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Monday, October 09, 2000

ASHLAND AIRPORT COMMISSION October 9, 2000 MINUTES MEMBERS PRESENT: CHAIRMAN PAUL ROSTYKUS, LILLIAN INSLEY, ALAN DEBOER, WILLIAM SKILLMAN, DONALD FITCH, COUNCILOR CAMERON HANSON STAFF: PAULA BROWN, DAWN CURTIS MEMBERS ABSENT: MARTY JACOBSON, BOB SKINNER, FBO 1.CALL TO ORDER: 11:30 AM ADDITIONAL AGENDA ITEMS: None. 2.APPROVAL OF MINUTES: September minutes accepted with changes; moved approval – seconded; passed unanimously. 3.OLD BUSINESS: A. Pending Projects 1.Bergeson / Boese Update – The City sent a demand letter to BB and they have not responded yet. Staff will keep Commission updated. Commission appreciated Brown’s letter. 2.T-Hangar Construction & Soil Excavation No real proposals were submitted to the City. The only submission was from Jack Day asking for the excavation work for the hangar site to be done by Burl Brimm who will do the work in exchange for a hangar lease and building site. Staff needs direction from Commission about next steps. Skillman commented that if the numbers pencil out to trade the excavation work for a land lease hangar it seems like a good idea. Commission considered the option and would like staff to work out some numbers of the cost of the excavation in comparison to the cost of a land lease for twenty-five years. The proposal could then be put out to bid for other businesses to make the same arrangement. Commission felt that the request to waive the SDC charges in the Burl Brimm proposal wouldn’t be acceptable. Rostykus would want any business to follow the minimum standards. Commission asked if the retaining wall was really necessary. The wall is needed near Dead Indian Memorial Hwy. This will need to be placed in one of the proposals. Action: Staff is to research the costs for the hangar and excavation costs. Two proposals will be drafted, one for the excavation and one for the T-hangar construction. Staff will need to work the retaining wall into one of the proposals. 3.Replacement for Commissioner Alan Hassell An article has been posted for this position and there have been no applicants. Staff asks Commission to solicit to interested parties. Jan Davis was suggested. A poster will be put up at the airport to stir some interest. 4.Sky Research Hangar Broken Ground Eric Stowers reported that the hangar will be up and running, if all goes well, by the beginning of 2001. A.BUDGET ISSUES - 1.City Recognition Gift Money – Appreciation gifts, would commission be willing to forego the gifts so that the money can be applied to the airport budget. Hanson will bring this up during the budget meetings. 2.Final Rental Rate Sheet Lease rates will need to be posted at the airport for clarification. C. MAINTENANCE ISSUES 1.Patching & Crack Sealing The crack sealing team has some more work to do around the runway and W & H Pacific will also be doing the fog sealing on the runway as weather permits. 2.Steve Green Door Issue Skillman talked to Green and Green indicated that the doors were installed before he rented the hangar. Skillman feels he should not have the responsibility of repairing the doors. The cost of replacing the doors could be as high as $10,000. DeBoer suggested sending letters to each of the renters asking if they want their doors replaced and if they did that their rent would increase to cover the cost. If they don’t want the doors replaced, then they will not be affected. Skillman made a motion provide Green an updated door provided that after which he would have an increase in rental rate to defray the cost of the replacement. No second to the motion was offered. 3.Drainage Grate near Fuel Islands This is being removed by the Street Department as time allows. 4.NEW BUSINESS: 1.Lincoln Zeve Request for Port-A-Port Hangar There was no update from Lincoln Zeve, but staff and DeBoer both have been in touch with him. Zeve will need clarification from the FAA on allowable setbacks. DeBoer staked the area with Zeve and thought that a permanent hangar might be considered for this area at a comparable cost to the portable hangars. Commission wants Zeve to present a letter to the commission from the FAA stating that the setbacks for a hangar will not be a safety issue. 2.Alan Sandler Restaurant Proposal Sandler will approach the project in two phases. Architectural mark-ups were shown to the Commissioners. Conceptual drawings show where the two staircases will be along with the elevator. The floor plan will add a patio over what is currently the training room. This addition will add about 1200 square feet to the FBO building. Staff and Sandler will need to meet further to go over these plans and negotiate a lease offer. 5.AIRPORT MANAGER REPORT/FBO REPORT/AIRPORT ASSOCIATION: A. Status of Airport, Financial Report, Review of Safety Reports No report was given as Skinner was absent. A.Airport Association Report – No report. B.Other – CAP is having meetings every two weeks in the evenings. Skillman will ask for a posting of their agendas and members. The FAA General Aviation Advisory has posted their user fees if anyone is interested contact Insley. 6. INFORMATIONAL ITEMS – ADJOURN Meeting adjourned at 12:40 PM

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