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Agendas and Minutes

Tree Commission (View All)

Regular Monthly Meeting

Thursday, August 07, 2003

Ashland Tree Commission

Ashland Tree Commission

Minutes, August 7, 2003

Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at5:07 p.m. by acting Chair January Jennings. Additional commissioners in attendance were Bryan Holley, Bryan Nelson and Fred Stockwell. Liaisons in attendance were Kate Jackson, Council liaison, Donn Todt, Parks liaison and Robbin Pearce , staff.

Approval of Minutes: Minutes for June and July were approved with corrections.

Welcome Guests: Both Jeanne O’Brien and Joyce Woods were in attendance

For the Planning Action 2003-071 (250 Clay Street). However, this planning action was heard in July. Larry Medinger was in attendance for the planning action 2003-096 & 097 (Patterson Street).

Old Business

  1. Goals
  2. 1.Heritage Trees – The City attorney is reviewing the documents and should have a response to John McLaughlin for the September meeting.

    2. Arbor Week transition – Staff has worked with Ann Seltzer, marketing director to create the following timeline:

    Nomination form – September City source

    Last mailing will be October 2nd

    Deadline for nominations – October 17th

    Ballot in the paper – week of October 25th

    Review ballots – November 7th

    Council annoucement – November 18th

    Bryan Holley has worked with the Tidings editor for article(s). A draft article will come from Bryan Holley for commissioner review.

    3. Urban Forester – The subcommittee has met. They reviewed Dan Moore’s original draft. The subcommittee will report in September.

    4. Education Outreach – Staff recommended making a "tree" article available every month. This idea was tabled until September.

    5. Review of Goals – A new goal setting date will be discussed in September.

  3. Database of Memorial Trees – This item was tabled until September.
  4. Liaison Reports
  5. Kate Jackson; Council liaison – Kate discussed the placeholders for public art in the median island between the library and the fire station and on the corner of Evo’s. Discussion included the proposed landscaping at Evo’s.

    Donn Todt; Park’s liaison – Donn reported the Parks has taken over the school grounds. A large amount of work has been done and Donn will regularly report specific issues. Currently the Ash trees on the south side of the middle school are being trimmed and cabled. They are being pruned to make them safe. There is not much money left in the current budget to replace or plant new trees. The school sites will be a good location for fundraisers.

    January Jennings – Forest Lands committee liaison – January reported she will attend the monthly Forest Lands committee meetings. January updated the Tree Commission on the history of the Forest Lands Committee and invited other commissioners to attend the Interface Week activities.

  6. Other – Donn Todt reported the plaque at the Safeway has been installed for the tree of the year 2002. Staff will coordinate with Safeway for a ceremony date.

New Business

  1. Site Reviews: Planning Action 2003-096 & 097 (Medinger on Patterson) The Tree Commission supports the arborist recommendation to trim the existing cottonwoods in the front of 316 Patterson and to allow them to remain. And, further recommends having the applicant bond for future sidewalks and street tree improvements when the cottonwoods decline.
  2. OCT Membership – January Jennings recommended the tree commission spend the $100 for a corporate membership to OCT (Oregon Community Trees) This issue will be revisited at Goal Setting.
  3. CIP Committee – Staff asked commissioners to be responsible for those CIP that they want to follow through. Laurie Sager will review the bikeway project to report in September and the rest of the projects will be assigned in September.
  4. Report on Oregon Myrtle tree on North Main – Kate Jackson reported there is now a rider on the title that says the tree will be saved. Kate also asked staff to find the recommendation from the Tree Commission and make it available to the City manager, John McLaughlin and Kate.
  5. Other – John McLaughlin will report on the following projects in September: tree ordinance forms, tree protection signs, permission to enter property form, and design professional ordinance amendment.

Announcements: There were no additional announcements.

Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 7:10pm.




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