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Agendas and Minutes

Tree Commission (View All)

Regular Monthly Meeting

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Ashland Tree Commission
Regular Meeting
November 4, 2004

I. Call to Order: Chair Ted Loftus called the Ashland Tree Commission meeting to order at 7:02 p.m. on October 7, 2004 at the Siskiyou Room in the Community Development/Engineering Services Building at 51 Winburn Way.
Commissioners Present: Ted Loftus
Bryan Holley (left meeting at 8:25 p.m.)
Bryan Nelson
Mary Pritchard
January Jennings
Laurie Sager
Commissioners Absent: Fred Stockwell
Council Liaison: Cate Hartzell (absent)
Youth Liaison: None
Staff Present: Maria Harris, Associate Planner
Amy Anderson, Assistant Planner
Donn Todt, Parks Department
II. Approval of Minutes: The following corrections were noted for the October 7, 2004 minutes. Page 1, Welcome, fourth paragraph, first sentence: Should read "Camp Kaye of Heartwood Tree Service." Page 2, PA2004 - 105 public testimony, second paragraph, fifth sentence: Should read "She pointed out…and the Public Utility Easement (pue)." Page 3, PA2004 - 105, recommendations, last paragraph, third sentence, change "there" to "they." Jennings/Pritchard m/s to approve the minutes of October 7, 2004 with corrections. Voice vote: All A YES, Motion passed. The minutes of October 7, 2004 were approved as corrected.
III. Welcome Guests & Public Forum:
Pat Flannery, ACH Foundation asked permission of the council to install a temporary cut tree in the median strip near the Fire Station for the Ashland Community Hospital Foundation; Lights for Life fundraiser. Since 1994 the city has gone through three Blue Spruces at that site. Ashland Parks Department is working on acquiring a Serbian Spruce for the site. From 1987-1994 a cut tree had been used and it was requested that a live tree be used. There is currently a 20 - 25 foot tree at 731 Walker Avenue slated for removal. The property owner has offered this tree to be used for the Lights for Life. It would be installed by the Electrical Department and secured with guy wires. The company installing holiday lights throughout town would decorate the tree. Commissioner Laurie Sager asked if a living tree in the area would suffice, Flannery stated that people are used to a tree of stature and would like to see a large tree, in that same location. Commissioner Bryan Holley asked if it was possible for a tree on the plaza to be used since there are multiple auto trips past that location and it would be highly visible. Nelson agreed with Holley and suggested that they research using the Austrian Pine on Plaza in the future. Tree commission thanked Flannery for his request and gave their approval.
IV. Public Hearings:

A.     PLANNING ACTION 2004-105 is a request for a seven lot Subdivision, Preliminary Plat approval, Conditional Use Permit for an Accessory Residential Unit, and an exception to City of Ashland Street Standards for approximately 1.75 acres of land located at the southwest corner of the intersection of South Mountain Avenue and Prospect Street. The application includes a Tree Removal Permit, as well as a Variance to Off-Street Parking requirements to allow two (2) required off-street parking spaces for the Accessory Residential Unit to be located on an adjacent parcel. Comprehensive Plan Designation: Single Family Residential; Zoning: R-1-10; Assessor's Map #: 39 1E 16 AD; Tax Lots: 3400, 3500 and 3600.
APPLICANT: R & C Investments

Staff report. It was noted the application includes a detailed Tree Protection Plan, Landscape and Irrigation Plans for the park rows adjacent to the South Mountain Avenue and Prospect Street frontages. The previous Tree Protection Plan identifies 62 trees greater than six inches diameter at breast height (dbh), and 19 of those trees as being removed. The site design and Tree Protection Plan were described as focusing on preserving three large clusters of trees situated throughout the site, as well as the four significant trees adjacent to the proposed private driveway. The application originally included a request for a Tree Removal Permit to remove three trees greater than 18 inches diameter at breast height (dbh). The three trees include an 18-inch dbh pine on proposed Lot 3, a 20-inch dbh Madrone on proposed Lot 4 and a 24-inch dbh pine on proposed Lot 5. The applicant has revised some of the previous plans. Since the last meeting building envelopes were pulled back/ reduced outside of the drip lines on all lots at the recommendation Staff and the Tree Commission. The 20" Madrone originally slated for removal will be retained. Utility installation will be changed to directional boring, which will ease digging of root zones along western property boundary, and along private drive. The grade of Prospect Street will be changed and the applicant is proposing to the City Public Works Department that the street be paved with a porous concrete. Storm drainage issues remain regarding where the flow of water will occur. Staff suggests that standard street paving be used on Prospect St. The applicant's plans call for 24 foot pavement width with parking along one side of Prospect St., and scaling down two 22 feet at west end of Prospect St. Staff asks that tree protection plan be updated to minimize impact to drip lines. Following the outline for hillside geotechnical engineer monitoring schedule the applicant has put together a schedule by the landscape architect to monitor the tree protection and landscaping,

