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Regular Monthly Meeting

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

These Minutes are preliminary pending approval by Conservation Commission at the March 31, 2004 Conservation Commission Meeting.

MINUTES FORConservation Commission
February 25, 2004 7:00 p.m.
Community Development Building
51 Winburn Way

Chairperson, Alex Amarotico, called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. in the Community Development Building.

Attendees: Charles Bennett, Carol Carlson, Russ Chapman, Ross Finney, Jim Hartman, Joanne Krippaehne, Bruce Moats, and Paige Prewett. Lisa Black was also present.

City Council Liaison: Alex Amarotico
Staff Liaison: Dick Wanderscheid
Student Liaison: Heidi Hubert

Dick Wanderscheid introduced and welcomed the newly appointed student liaison, Heidi Hubert. The Commission members took time to introduce themselves and offered brief backgrounds.


The chairperson, Alex Amarotico asked for an approval of the January 28, 2004 minutes.

Russ Chapman clarified the Planning Commission deleting from the North Mountain subdivision CC & R's, the prohibition on outside clothes drying. He also noted Kari KenCairn was instrumental in preserving small wetlands and asked to note this in the minutes.

Joanne Krippaehne noted under New Business storm water should be wastewater and Wanderscheid explained there are both storm water SDCs and wastewater SDCs. Also, she wondered about the tax credits and incentives up to $16,000 under New Business, and Wanderscheid explained taking full advantage of all rebates and incentives would add up to that amount.

Lisa Black corrected under Ashland Sanitary discount days was $3.50 off the load, not $2.50.

Chapman moved to approve the minutes of January 28 as amended and Krippaehne seconded the motion. Voice vote: all Ayes. The motion passed with a unanimous vote.

The minutes of the Conservation Commission Meeting of January 28, 2004 were approved.


Tristin Ragstill/SOU announced The Ecology Center of the Siskiyous, the on campus environmental organization of SOU, was in the planning process for organizing a sustainability Expo along with some other organizations, to be held at the Jackson County Expo in Fall of 2004 or Spring of 2005.

Moats added, the Governor issued an executive order last fall, for all State agencies to develop a sustainability plan and SOU was working toward that goal.

Charles Bennett asked Ragstill if he could provide information about the Environmental Film Festival. Ragstill explained this week, Monday through Friday there would be some environmental films shown at the Cabaret Theatre, 185 N Mountain Ave in Ashland from 7-9pm, with the exception of Thursday and Friday the films would begin at 6pm. Saturday and Sunday, the films would be on campus in the Art Building.

Krippaehne wondered if Ragstill could explain more about the Expo. He outlined there would be booths, possibly music, keynote speakers, demonstrations, events for children, lots of hands on demonstrations, presentations and vendors.


Lisa Black reported an outstanding response with the co-mingling service and around 50% participation with all the routes. She reported Talent would receive brochures soon. Armatico wondered about the results and both Black and Chapman hoped by summer, they might be able to get some preliminary numbers.

Black announced the annual telephone book drive is beginning March 1st with Talent, Lincoln, Walker, and Helman schools participating.

Carlson wondered if the recycle center would offer co-mingled bins, and Chapman explained the center is pretty much already co-mingled, except for plastic boxes and tin cans, which will be kept separate for now.


1. Green Business

Prewett updated the Commission on Earth Day. Conservation Division requested separate tables for water, energy and noted this Commission would be separate from these tables. She reminded members to mark this day, April 24 and asked for checks from the sponsors sent to the Nature Center. Wanderscheid requested billing to submit to the City for payment.

She researched the cost of advertising in the newspapers to acknowledge participants in Green Business, Adopt a Street and Renewable Pioneers.

Prewett's request for funds to help pay distribution costs for Renewable Pioneers will be postponed until key employees return at Bonneville in a month or so.

Pangea, the Yoga Sanctuary and Parkside Lodging all have become Renewable Pioneers. Prewett explained the process in signing businesses/people up for Renewable Pioneers. She thought approximately 385 green tags have been sold year to date.

Amarotico remarked about the Food Connection Conference on March 8th, a new event designed to foster collaboration between farmers, ranchers, chefs, retailers and processors who are committed to expanding sustainable agricultural.

