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Regular Meeting

Friday, October 15, 2004

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Public Art Commission

October 15, 2004

Regular Meeting Minutes

51 Winburn Way 8:15 a.m.


Commissioners: Todd (Chair), Bayard, Benson, Young, Longshore, Markell, Wilkerson

Jackson (Council liaison)

Seltzer, (Staff Liaison)




Jack Langford

Consent Agenda

Minutes of the September 16 meeting were approved with corrections. Bayard motion, Longshore second.

Report on Council Meeting, September 21, 2004

Bayard reported on the September council meeting at which council allocated the remaining TOT funds to the PAC. Bayard reported that in general the council supported funding public art and they expressed interest that it may be more appropriate to fund public art from the general fund rather that from TOT funds. The funding sub-committee will meet to discuss an appropriate amount to be requested from the general fund and ask that it be included in the budget process during the upcoming spring.

Subcommittee reports

McGee/Neill memorial

Benson explained the progress of the McGee/Neill memorial. Through research the sub-committee learned that the two families, McGee and Neil were active in city government and local service clubs, they had various business interests but were particularly noted for being grocers. McGee started the grocery store at Lake of the Woods, the East Side Grocery (Iowa and Morse) and the Market Basket (Siskiyou and Beach) and co-owned the Fedegar Building/Pioneer Village Shopping Center (currently known as Cantwells) as well as dry goods stores in Ashland.

Longshore reported that the sub-committee had identified eight sights that may be appropriate for the memorial. Of those, they feel the best location is in front of the Ashland Community Food Store (ACFC). The thought is that a memorial in front of a grocery store reflected the families' interest in "nurturing" a community and represents their business interest in Ashland. Representatives from the ACFS are enthusiastic about having public art in the gathering space in front of the building. Longshore reports that approximately 2000 people per day are in and out of the store. The sub-committee recommends that criteria stipulate a sculpture and that no water or electricity be elements of the art.

The total amount available for the project is either $19,000 or $19,600 (staff will check with finance). There was much discussion as to what percentage should be set aside from the total for ongoing maintenance of the piece. Wilkerson recommends that the full committee agree to a set percentage on all public art projects for on-going maintenance.

Benson "introduced" the draft RFP. The full committee supports the site location but did not yet approve the RFP. Bayard wants more clarification on the clause that requires artists to carry $500,000 in liability insurance with $5000 deductible. Staff will research this.

Seltzer explained that placing publicly owned art on private property raised some issues. IN addition to a legal agreement with the landowner which details ownership etc., it may be necessary to secure an easement from the ACFS. Staff will research.

Calle Phase II

Bayard explained the remaining steps for Phase II of the Calle. The sub-committee hopes to develop the RFP and ideally have the entire Calle project complete by May or June.

There was much discussion about the make up of a jury committee. PAC will refer to the Art in Public Places Policies and Procedures to clarify.


Bayard reported that the committee is eager to continue to fund-raise in order to complete the Calle project. Suggestions include speaking at service clubs and door-to door solicitations after the elections.

Benson will create a database of foundation and deadlines for submitting grant request. Benson and Bayard will speak at Rotary and the Lion's Club in November.

Kim Boehler is interested in involving her student from SOU in the fundraising efforts.

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