The applicant chose to testify following the public testimony.
The commission received public testimony.

Phil Phillips 1063 Prospect, read a letter submitted by Randall Hopkins, 735 South Mountain. Mr. Hopkins suggests that a security bond under AMC 18.51.260 be issued to ensure that the tree protection plan be followed through. Mr. Hopkins believes that a security bond is warranted because of the developers track record at a development on Beach St. The developer could possibly sell the property and therefore a new contractor would possibly not follow through with plans in place. He suggests that the tree commission set the dollar amount based on the number of trees and the approximate value of those trees.

Mr. Phillips had questions regarding trees on city right of way. There are three Oaks, and most of their water comes from run-off on Prospect. What will happen to those trees when they lose their water? Will the trees be harmed by the change in runoff and what is carried from the asphalt? Donn Todt responded that most of the water that trees receive is subsurface and it's hard to tell what could happen. Mr. Phillips is concerned that petrocarbons and materials in asphalt will hurt trees.

Susan and Bill Heinrick, 749 S. Mountain, stated that trees that were agreed upon to be saved on their property died three years after their home was constructed from construction abuse that ruined the root systems. An arborist and Commissioner Jennings determined that the trees had bark beetles and were dying. The Heinrick's are concerned about the long-term ramifications. Commissioner Loftus stated information from the October meeting that Ashland has been in a long-term drought and the trees could have possibly died from that and the added stress of the construction.

Kip Sigetich, 1036 Prospect, unclear about what is being proposed for the utility lines along the west property line and how that would affect the Oak (#63 along western property line) adjoining his property.

Applicant testimony. Andy Cochrane, Developer and Michael Galbraith, project Landscape Architect, wanted to address some of the neighbors concerns. According to their new plans the building envelope on lot #2 was made smaller to allow more room around large tree. Mitigation is planned for seven trees; the ordinance only requires three trees to be mitigated. They also addressed the porous asphalt concerns, and have a backup plan if Street Department doesn't allow the porous asphalt. Under the street asphalt an 18" base of crushed rock to collect water and disperse it will be added. No rise in connection of streets. Raise roadbed above root system so there will be no root cuts, adds 4.5 % slope. The engineering plans are to be brought before engineering department. Wherever there is a utility in a critical root zone they will be boring. Directional boring has been used on an Evan Archerd project and it worked very well. Possibly leave the overhead line on western property line there if OK with utility dept. Passed around pictures of how boring occurs. Mr. Cochrane spoke about the sewer connection in critical root zone and it will be moved to north side of house on lot 3 so as to not affect trees. The missing mitigation info is written out on the plans as well as a care plan for irrigation pre-construction, during, and post.

The Tree Commission discussed the proposal and it seems as if the concerns from previous meeting have been addressed. Commissioner Laurie Sager asked why the fencing is inside of the drip line. Mr. Galbraith stated that they formulated a critical root zone calculation and designed the fencing plan around that. Commissioner Sager is concerned that workers parking in shade and dumping of materials will be too close to the trees. Commissioner Sager asked about whether a retaining wall be installed on north side of Prospect. She suggests the possibility of using interlocking Keystone to reduce impact of footings. Two or three of the Oaks along Prospect will be in jeopardy no matter which way the road is built. Cochrane stated that he wouldn't be spending so much time and money if he was not going to follow through with his plans. He's taken the time to plan before the plan but there are some uncertainties until an engineering plan can be made. Storm drain on Prospect addressed in staff report and that there will be no trenching b/c it will be above ground. Some trenching will occur for utility installation, lines currently along drip line and working with public works they will address trenching issues. Commissioner Holley suggested discussion about the bonding that Hopkins requested. Maria interjected that the Commission can only look at the facts surrounding the plan before them and not other projects in town.

