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Wednesday, September 24, 2003

These Minutes are preliminary pending approval by Conservation Commission at the October 22, 2003 Conservation Commission Meeting.

MINUTES FOR Conservation Commission
September 24, 2003 – 7:00 p.m.
Community Development Building
51 Winburn Way

Chairperson, Alex Amarotico, called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m. in the Community Development Building.

Attendees: Charles Bennett, Carol Carlson, Russ Chapman, Ross Finney, Jim Hartman, Joanne Krippaehne, Bruce Moats, and Paige Prewett. Lisa Black was also present.

City Council Liaison: Alex Amarotico
Staff Liaison: Dick Wanderscheid

APPROVAL OF MINUTES The chairperson, Alex Amarotico asked for an approval of the August 27, minutes.

Russ Chapman made a motion to approve the minutes of August 27 as presented and Jim Hartman seconded the motion.

Voice vote: all Ayes. The motion passed with a unanimous vote.
The minutes of the Conservation Commission Meeting of August 27, 2003 were approved.


No speakers present.


Lisa Black reported Ashland Sanitary had purchased five green tags from Bonneville and they are working with Larry Giardina and Robbin Pearce on qualifying as a green business.

Black reported they have secured places to take their green waste and food waste, and want to expand that program. They will have brochures available soon. Market of Choice is now green waste starting with one 35-gallon cart. Amarotico wondered how many businesses were green waste and Chapman reported 4: Natural Café, Starbucks, Standing Stone, and Market of Choice.

Chapman brought an article from the Eugene paper about sorting of co-mingled items in response to prior questions.

Green Tag packets were discussed and Finney reminded the Commission that the price per green tag is reduced if purchased in quantities of 25 or more. He clarified the purchase price is $20.00 each with a minimum purchase of two, but the price is reduced to $13.00 for large quantities.

Black announced Chipper Day will be October 4 and leaf recycling will be November 8 and the 18th.

Black extended a big thank-you to Jim Hartman for his work with the schools and promotion of mixed waste paper. Hartman reported the High School was able to save $2,000.00 from one year to the next.

Amarotico followed up about recycling diapers with statistics mentioning the average child uses 5,000 diapers and 90% of the people in the country use disposable diapers. 5,000 diapers equate to 24 mature trees and Santa Clara, California is the town that has the recycling program along with some other communities in Canada.

Hartman commented on Toronto, Canada was shipping their trash to Michigan and were able to reduce the amount of trucks used by 1,400 each year, as a result of recycling green waste and diapers.


1. Marketing No marketing report

2. Green Business

    Wanderscheid read a report from Larry Giardina about green business:
      Green business measures would be listed on the web site with links to pages that describe measures that businesses implemented.

      Ashland Sanitary requested a green business audit, and the office and water efficiency was evaluated. Staff recommended that Ashland Sanitary be recognized as a Green Business based on efficient energy and water use and the significant opportunities provided to Ashland citizens through their green waste program.

      Drill Doctor has requested a green business audit and Giardina discussed lighting retrofitting and agreed to recommend Drill Doctor as a green business with these changes.

      Bennett reported they wanted to put these businesses on line so other business could view the web page and see what has been accomplished. A green business reality tour. Finney remarked it might be possible to put pictures on the web site and/or pictures of the device used. Both felt this idea would be more permanent than offering a class.

      Moats announced he would participate with the Education/Events subcommittee, since he was not present when these committees were formed.

    3. Education/Events

    Prewett remarked volunteers were needed for the Growers and Crafter Market and different Commissioners responded. She reminded they would display the Conservation Display, promote the solar tour, renewable pioneers and other programs.

    Prewett offered magazines available promoting the up-coming solar tour. She reported about Giardina's work efforts for the article.

    Prewett also passed around a press release regarding the Renewable Pioneers program for the members to view.

    Carlson announced she would be attending a Bioneers presentation at Ashland High School and would be happy to take some Solar Tour magazines.

    Discussion followed about the Solar Tour schedule, and promotion through the Daily Tidings and the Mail Tribune.


    Amarotico remarked about the Adopt a Street Map that Cathy Cartmill provided and gave the membership and opportunity to view the Adopt a Street map. Bennett explained the map in terms of availability. Amarotico wondered about the procedure for Adopt a Street and Wanderscheid explained the program's criteria was based on whether the street was residential or arterial. Residential contributors are acknowledged annually through the local paper and businesses are acknowledged with a sign for the street they adopt.

    Meeting location was the next item of business and discussed the two possibilities: Council Chambers or the Community Development building. There was also discussion about available dates for combining the November/December meeting. There was an informal vote with 3 members for the Council Chambers and 6 for the Community Development and it was decided to meet on December 10th for the combined meeting and all future meetings for this Commission would be held at the Community Development Building.

    New Business

    Wanderscheid reported a citizen addressed Administration about positioning recycling containers in the downtown area and the issue was referred to the Commission. Wanderscheid pointed out the lack of funds and staff to monitor these containers and they were often used as regular garbage containers.
    Krippaehne commented about the Earth Day event and the trouble they had maintaining the separation of garbage.

    The Commission discussed several options and possible solutions for citizens to utilize recycling in the downtown area. The suggestion of maps and signs were determined to be a viable solution and Wanderscheid suggested the Commission start with a request to Paula Brown.

    The Commission will explore possibilities throughout the downtown area and hold further discussions at the next meeting. It was also decided that Amarotico, the Chairperson, would write a response to the citizen that brought the concern to Administration and thank him for bringing this issue to the Commission's attention.

    Finney wondered if it was possible to ask the B & B association to print the recycle spots on their brochures and would explore that further. He will also checks maps at the Chamber and the Visitors Center. Wanderscheid suggested the Commission making their own brochure and adding it to existing racks in the City.


    There were no changes to the budget.

    Items not on the Agenda

    Carlson explained about the Bioneers meeting at Ashland High School the 25th and invited the Commission to attend.

    Prewett explained about the Earth Machine Composter and remarked she would bring more information to the next meeting.

    Wanderscheid reported the Energy Trust of Oregon and the City offer the same rebates for solar and electric water heating programs. He remarked our program was simpler according to the installers and they were seeing an increase in solar activity.

    Wanderscheid reported Christopher Daimond from the Department of Oregon Energy would make a presentation to the City Council on October 8th, and invited the Commission to attend.

    Hartman wondered about the wood burning incinerator at Biomass and Chapman reported they have the cleanest wood burning facility in the country. The emissions are tied in with the DEQ in Medford, and monitored from the office. They offer tours. Hartman wondered if they burn wood with paint and Chapman explained there were no trace residuals. Finney offered more explanations about their procedures. Wanderscheid explained they create electricity and sell it to Pacific Corp.

    Hartman requested the Commission collect used inkjet cartridges for recycling. Both Prewett and Hartman utilize this refund for the Nature Center and conservation programs in the school district.

    Hartman mentioned he was researching gray water recycling and recycling systems and wondered if anyone could give him any information. Wanderscheid suggested Robbin Pearce and Carlson offered to give him the Texas rainwater harvesting video.

    Amarotico mentioned Standing Stone signed a contract with Energy Saving Management Systems to utilize conservation in different areas. He explained the cost and rebates make this system a 2 to 2 1/2 year payback. The tax credit is based on a 10% reduction in electric usage.
    Wanderscheid explained different states charge different rates based on time of usage, making this system beneficial to monitoring usage during peak hours.

    Prewett announced the Solar Pioneer letter would be going out to the Solar Pioneer within the next 10 days.

    Meeting adjourned at 8:34 pm.

    Respectfully submitted,
    Mary McClary, Assistant
    to Electric Department

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