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Thursday, March 31, 2005







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March 31, 2005 7pm

Civic Center, Council Chambers, 1175 East Main Street






The Citizenís Budget Subcommittee meeting for Economic and Cultural Development Grants was called to order at 7:06 pm on March 31, 2005, in Civic Center Council Chambers,1175 East Main Street, Ashland, Oregon.




Mayor Morrison was present. Councilor Hardesty, Hartzell, and Silbiger were present. Councilor Amarotico was absent.  Budget Committee members Bond, Thompson, and Williams were present. Budget Committee members Lininger and Olsen were absent.



                                                CINDY HANKS, PROJECT COORDINATOR

                                                BRYN MORRISON, ADMINISTRATIVE SECRETARY   









Councilor Hardesty suggested that the Committee use the closest averages on the spreadsheet for the proposed allocations. See attached


Lee Tuneberg, Finance Director spoke to Resolution 2004-32 and pointed to Section 3 and how it states how to calculate the tax revenue and the portion for the Economic and Cultural grants. He explained how it is adjusted for the Chamber and the Oregon Shakespeare Festival (OSF) in terms of what they receive each year. He spoke to the assumptions that were presented at the February 10th budget committee meeting and how they used a 2% inflation rate at that time for preparing materials & services.  He explained that the CPI-U is 3% and the Committee can grant using the 2 or 3% for Chamber and OSF, which would be$119, 241 or $122,745. He added that staff recommended allocating $122,745.The Committee came to a consensus to use 2% and allocate $122,745.




Mayor Morrison explained that he looked at the requests available and looked at if the organization had potential for growth or if the funding would be for start up costs. Councilor Silbiger tried to not look at the grant request amount and tried to evaluate proposals on individual level and looked at the areas in the Resolution especially economic development and the cultural element.  Lynn Thompson, Budget Committee member looked at the categories in the Resolution and what requests fell into which category. She would like to fund those that have the strongest impact more heavily and felt some were more social service oriented. James Bond, Budget Committee member spoke to the Chambers responsibility and their use of the funding. Dave Williams, Budget Committee member looked at how many Ashland people were effected and the good it did for Ashland. Councilor Cate Hartzell clarified that Medford does not have a transient occupancy tax and she would like to choose three top groups and fund them the most.


The Committee discussed that St. Clair Productions uses Standing Stone in their productions and there may be a conflict of interest since Councilor Amarotico is one of the owners. The Committee was asked if they felt it was a conflict. Ms. Hartzell felt that it was. She suggested not using Mr. Amaroticoís numbers. Mr. Silbiger suggested only to not use his numbers for St. Clair but leave the others.  The Committee decided to not use Mr. Amaroticoís numbers for St. Clair Productions.  


ScienceWorks- The Committee came to a consensus of $15,000.


Southern Oregon Film Society- Mr. Williams felt they have a strong impact on Ashland and deserve high funding. Ms. Thompson agreed. Mr. Silbiger stated that their ticket sales just cover the salary for one person and they need to go out and get more funding with their success. Mr. Morrison agreed. The Committee came to a consensus of $14,000.


Ashland Gallery Association- Ms. Thompson felt that they are integral part of Ashland. Mr. Williams agreed. Mr. Silbiger did not like that they asked for funds for events that were not planned yet. Mr. Hardesty stated that they should support them highly. The Committee came to a consensus of $10,500.


Rogue Valley Symphony- Ms. Hartzell stated that she would prefer to fund less than $7,500 and she found it ironic that they pay musicians rather than charge tuition. Ms. Thompson thought they get paid very little for being professionals. The Committee came to a consensus of $7,000.


SOWAC- Mr. Morrison felt they should be more self supporting. Ms. Thompson thought that there were very few requests to develop existing businesses, other than them and they should devote funding to them. Ms. Hartzell agreed. Mr. Bond had concerns that the Southern Oregon University School of Business may provide this type of service. Mr. Morrison and Mr. Williams were not impressed with the presentation and would have liked to have seen a success rate. The Committee came to a consensus of $9,000.


