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Regular Meeting

Tuesday, June 17, 2003

June 17, 2003 - 7:00 p.m.
Civic Center Council Chambers, 1175 E. Main Street

Mayor DeBoer called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

Councilor Laws, Amarotico, Morrison and Hearn were present. Councilor Jackson arrived at 7:04 PM. Councilor Hartzell was absent.

The minutes of the Regular Council Meeting of June 3, 2003 were approved as presented.

Mayor presented GFOA Achievement Award to Finance Department. Patrick Caldwell accepted the award on behalf of the Finance Department.

Community Development Director John McLaughlin came forward to introduce Gary Collard as the new Housing Program Specialist.

1. Minutes of Boards, Commissions and Committees.
2. Confirmation of Mayor's appointment of Fred Stockwell to the Tree Commission for a term to expire April 30, 2005.
3. Confirmation of Mayor's appointment of Elin Silveous to the Ashland Fiber Network Programming Committee for a term to expire April 30, 2005.
4. Confirmation of Mayor's appointments of Lexi Delgado and Brad Knickerbocker to the Bicycle & Pedestrian Commission for terms to expire April 30, 2007.
5. Liquor License Application from Davin Light and Francesca Fericano dba Josephine's at 290 E. Main Street.
6. Deed Exchange to cure property description gap in unnamed alley intersecting Ridge.
7. Approval of Quitclaim Deed to remove easement on Perozzi Property.
8. Approval of Agreement No. 20,858 - Walkway/Bikeway Project Agreement at Lithia Way and Oak Street between the City of Ashland and the Oregon Department of Transportation.
9. Approval of Amendment No. 1 to Agreement No. 19489 - 2001 Oregon Transportation Initiative Act Agreement - Siskiyou Boulevard @ Lithia Way and E. Main Street between the City of Ashland and the Oregon Department of Transportation.
10. Fireworks Regulations within City of Ashland.
11. Reading by title only of "A Resolution amending pay schedule for management and confidential employees for fiscal year 2003-2004."

* Councilor Hearn requested that item #7 be removed from Consent Agenda.
* Councilor Amarotico declared a potential conflict of interest regarding Consent Agenda item # 8.
* Councilor Jackson requested that item #10 be removed from Consent Agenda for further clarification.
* Councilor Laws declared a conflict of interest regarding Consent Agenda item # 11.

Councilor Morrison/Jackson m/s to approve Consent Agenda items #1-6 and #8-9. Voice Vote: all AYES. Motion passed.

Councilor Morrison/Jackson m/s to allow Councilor Laws from abstaing from voting on item #11.

Councilor Morrison/Jackson m/s to approve Resolution #2003-24. Roll Call Vote: Amarotico, Jackson, Morrison and Hearn, YES; Councilor Laws abstained. Motion passed.

City Attorney Paul Nolte explained for the Council that #7 should have been pulled from Consent Agenda. He clarified that they should not vote on this item.

Fire Chief Woodley came forward to explain fireworks regulations and the approach that the department takes in informing the community of these regulations. Police Chief Scott Flueter explained that hightened enforcement will take place throughout the day. There will be 6 police officers that will be proceeding on foot to some problems areas including Bridge Street. The department will be out in full force, bringing on a complete extra shift, and police visibility will be high. He recommended that the public take advantage of the City's public fireworks display as an alternative to private use.

The Council urged the public to educate themselves about firework safety. Information is available on the City's web site, as well as at the Fire Department's office. Mentioned the sale of fireworks is prohibited in Ashland, and the use of fireworks is only permitted June 23-July 6.

Mayor explained that unattended blankets and chairs placed along the Plaza and Siskiyou before the 4th will be removed.

Councilors Morrison/Jackson m/s to approve Consent Agenda item #10. Voice Vote: all AYES. Motion passed.

1. Public Hearing and Decision on the Modification of the Action Plan for the One Year Use of Community Development Block Grant Funds for Program Year 2001-2002.

Community Development Planner Brandon Goldman briefly explained that the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) had allocated $120,000 to the Ashland Community Land Trust for FY 2001-2002 for the building of 4 affordable housing units. ACLT is requesting a reduction in the number of units to be developed from 4 to 3. Action Plan states that if there is a substantial change (25% or more), such a modification requires a public hearing and the Councils' approval. The homes for this project are 3 houses from the SOU campus that where scheduled to be demolished. The Housing Commission has reviewed and approved proposed changes and has now forwarded this motion to the council. Notice of changes has been properly provided to the public newspaper, and there have been no concerns or comments from the public in the reduction of homes.

Public Hearing Open: 7:21 p.m.

Ron Demele/165 Crocker St/Executive Director Rogue Valley Community Development Corporation.
Spoke in favor of the modified action plan. Acknowledged the efforts of Larry Medinger and Krista Berry in securing funds for this program.

Larry Medinger/115 Fork Street/Spoke in favor of the project. Noted that Russell Dale had been instrumental in finding property, and is pleased with the cooperation of everyone involved.

Public Hearing Closed: 7:30 p.m.

Councilor Laws/Amarotico m/s to approve Modification of the 2001-2002 Action Plan to allow ACLT to acquire three parcels between Hersey and Patterson streets for the development of three affordable single family homes. Voice Vote: all AYES. Motion passed.

2. Public Hearing regarding adoption of a supplemental budget for 2002-2003.
Finance Director Lee Tuneberg briefly explained the necessary adjustments to the 2002-2003 budget. These adjustments are due to unforeseen events including unanticipated revenues and corresponding expense for fire fuel and construction loan proceeds. Adjustments need to be made to the following funds:

· Street Fund - $474,000
· Capital Improvement Fund - $1,500,000
· Telecommunications Fund - $2,007,175
· Central Services Fund - $60,000

Public Hearing Open: 7:37 p.m.

