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Thursday, March 10, 2005







Social Services Grant Presentations

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March 10, 2005 7pm

Civic Center, Council Chambers, 1175 East Main Street



This meeting is a continuation of the meeting from March 9, 2005.





The Citizenís Budget Subcommittee meeting for Social Service Grants was called to order at 7:05 pm on March 10, 2005, in the Civic Center Council Chambers, 1175 E. Main Street Ashland, Oregon.




Councilor Hartzell, Silbiger were present.  Budget Committee members Bond, Lininger, Mackris, Olsen, and Thompson were present.



                                                CINDY HANKS, PROJECT COORDINATOR

                                                BRYN MORRISON, ADMINISTRATIVE SECRETARY







The Committee agreed to hear the presentation by Trinity Respite which did not present the night before.


Elizabeth Hallett, Trinity Respite Center- Requested $3,000. Ms. Hallett explained the program. They provide senior care in the community. They give support to the families of seniors. She explained that they encourage in home care and the senior staying in surroundings they are familiar with. Ray Olsen, Budget Committee member asked about the demographic page. Ms. Hallett explained that they are trying to grow and are now serving 20 families in the day program in Ashland. Mr. Olsen asked why they did not apply to Medford.  Ms. Hallett responded that they are serving more people from Ashland than any where else. Mr. Olsen asked if the program is faith based.  Ms. Hallett responded that it is not.


Cate Hartzell, Councilor spoke to materials that she distributed. See attached. They speak to the five elements that define safety net services. She would like to have an orientation for the Committee for education of the history of the grant before each yearís process. 




The Committee was asked, prior to the discussion of allocations, to complete their specific proposed allocations and submit to the Finance Department.  See attached.


The Committee stated that in the future they would like to see from grantees, what the funds previously granted were used for. James Bond, Budget Committee member stated that program auditing is essential and the City should have a procedure for auditing. Ms. Hartzell recommended that a Committee could do some site visits to do auditing.


Russ Silbiger, Councilor stated that the Committee should look at what organizations are safety net services and should not fund others that are not. Mr. Olsen suggested funding Ashland organizations first before others.


Easter Seals-The Committee discussed the organization and that they were not a safety net service. Hartzell/Lininger m/s $0 for Easter Seals. All ayes.


Community Works-Parent Education- Ms. Hartzell felt that this program would help intervene and keep children out of other agencies. Mr. Lininger proposed less to provide more for other safety net services.  Mr. Silbiger agreed. The Committee had a majority consensus of $1,400.


Community Works-Personal Safety- Kathleen Mackris, Budget Committee member feels that it is a worthwhile organization.  Lynn Thompson, Budget Committee member felt that they did not serve Ashland and they need to come back to the Committee with a specific plan on how they would serve Ashland. Mr. Silbiger stated that the City gave them money last year and it wasnít used for Ashland. The Committee had a majority consensus of $0.


Help Now! Advocacy Center- Mr. Silbiger was not comfortable with their proposal and the plan to use the funds. Mr. Olsen felt that they did not know enough about what the organization did and was not part of the safety net services. Ms. Hartzell felt that they should give them $1,000 for a seed grant to help them get started and felt that they are doing some safety net services. Ms. Thompson felt that they are trying to serve people that may not have anywhere else to turn and worth taking a chance on. Silbiger/Hartzell m/s $1000 for Help Now! 6 in favor, Lininger apposed.


OnTrack- The Committee had a majority consensus of $2,000.


RV Manor- Mr. Lininger felt that the funds for Senior Volunteers would provide mostly for mileage reimbursement. The Committee had a majority consensus of $1,300 for Senior Volunteer.  Mr. Lininger stated that it is important to fund because of the federal requirement that they face. The Committee had a majority consensus of $1,000 for Foster Grandparent.


Rogue Valley SMART- Mr. Bond supported heavily because reading is an important skill.  Ms. Thompson agreed but struggled with if it met the safety net services. Ms. Hartzell felt it did not meet the safety net services and suggested that they look for funding through the Youth Activities Levy. Lininger/ Silbiger m/s $0. 6 in favor, Bond apposed. The Committee recommended that they look to the Youth Activities Levy for support.