Chapman requested Prewett explain green tags for the students present. She explained the Bonneville Environment Foundation has a partnership with the City of Ashland to market green tags for renewable energy. Green tags represent 1,000-kilowatt hours of renewable energy and when they are purchased, a portion of that comes back to the City of Ashland to help fund the solar installation at the Wilderness Charter School. The majority of the money goes to pay for the higher cost of renewable energy from solar and wind projects in the Northwest and also new renewable projects. Everyone can purchase a green tag from anywhere. The Renewable Pioneer's program is between the City of Ashland and Bonneville and the green tags purchased through this program help our area.

2. Education/Events

Carlson suggested another tour or event based on the idea of healthy home renovations or sick building syndrome. She felt the gardening classes would snowball and become available every few weeks. Krippaehne mentioned the "cleaner recipes" discussed at a prior meeting might tie in with the theme of healthy homes.

Paige Prewett announced the worm composting class was a success with 35 participants and there were around 30 coupons distributed for a discount on the compost bins. Black remarked, 9 bins had already been sold.

Prewett reported she has placed the Conservation Commission Display at the library on the main floor. She requested brochures from the Conservation staff and also placed green tag brochures with the display.

Carlson wondered about the City stance on clothes lines in developing housing projects and prior projects. Discussion followed about existing rules and future rules and all agreed potential energy saved would be huge. Members discussed the process of CC&Rs.


Wanderscheid gave an update to FRe Ba and gave a brief explanation of the on-line exchange. He remarked it was in the testing process with no apparent problems and should be operational with a short period of time. There will be a link off the City's website and a press announcement.

Wanderscheid gave an update about becoming a Climate Protection City. He suggested we utilize the University to accomplish this project. He mentioned when there was an action plan in place and commitment firmed up, we could present this to the City Council for a resolution. He expects to hear from the University as soon as registration is complete and will be able to go forward.

Jeanene O'Brien passed out a draft brochure for the Commission to review. Discussion followed about the time line for presentation to the City Council. O'Brien wondered why the City Council couldn't approve the resolution and let the plans follow afterward.

Amarotico asked about a time line and Wanderscheid said we can go to the Council as soon as we have a firm commitment from SOU. Armatico wondered if Charles Bennett wanted to oversee as a representative and Wanderscheid hoped to also involve a member of his staff.

Bruce Moats asked for an explanation about "local faith community" and O'Brien explained this includes different faith organizations. She also announced she would be moving to California soon and there will be someone to take her place to help with this project.

Discussion followed about the content, producing and distributing the brochures once they are finished. It was determined the cost for direct mail was too high and O'Brien felt the churches would take the responsibility for distribution. It was determined the Commission would review and discuss changes next month.

Prewett thanked O'Brien for all her work and efforts on this project and wished her good luck in the future.

Wanderscheid reported we have 18 compost bins left and Claudia Law will commit to three classes this year. He suggested the Commission purchase 40-50 compost bins. Carlson volunteered to check into purchasing bins at a reduced price.

Moats made a motion to authorize the purchase of approximately 50 compost bins not to exceed a cost of $850.00 including a gift certificate for Claudia Law.

New Business

None discussed.


Krippaehne wanted to hold the budget items until the Commission was aware of all costs. She reported on the different prices and measurements of the tables. Discussion followed about the prices and qualities desired in purchasing a table and moved into discussing a canopy. Krippaehne offered three options:

    1) Wait until the growers market opens and review existing tables 2) Rent a tent for Earth Day 3) Shop the Internet, or catalogs

    She recommended waiting to review existing canopies and tables and rent something for Earth Day.

Carol Carlson seconded motion on the table. Voice vote: all Ayes. The motion passed with a unanimous vote.

Krippaehne made a motion to allow up to $40.00 for a table rental for Earth Day. Hartman seconded.

Voice vote: all Ayes. The motion passed with a unanimous vote.

Krippaehne will continue to review information about tables and canopies.

Items not on the Agenda

Prewett had some updates from the Green Businesses. She mentioned the Ashland Food Cooperative and Headwaters were Renewable Pioneers and both will be running articles in their newsletters about their commitments to renewable energy. Also, Greenleaf is informing their customers with table cards that they buy wild salmon, recycle and are Renewable Pioneers.

Prewett is trying to encourage BEF to give the businesses a sign stating they are Renewable Pioneers and it would include the City of Ashland logo displaying their partnership.

Carlson passed around pictures from her recent trip to Hawaii, of the recycle bins in their parks with a section for disposable diapers.

Moats brought up about meeting location and wondered if the Commission still wanted to meet in the Community Development Building. Discussion followed about the different choices to hold the meetings.


Meeting adjourned at 8:47 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Mary McClary, Assistant
to Electric Department

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