Rogue Opera- The Committee came to a consensus of $6,500.


Oregon Stage Works- Mr. Silbiger stated that he did not find it compelling to add another cultural organization.  Mr. Bond stated that he was impressed with the childrenís theater. Mr. Williams stated he was impressed by the attendance. The Committee came to a consensus of $6,000.


Lithia Arts Guild-Ms. Thompson felt that this was one of many cultural activities and struggled to find their impact. Ms. Hartzell stated she likes what they are doing but they are only available to a small number of artists. The Committee came to a consensus of $5,000.


Thrive-Ms. Hartzell stated she would like to fund them the full request. Ms. Thompson stated that she couldnít tell if they were Ashland businesses only. Ms. Hartzell explained that her understanding is that they do a lot of work in Ashland. Mr. Morrison added the he felt they are a worthy and ambitious project. The Committee came to a consensus of $6,000.


Southern Oregon Historical Society- Mr. Silbiger stated that he did not like the request for redesigning a brochure. Mr. Bond agreed. They would like to see that money used for printing not redesigning. Ms. Thompson stated that she felt it was a totally Ashland focused proposal. Mr. Morrison agreed. The Committee came to a consensus of $7,500.


St Clair Productions- Mr. Williams felt that they donít have a great impact on a large number of people. The Committee discussed the past funding and why the keep funding when many others do many of the same things. The Committee came to a consensus of $3,500.


Community Works- Mr. Silbiger felt it was a social service grant not economic development. Mr. Morrison felt that it was an economic effort and would like to help them to maintain their momentum. Mr. Williams felt that they do not benefit Ashland citizens. The Committee came to a consensus of $5,000.


Artattack-The Committee came to a consensus of $5,000.


Siskiyou Singers-Ms. Thompson struggled with if they are a community activity and why they should support them financially. Mr. Williams stated that they sell out performances and are a great asset to Ashland. The Committee came to a consensus of $5,000.


Ballet Rogue- Ms. Thompson suggested $5,000. Mr. Williams added that they draw a crowd on off time of OSF. The Committee came to a consensus of $5,000.


Youth Symphony- Ms. Thompson suggested $5,000 because they are doing a lot on their own to raise money. Mr. Williams agreed. The Committee came to a consensus of $5,000.


Arts Council- The Committee came to a consensus of $3,000.


Konaway Nika Tillicum- Mr. Williams stated that he doesnít feel it has to do with Ashland citizens. Morrison felt it is one of a few opportunities to see that culture. The Committee came to a consensus of $3,000.


ArtNow- Mr. Williams felt they should not fund highly. Mr. Morrison thought it was a unique approach to art. Mr. Silbiger would like to fund highly, but felt it didnít fit and others deserve it more. Ms. Hartzell suggested that they could give them money to do something else and would like to fund on the art bike program. The Committee came to a consensus of $1,000 but the funds are not to be used for the parade.


There was a remainder of $745 of the total available. Ms. Hartzell suggested that she would like to add it to Thrive. Mr. Morrison agreed. The Committee came to a consensus to add the remaining $745 to Thrive.



Bond/Hardesty m/s to send the proposed allocations to the full budget committee and onto Council.


Ms. Hartzell stated that she would like to see some of the funds that the Chamber is granted to go toward some of the smaller grantees and possibly revise their contract. She would also like OSF to open their buildings up to the community to use. Mr. Silbiger agreed with leveraging with the Chamber.


Mr. Morrison stated that they should bring that to the Councils attention.


Mr. Tuneberg stated that those were great perspectives, but they need to be careful that the funds be for tourism to meet the state requirement.




The meeting was adjourned at 9:10pm.


Respectively Submitted,


Bryn Morrison

Administrative Secretary

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