The Salvation Army- Mr. Silbiger stated that he proposes not to fund due to discrimination in hiring practices.   Mr. Bond agreed. Mr. Lininger state that he is sympathetic to that argument, but views request as direct assistance for essential survival needs.  Mr. Olsen asked if a requirement to receive services is that clients are required to seek faith counseling. Carrie Hanson from the Salvation Army stated that it is not a requirement. Mr. Lininger asked Ms. Hanson what specifically these funds would go towards. She responded that they would go towards the family services office. Thompson/Lininger m/s $1,900 proposal. 


SOASTC- Ms. Hartzell sees value in respite care. Mr. Bond agreed. The Committee had a majority consensus of $1,000.


Southern Oregon Child Study and Treatment Center- Mr. Silbiger stated that he would like to propose $2,500. Ms. Thompson felt it was a lot of funding for a small number of people and was concerned on criteria for treatment. Mr. Olsen felt it was too small of an amount for much needed funds that society should provide. Ms. Hartzell suggested that they could specify that recipients be qualified to meet criteria for OHP for instance. Hartzell/Lininger m/s $3,000 proposal. 4 in favor, Thompson, Olsen, Silbiger apposed.


SODA- Ms. Hartzell did not see it as safety net service. Mr. Bond felt that employee assistance programs are very important. The Committee discussed that they allocated more funds toward OnTrack than SODA. The Committee would like to see the program last more throughout the year rather than once per year. The Committee had a majority consensus of $1,500.


Trinity Respite Center-Ms. Hartzell reemphasized that respite is important. The Committee had a majority consensus of $1,000.


CASA- The Committee had a majority consensus of $2,500.


Center for Nonprofit Legal Services- Ms. Hartzel proposed they received $5,500 for the incredible amount of work they do. 


Community Health Center- Hartzell/Thompson m/s to fund $30,600.


Dunn House- Mr. Lininger would like to fund full request.  Mr. Silbiger felt it was one of the most important ones on the list.  Ms. Thompson stated only 21 are served in Ashland. She felt that they need to balance city support.  The Committee had a majority consensus of $15,000. 6 approved. Lininger apposed, he would like to fund more.


Help Line-The Committee had a majority consensus of $7,000. 6 approved. Lininger apposed, he would like to fund more.  


SART- The Committee discussed similarities to Community Works Sexual Assault.  Ms. Hartzell approved of SART over Community Works. Mr. Lininger approved of SARTís dedication to SOU. Ms. Thompson was concerned that SART was new and the numbers are small, Community Works is more established. The Committee had a majority consensus of $2,500 for SART and Community Works Sexual Assault. Ms. Hartzell apposed.


ICCA- Mr. Olsen supports full funding. The Committee had a majority consensus of $14,000.


Mediation Works- Mr. Lininger would prefer to fund ICCA.  Ms. Thompson and Mr. Silbiger agreed. The Committee had a majority consensus of $2,000.


Options for Southern Oregon- Mr. Lininger did not see the need for the equipment and how it related to the organizationís mission. Mr. Silbiger and Ms. Thompson agreed. The Committee had a majority consensus of $2,000.


Planned Parenthood- The Committee had a majority consensus of $2,000. Mr. Lininger did not support $2,000. Silbiger/Olsen m/s $2,000.  5 approved, Hartzell and Lininger apposed.


The Committee discussed how to limit the funding to $110,000. Ms. Hartzell recommended reducing SOCSTC by $500 and $500 from SODA and ask the Budget Committee to accept the $400 over the $110,000.  Lee Tuneberg, Finance Director suggested taking $400 from Community Health Center. Committee agreed. Silbiger/Lininger m/s to forward the allocations as decided to the full budget committee for approval. All ayes.




The meeting was adjourned at 10:00pm.



Respectively Submitted,


Bryn Morrison

Administrative Secretary

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