the question ďIf there is a fee accessed rather then a tree mitigation how they get the dollars in and out?Ē  Amy was uncertain and will get more clarification on how this works from  the City Attorney.  She will write a draft Resolution to Council


C.      New Items

Sager asked about the Prospect and North Mountain neighborhood concerns.  Holley suggested that Andy Cochrane and John Galbraith meet with the neighbors. He offered to try arranging that meeting. The Tree Commission does not feel they can do all the things that some citizens think they should do.  Hartzell stated that it is the Cityís responsibility to deal with it. Sager would like to see a line of action  implemented. 

1st:  Consult the applicant or owner

2nd:  Talk with the Landscape Architect

3rd:  Contact the City of Ashland

4th:  Talk with the Tree Commission


The Commissioners agreed that if they receive an email from a citizen they will acknowledge it and then forward it to Adam Hanks or Amy Anderson.  Mr. Hanks is the City employee who would enforce any issues that require enforcement. 


D.      Current Balance



E.  Tree Commission Goals

i.    Education

1.  Daily Tidings Back Page.  Sager reported that the next article is done and at the Tidings.  The article is on Trees with Winter Interest. The Commissioners decided to write another article.  It was decided to discuss the topic through emails. 


Siewert contacted Steve Meister regarding the tree on his property at the corner of Ashland St. and Walker Ave.  Meister told Siewert they had been parking under the tree since the bowling alley had been there and he didnít feel it had hurt it yet.  Siewert said he wasnít giving up and is going to try and talk with him once more along with educating the Beanery customers and employees. 


 ii.          Tree Clinics

Pritchard has a Tree Clinic on pruning scheduled for January 8, 2006 at North Mountain Park.  Loftus is providing two or three containerized Japanese maples for demonstration sake.


iii.            Monitoring

Adam Hanks and Holley had email conversations today regarding Faith and Siskiyou.  Adam went to the site and checked out the issues that Holley brought to his attention.  Holley was concerned about the placement of a construction shed. Hanks found that the construction shed has been placed upon the parking lot pavement and in the location of a previous structure.  



Commissioner Jennings adjourned the meeting at 10:10 pm









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