Maria discussed that a surface storm drain would most likely not be allowed. Engineering dept. finds subsurface would be necessary. Regarding the porous pavement, the city is apprehensive and probably would not approve it. To reach the first tree the asphalt would have to be raised at least 18" get past tree and make the drainage go down Mountain. Street, grade raise was proposed for tree protection. Engineering Dept. does not believe that what the project is proposing is possible. Loftus would like to push the porous asphalt with a 4.3% rise maintaining 2% slope to get street up above trees.

Cochrane rebutted that they would like to keep the impervious surface idea open. It is hard to determine roadway issues when there are no engineering plans.

Loftus brought issues up for discussion. 1.) Fencing groves of trees instead of individuals / moving out to drip lines as much as possible. 2) Bond proposition: Sager does not believe that a bond would be necessary and this is one of the most detailed plans ever and does not feel it is necessary. Jennings is uncomfortable with the bond issue, and would like to see how things are working out throughout the project phases. The developer stated that they will be providing reports of progress to staff and asked that they be available to tree commission. Self-monitoring form will be an asset to the project.

Commissioner Loftus stated that he is happy that the developer addressed the concerns from last month, and though it is tough for neighbors to see construction, we are an infill town and this site will meet those needs. Commissioner Pritchard would like for the CC&R's to have species-specific tree maintenance. Staking of trees and when the stakes will be removed so not to girdle the trees. Sager - based on discussion some research should occur re. How to save oaks versa lock or pervious pavement on N. end of Prospect?


1. Locate tree protection fencing at drip lines where possible.
2. Have tree staking assessed by a certified arborist after one year for
appropriateness of removal.
3. To protect Oaks on North side of Prospect - further explore porous
paving and use of Keystone or versa lock retaining wall. Loftus
asked for any objections. No objections

The recommendation was read back to the Tree Commission by Staff. Loftus asked if there were any objections to the recommendation as read. There were no objections and all members acknowledge that they were in agreement with the items as presented.

B.     PLANNING ACTION 2004-129 is a request for Outline/Final Plan and Site Review approval for an 8- lot, 16-unit (eight duplexes) multi-family development under the Performance Standards Option for the property located at 116 Lincoln Street. Comprehensive Plan Designation: High Density Multi-Family Residential; Zoning: R-3; Assessor's Map #: 39 1E 10 BC; Tax Lot: 3800.
APPLICANT: Archerd & Dresner, LLC

Sager dismissed herself due to conflict of interest. Loftus stated that he has worked with the landscaper and has no financial gain so he does not need to excuse himself.

Maria gave the staff report on Lincoln Street Subdivision and multifamily housing landscape plan and tree removal plan. The applicant seeks to meander sidewalk around street trees. Staff addressed 12 conditions, two relate to tree commission. Commissioner Jennings couldn't determine from tree protection plan whether the Incense Cedar will be saved or removed. On the official plan it is addressed as a tree to be saved.

Commissioner Pritchard found that the walnut tree is listing to the side and the inspector found that it is healthy enough to save. Jennings stated that it was nice to go to the site and have the trees tagged to be able to see what is to be saved and removed.

Applicant testimony. Evan Archerd, Developer and Carrie KenCarin, project Landscape Architect were available to answer questions. Archerd spoke about Ashland's desire to build areas zoned for multifamily in just that way. Archerd gave his cell phone number to commissioners can call him to receive access to sites if they are feeling uncomfortable. KenCarin stated that they worked with many different building configurations and they did what they could to save as many trees as possible.

Public testimony. No one present.

Commissioner Loftus stated that he is proud that as large of landscaped area is available, and that the parking area is well screened from the street.

