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Agendas and Minutes

Tree Commission (View All)

Regular Monthly Meeting

Thursday, May 08, 2003

Ashland Tree Commission

Ashland Tree Commission

Minutes, May 8, 2003

Call to Order – The meeting was called to order at 5:10pm by Chairperson Rich Whitall. Additional commissioners in attendance included January Jennings, Ted Loftus, Bryan Nelson and Laurie Sager. Also in attendance were Parks liaison Donn Todt and staff Robbin Pearce.

Approval of Minutes – Minutes for both March and April were approved; each with corrections.

Welcome Guests – Arlen Gregoria was in attendance to hear Planning Action 2002-047 – Rogue Place.

Old Business

  1. Recommended Street Tree Matrix – It was decided to keep the matrix short – no more than two pages. And to include a note that directs the user to the Recommended Street Tree Guide for more information. Staff will work with the format.
  2. Goals – 1. Heritage Trees – The forms are being updated by staff. They will then go to the City Attorney for review. They will come back in June for further discussion. 2. Public Works Specs – Laurie Sager reported she has talked with Peter Smeenk. He will make the necessary changes and incorporate them into the existing process. 3. Urban Forester – Staff will provide a copy of Dan Moore’s original memo for commissioners to work on for the June meeting.
  3. Arbor Week Review – Earth Day was a great event. There was lots of public input and good interaction. It was a successful strategy to combine the Arbor Day event with Earth Day. However, it was decided to separate the tree planting from the Earth Day event in an effort to encourage better attendance to the tree planting. Staff will also work on getting an on-line nomination form for Tree of the Year and to encourage digital photos as part of the applications.
  4. Professional Designers Condition – Staff reported it will be reworded as an ordinance amendment. It will take approximately three months to process. Staff will keep the commissioners updated.
  5. Landscape Review Project – The City Attorney is reviewing the process for liability and staff will create guidelines for site inspections. Inspections are on hold until these processes are complete.
  6. Tree Protection Signs – Staff will email the final product to all commissioners for review before the next meeting.
  7. Tree Grates – Donn Todt gave a brief history of their use. Paula Brown wants the trees in the downtown to all have grates and public works will pay for them. There will be five retrofit as a project. This will allow many aspects to be observed: impact on the trunk, garbage and debris collection and new installations versus retrofits. Regular maintenance will be required. Ted Loftus stated we should continue to look for options. Staff will research any additional information.
  8. Database of Memorial Trees – Bryan Nelson recommended we create a list which would be completely volunteer and completely inclusive including the Parks list. If we get another intern we can add another layer to GIS. We can advertise in the City source, utility bill stuffer and on the web. Discussion will continue in June.
  9. Other – Commissioners decided it was time to review and update goals. Staff will include a list for June.


New Business

  1. Site Reviews

1.Planning Action 2002-046 Billings Ranch Golf Group. The following comment from the Outline Plan was not addressed and is repeated here: 1. The railroad edge plants should be kept low in order to encourage safety. And, the Tree Commission would also like to add: * the hedge along the railroad tracks is not a continuous hedge and should have varied heights and breaks with a variety of plant material. And, this is a great opportunity to plant some ‘different’ plant material not necessarily from the Recommended Street Tree List. Looking down on this treescape from North Main Street and the railroad tracks could present a unique opportunity for diversity. The Tree Commission is open to options. The following comment from the Outline Plan was not addressed and is repeated here: 4. Big Leaf Maple could get leaf scorch out in the open alone. They should be mixed with other wetland species including evergreens. And, the Tree Commission would also like to add: If you are choosing to use Big Leaf Maples alone start with smaller trees for better success: 1: rather than 2". Additional comments include: *Agapanthus will freeze out. *Both Buddelias and Mahonia will be maintenance issues as groundcover in the parkrow. And as commented before: * Parkrow planting should not exceed vison clearance height.

2. Planning Action 2003-047 (Rogue Place/Falcon) 1. Submit details of plant materials for the gabions. 2. Pinus contorda is highly susceptile to pitchmoth stress. 3. With the intent of large canopy trees on this street there will need to be a separate treatment for the large canopy trees if there is a reduction of tree wells from 6 x 6 to 4 x 4 specifically the Ash and Red Maple: *a true 4 foot hole must be developed with 12 inch rootbarriers installed at all four perimeter edges. *This hole shuld include a soil base that will draw the roots and hold the sidewalk. *Details should be submitted by a design professional and approved by City staff. * This entire installation should be inspected by City staff prior to Certificate of Occupancy.

3. Planning Action 2003-035 McAllister *Does any plant material exist in the proposed building expansion area which will be removed. *All planting and irrigation proposals should be according to minimum standards *Street trees should be planted in the parkrow - one tree for every 30 feet of street frontage. Selection shoule be made from the Recommended Street Tree list and approved by staff advisor prior to installation. *Irrigation design should be submitted prior to issuance of the building permit. *What plant material is proposed for the rear west ‘planterstrip’? *What is the proposed parking area surface? *The walnut to remain by the parking area should be protected during construction based on the Tree Protection Ordinance 18.61.

Other – 1. Staff reported scholarships were available from ODF for ODF events.

Adjournment – Meeting adjourned at 7:45pm

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