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Regular Meeting

Monday, October 24, 2005

City of Ashland






October 24, 2005


Present:    Commissioners D. Amarotico, Eggers, Gardiner, Lewis; Rosenthal; Director Robertson; Superintendent Gies; Superintendent Teige; City Council Liaison A. Amarotico

Absent:     None

CALL TO ORDER         

Gardiner called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM at Council Chambers, 1175 E. Main.


Study Session – September 19, 2005

MOTION Eggers moved to approve the minutes as written. Rosenthal seconded the motion.

The vote was: 5 yes – 0 no

Regular Meeting – September 26, 2005

MOTION D. Amarotico moved to approve the minutes as written. Eggers seconded the motion.

The vote was: 5 yes – 0 no


Open Forum

Bow Seltzer, 593 N. Mountain Avenue, proposed a new entrance into the Riverwalk subdivision park and the installation of approximately 1/3-acre of serpentine lawn and plantings. He voiced that the alterations would better serve the needs of the residents, including many young children, and he provided a drawing of the suggested changes as well as a petition showing signatures of those in support of the project. He encouraged commissioners to visit the area to assess the proposal.

Melissa Mitchell-Hooge, 271 High Street, speaking on behalf of “Save our Schools and Playgrounds,” reported that the October 1 volunteer cleanup event at Briscoe and Lincoln Schools was cancelled due to rain. She encouraged participation in the November 5 cleanup and thanked past participants as well as local merchants who supported the efforts with food, beverages, and gift certificates. She finished by stating that the SOSP Task Force report would be completed by the end of October and publicly presented at the November joint study session with City Council, School Board, and Parks Commission.

Paul Copeland, 462 Jennifer Street, asked the commission to share responsibility for the preservation of the Briscoe and Lincoln School playgrounds.

Linda Wilhelm, 1043 E. Main Street, spoke of the value of the Briscoe School playground and the pleasure her children derive from playing there, along with many other youth.





Robertson reminded commissioners that Meadowbrook II is a subdivision development located north of Bear Creek and adjacent to Nevada Street. As a condition of their plat approval, developers were required to donate approximately two acres of property for park use. Rather than donating raw land, they offered to donate a developed park that would link with other properties along the Bear Creek riparian area. He stated that the property is adjacent to city-owned land that is dedicated to open space. He welcomed the landscape architects and invited them to speak to the commission.

Jason Patterson and Tom Madera of Camelot Family Homes thanked the commissioners for their input during the October 13 study session, reporting that they made every effort to integrate Parks Department suggestions into their plan. They encouraged the commission to comment on their revised plan.

Discussion Among Commissioners

Commissioners offered feedback to the landscapers, stating that they spoke with city staff members who suggested additional alterations, including elimination of a 10-foot strip of grass [to conserve water] and some changes to tree plantings [for the sake of variety].

Motion Eggers moved to approve the Meadowbrook II park landscape plan, with the following exceptions: 1) move the trees along the 10-foot walking path to the creek side; 2) eliminate the strip of lawn on the creek side; 3) alternate the species of trees along the sidewalk; and 4) terminate the pathway in the center of the holding pond. D. Amarotico seconded the motion.

The vote was: 5 yes – 0 no



Robertson welcomed Richard Benson of the Public Arts Commission and invited him to speak to the commission about PAC’s request to install two proposed “signature tiles” for the mosaic at the top of the Calle Guanajuato staircase.

Richard Benson presented two signature tiles, created by artist Sue Springer, and requested the commission’s approval to place them in the mosaic at the top of the staircase. He announced the unveiling of the project, scheduled for November 4 at 3:00 PM, and invited commissioners and staff to attend.

Discussion Among Commissioners

Commissioners expressed concern about the lettering and frogs on the tiles, stating that they might not fully match the project in terms of style. Amarotico and Eggers agreed to discuss some changes with the artist prior to the November 4 unveiling, and the commission agreed to allow the artist to place the tiles loosely into the concrete as placeholders [until a more acceptable signature tile could be created and placed in the mosaic].


Robertson reported that the commission was approached about a potential land trade between the Parks Department and the owners of Ashland Greenhouses. He welcomed Greg Williams, co-owner of Ashland Greenhouses, and invited him to provide further information to the commission.

Greg Williams stated that the plan, still in its conceptual phase, would provide better access to the Dog Park than its present entrance allows. He requested the commission’s acceptance, in principle, of the project, explaining that he would then forward the request to the Planning Commission for the next level of approval.

Discussion Among Commissioners

Commissioners asked clarifying questions about the proposal. Gardiner disclosed that he and Williams are friends and that he knew about the project in advance but felt he could remain objective as a commissioner.

Gardiner called for a motion.

Motion D. Amarotico moved to agree to support, in principle, the land swap between Ashland Parks and Recreation and Ashland Greenhouses. Rosenthal seconded the motion.

The vote was: 5 yes – 0 no


Robertson informed the commission that the Parks Foundation, whose sole purpose is to generate funds for projects that support parks and the community, developed a new promotional brochure that they hoped to insert into the upcoming winter recreation activity guide [since the guide is mailed to all Ashland residents and would reach an optimal number of citizens]. He stated that the foundation would pay for any costs associated with the insertion of the brochure.

Discussion Among Commissioners

Commissioners asked several questions, which were answered to their satisfaction, and Gardiner called for a motion.

Motion Rosenthal moved to approve the inclusion of the Ashland Parks Foundation brochure [or informational materials] into the winter recreation guide. Eggers seconded the motion.

The vote was: 5 yes – 0 no


Gies reported that two [out of three] benches with memorial plaques were recently installed in Lithia Park following approval of their placement by the Signs, Plaques, and Memorials subcommittee.


Eggers thanked Ashland taxpayers for sending two commissioners and several staff members to the National Recreation and Parks Association’s annual conference in San Antonio, Texas. She spoke favorably of the conference and its workshops, adding that she hoped their participation would bring value to the community.


§        Trail Master Plan meeting set for November 1 at 1:00 PM—Parks office, 340 S. Pioneer. Topic to include:

§         Final review of draft master trail plan document

§        Joint study session with Ashland City Council and Ashland School Board set for November 17 at 7:00 PM—Council Chambers, 1175 E. Main.

§         Regular meeting set for Monday, November 21 at 7:00 PM—Parks office, 340 S. Pioneer. Topics to include:

§         Riverwalk subdivision proposal

§         Presentation of finance award

§         Review of audit report

§         Budget preparation schedule

§         Logo discussion

§        Study session set for December 1 at 7:00 PM—Parks office, 340 S. Pioneer. Topics to include:

§         Vogel park master plan review

§         Trail master plan presentation

§         Employee manual review

§        Regular meeting set for Monday, December 19 at 7:00 PM—Council Chambers, 1175 E. Main.

ADJOURNMENT – By consensus, with no further business, Gardiner adjourned the meeting at 9:20 PM.

Respectfully submitted, Susan Dyssegard, Ashland Parks & Recreation Department

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