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Conservation and Climate Outreach Commission (View All)

Regular Monthly Meeting

Wednesday, May 25, 2005



Conservation Commission




These Minutes are preliminary pending approval by Conservation Commission at the June 22, 2005 Conservation Commission Meeting.


May 25, 2005– 7:00 p.m.
Community Development Building

51 Winburn Way



Chairperson Amarotico called the meeting to order at 7:11 p.m. in the Community Development Building.


Attendees: Charles Bennett, Russ Chapman, Joanne Krippaehne, Carol Carlson, Paige Prewett.   Kate DeWayne, Ross Finney, and Jim Hartman were absent.


City Council Liaison: Alex Amarotico

Staff Liaison: Robbin Pearce

Student Liaison: none present




April 27, 2005


Commissioner Chapman made a motion to approve the minutes of April 27th, 2005 and Commissioner Krippaehne seconded the motion.


Voice vote: all Ayes. The motion passed with a unanimous vote.


The minutes of the Conservation Commission Meeting of March 30, 2005 were approved.








Commissioner Chapman reported a successful phone book drive, with Talent Elementary taking first place and Walker Elementary coming in second. Total books collected were 5,463 for recycling.  He also gave special recognition to the Pines Trailer Park for taking control of their recycling.  He wanted to a special acknowledgment, but discovered the recycling was a group effort from all the residents.


Commissioner Chapman reported the first Compost class had 14-15 attendees and attributed the attendance to advertisement from Ashland Sanitary and the City of Ashland.  Commissioner Prewett explained there was a community calendar on Jackson Public Radios web site that would also post the dates of the classes.   




Sonya Brester (SOU senior) gave a power point presentation on the next segment of the Ashland for Climate Protection Capstone Project.  She will send her final paper to the Commission and the PowerPoint file.


The Committee members asked various questions and discussed different recommendations Ms. Brester presented.  The next segment of the Project would be to create programs for the City.




AOR Meeting

Commissioner Prewett reported she would not be able to attend this year, but Commissioner Chapman still plans to attend.


Update on Envelope Printing 

Robbin Pearce reported to the Commission is would be possible to print on the outside of the utility billing envelopes and Kari Olsen was researching the costs involved.  The members asked for both a one time print and multiple print costs.  The members discussed a need for a marketing strategy and asked to put that discussion on the next agenda. They also discussed different strategies including making it easier for people to purchase green tags from the City of Ashland Web site.


Update on Tidings Ad

Robbin Pearce reported the first ad came out in the May 21st paper.  The next ad will be in the June Revels.  The Conservation Department contributed the remainder of the cost for the ad.




Budget $1,794.85


Commissioner Krippaehne reported the cost to purchase a canopy like the one the Commission rents would be $569.00, but there was lighter one for $350.00.  The members discussed and decided to stay with their original motion and purchase a canopy for $350.00.



Commissioner Chapman made a motion to purchase a$100.00 gift certificate from the Grange Co-op for Claudia Law in recognition of teaching the Compost Classes this year.  The motion was seconded by Carol Carlson.

Voice vote: all Ayes. The motion passed with a unanimous vote.


Commissioner Krippaehne made a motion to purchase 20 Compost Bins in the amount of $279.80 from the Grange Co-op for the Compost Classes.  The motion was seconded by Commissioner Chapman.

Voice vote: all Ayes. The motion passed with a unanimous vote.


Commissioner Bennett made a motion to pay Ashland Sanitary $500.00 to begin a program where citizens may take a (combined total) of 10 florescent bulbs or CFLs without charge to the Recycling Center until the funds are depleted.  This would not include Commercial businesses, only residential customers.  Commissioner Krippaehne seconded the motion.

Voice vote: all Ayes. The motion passed with a unanimous vote.


Commissioner Krippaehne made a motion to underwrite a JPR program either Jeff Golden or Living on Earth, and any fund left to be applied to the Renewable Pioneers brochures.  Commissioner Bennett seconded the motion.
Voice vote: all Ayes. The motion passed with a unanimous vote.                                   


1.      Historic Conservation


2.      Education/Events

Robbin Pearce and Eric Setterberg would be hosting a workshop on Water Wise Irrigation at North Mountain Park, June 2.


World Wellness Weekend is June 18 and 19.  Saturday from 9:30-7:30, the Conservation Departments presentation is at 5pm.  Sunday hours are 9:30-7pm and the Conservation staff needs as many volunteers from the Conservation Commission as possible.  This event will be able to utilize the new canopy.


3.      Green Business

Robbin Pearce reported for Larry Giardina the United Bike Institute has a new 8.4 Kilowatt system.  It is now the largest commercial site in the City so far. Also, she reported a 4K system up at the Hellers Siskiyou Healing Arts Building.  He was hoping these would be on the solar tour. 




Next meeting scheduled for June 22, 2005.



Meeting adjourned at 9:30 pm.


Respectfully submitted,
Mary McClary, Assistant to

Electric Department

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