Due to a submission error, some of the trees on plans not addressed on site and in packet. Commissioner Jennings asked how overhead the power line is going to affect the Ray wood Ash? KenCarin stated that they are good trees to trim for utilities. Archerd believes that the utilities will be under-grounded.

No objections
Tree commission approved plan.

C.     PLANNING ACTION 2004-135 is a request for Site Review and Tree Removal Permit for the construction of an approximately 11,850 square foot, three-floor, mixed-use building located at the northeast corner of Laurel and Heresy Streets, at 308 Laurel Street. Comprehensive Plan Designation: Employment; Zoning: E-1; Assessor's Map #: 39 1D 04 CB; Tax Lots: 2701 and 2702.
APPLICANT: Kurtz-Walsh Property/Rick Landt

Staff report. Proposed mixed-use development on corner of Hersey Street and Laurel Street. The proposed structure is just under 14,000 square feet. Tree removal requested for 5 trees on site. All of the trees but largest Weeping Willow are dead or dying. Staff recommends removal of trees to meet site design standards with building orientation. Loftus questioned tree grates and how expensive they are. Maria stated that the site is zoned commercial with on street parking, more in/out of car and therefore it is proposed that tree wells not park row be used. Staff recommends pink tagging of trees at time of removal.

Commissioner Pritchard concerned about tree choice (London Plane) they are messy, get anthracnose and possibly would not be successful in parking lot. Though it is a large stature tree it could raise havoc with paving. The applicant stated that it was chosen for its reliable, fast growing nature, and the smallest area planned for the London Plane tree is 8' X 8'.

No objections
Tree commission approved plan.

V. Action Items
A.     Tree of the Year

The Monterey cypress at 407 Scenic won with 18 of the 59 votes cast. The tree of the year goes to City council on Nov. 16th and the mayor will read a proclamation. A plaque, prepared by Donn Todt is installed on site during the State's Arbor Day week.

B.     Determine Time to Continue Review of Chapter 18.61

Commission decided to wait until goal setting session to determine the commissions' priorities.

C.     Determine Goal Setting Meeting Date

Ted Loftus OK to have meeting at his house. The meeting does have to be noticed and be open to the public. Plan is for a potluck - brain storming goal session. Saturday, November 20th at 6pm.


A.     ISA Brochures

New brochures are available in lobby.

B.     Staff Liaison Assignments

Amy Anderson will be the new staff liaison for the Tree Commission. Commission thanked Maria for her service.

A.     Liaison Reports
1) Cate Hartzell, City Council
2) January Jennings, Forest Lands
Resigned from Forest Land Commission. Invited a liaison from their commission to sit in on Tree Commission, they declined
3) Donn Todt, Parks
*Lithia Park Tree walk - look at pruning removals with bidders. This year 100 tress will be removed. Meeting at Park's office Tuesday, November 16, 2004 @ 1 p.m. He invited Tree Commissioners to come along for the learning experience.

*Lampas Tree on Plaza - suggested removal within the next two - five years. Tree is inspected closely every year.

*Coyote willow trees at (not on park property) - Riverwalk. Trees are off of North Mountain Ave. in new development. They are growing spindly in an untypical fashion. Todt suggesting coppicing of the trees so they will grow back in their typical shrubby fashion. Commissioner Pritchard wants there to be an explanation posted at the site as to why they are being cut so neighbors don't feel infringed upon.

Commission would like section on Liaison Reports removed from minutes unless there is a report to be made.
B.     New Items
Tree Commission asking for a report on what happened to the large willow near A Street on Railroad property. A cut was made to tree and the commission would like to respond to Lance Pugh's email re. the tree. City will get back to commission with report.

Ted Loftus offered to relieve himself as Tree Commission chairperson - will be further discussed at goal setting meeting.

Commission would like feedback from Public Works Department to clearly ID trees to be saved / removed on street projects.

December 7, 2004, 12:30 p.m. Type I review at Community - Development Building, Lithia Room

Planning Commission approved Heritage Tree recommendation. Recommendation goes before City Council, December 7, 2004. Commission wants a Tree Commission member to go to meeting, Bryan Nelson stated he would like to go.

D.    Current Balance $750

Commissioner Loftus adjourned meeting at 9:50 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Amy Anderson

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