Public Hearing Closed: 7:37 p.m.

Daniel Richards/Homeless/ Spoke regarding the homeless issues and offered a solution to the Council. The solution was to secure donated land that could be used for teaching the homeless and donations could be made toward the foundation. He felt that grants could be sought to provide funding. The idea would be to teach a trade to individuals who otherwise would not have the opportunity to learn and benefit.

He also noted what he felt was police brutality in our community toward the homeless, and commented on an incident where he felt he was the victim of police brutality. He stated that he would be filing a lawsuit with the City regarding a recent incident with the City of Ashland Police department.

Daniel Rueff/Homeless/ Spoke regarding his recent experience with Ashland Police department. He described an incident that took place at a Peace Protest where he felt he had been harassed, and mentioned he was unduly followed by officers on several occasions. He also voiced his disappointment with the article in the Daily Tidings regarding the online poll for the new Police Chief.


1. Mayor's Appointment of Interim Police Chief.
Mayor explained that current Police Chief Scott Flueter will be resigning from the positon in late August due to health concerns. He introduced Lt. Rick Walsh who he has appointed as Interim Police Chief effective June 28, 2003.

Council joined the Mayor in voicing their appreciation to Fluetter for the job he has done for the City.

Councilor Laws/Morrison confirmed appoitment of Lt. Rick Walsh as Interim Police Chief. Voice Vote: all AYES. Motion passed.

2. Discussion regarding Transient Occupancy Tax.

Sandra Slattery/Paul Nicholson/Ashland Chamber of Commerce/Oregon Shakespeare Festival/ Slattery spoke in favor of the Transient Occupancy Tax. Relayed that she and Nicholson are in full support of the tax split. Tax funds would be allocated so that 1/3 of funds would go to the OSF and Chamber of Commerce, and the remaining 2/3 would go back to the City of Ashland (approx. $30,000)

Nicholson stated he would like to work with the council on 1) analyzing the impact of current economic development efforts, 2) developing a rational for the allocation of economic development grants, 3) developing the appropriate resolutions and ordinances.

A discussion developed between the council members regarding how to proceed with the modified funds. Several questions were posed including the possible development of a collaborative committee(s). A consensus was made by the council to hold the funds from the Transient Occupancy Tax in the general account until it has been decided how the City should allocate the money.

3. Discussion regarding rate increase for Utility Billing.
Finance Director Lee Tuneberg requested that in order to be fair to all customers and all cycles, that the new billing for the rate increase begin in the third cycle of billing. This would set a foundation for setting a rolling cycle for rate increases, and would be a low cost solution and a fair way to treat customers.

Laws/Morrison m/s to place item on agenda for discussion. Voice Vote: all AYES. Motion passed.

Laws/Morrison m/s to approve recommendation by Finance Director to delay implementation of rate increase by one week. Voice Vote: all AYES. Motion passed.

1. First reading of "An Ordinance Amending Ashland Municipal Code Section 6.28.035 by revising regulations applicable to Pedicabs."
Public Works Director Paula Brown briefly explained provisions. She mentioned that the Bicycle and Pedestrian Commission and Traffic Safety Commision have both approved this idea, though there was a need to look at the details of the permitting as well as double-checking the insurance requirements. Recommended that the Traffic Safety staff provide the special vehicle permits required to operate vehicles.

Councilor Amaratico / Jackson m/s to approve first reading and pass onto second reading of Ordinance. Roll Call Vote: Laws, Amarotico, Jackson, Morrison and Hearn, YES. Motion Passed.

2. Second reading by title only of "An Ordinance Levying Taxes for period July 1, 2003 to and including June 30, 2004, such taxes in the sum of $8,008,000 upon all the Real and Personal Property subject to Assessment and Levy within the Corporate Limits of the City of Ashland, Jackson County, Oregon."

Councilor Laws/ Jackson m/s to approve Ordinance #2897. Roll Call Vote: Jackson, Morrison, Amarotico, Hearn and Laws, YES. Motion Passed.

3. Reading by title only of "A Resolution Adopting a Supplemental Budget Establishing Appropriations within the 2002-2003 Budget."

Councilor Hearn/Jackson m/s to approve Resolution #2003-25. DISCUSSION: Morrison voiced concern regarding the substantial amount of the proposed supplemental budget. Tuneberg recognized the concern and offered further details on noticing of this resolution. Roll Call Vote: Hearn, Morrison, Laws, Jackson, and Amarotico, YES. Motion passed.

4. Reading by title only of "A Resolution Transferring Appropriations within the 2002-2003 Budget."

Councilors Laws / Morrison m/s to approve Resolution #2003-22. Roll Call Vote: Amarotico, Morrison, Laws, Hearn and Jackson, YES. Motion Passed.

5. Reading by title only of "A Resolution declaring Canvass of the Vote of the Election Held in and for the City of Ashland on May 20, 2003 and Mayoral Proclamation."

Councilor Amaratico / Jackson m/s to approve Resolution #2003-23. Roll Call Vote: Laws, Amarotico, Jackson, Morrison and Hearn, YES. Motion Passed.

Mayor read aloud the Proclamation.

Mayor DeBoer mentioned firework safety during the 4th of July celebrations and informed public not to place chairs or blankets out before the 4th. He also gave notice that the July 1st Council Meeting has been cancelled, the next meeting will be held on July 15th.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:38 PM.

_____________________________________ _____________________________

Barbara Christensen, City Recorder Alan DeBoer, Mayor

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