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Monday, June 09, 2003

ASHLAND FOREST LANDS COMMISSION June 9, 2003 4:30 – 6:00 PM MINUTES MEMBERS PRESENT: Frank Betlejewski, Richard Brock, Stephen Jensen (Chair), Anthony Kerwin, Bill Robertson Members Absent: Elizabeth Crosson, Jo Anne Eggers Staff Present: Pieter Smeenk, Chris Chambers, Kieth Woodley, Marty Main (Consultant) I. CALL TO ORDER AT 4:38 PM II. APPROVAL OF MINUTES: May 28, 2003 minutes approved as submitted. Commission would like more abbreviated minutes in the future. III. PUBLIC FORUM: No comments. IV. ITEMS FOR DISCUSSION: The following items were discussed in order A. Inclusion of new wording based on Public Input as listed on the to-do list handout. 1. Prescription Fire Section (Frank): IN PROGRESS, WILL PROVIDE TO NANCY… Remaining questions: Maximum size 4” vs. 6”. Main recommended 6”. Cost impacts: Woodley suggested $500-$600/acre 2. Increase the percentage of untreated areas for wildlife (Tony) IN PROGRESS, … Tony indicated description would be general, not unit by unit. Description would be areas to be used for retention. 3. Amount of DWM (Richard) IN PROGRESS Jensen sought two different paragraphs to be inserted in different places. Main suggested one describing the Historic and Current conditions and a second paragraph describing the “Desired Conditions.” 4. Incorporate Howard Heiner's goal (Steve) IN PROGRESS The wording needed is clear and would be inserted in “Goals” on page 5. 5. Tie this proposal in with the Forest Plan (Frank) IN PROGRESS Costs are outdated and need to be updated. He planned to include a description of differences in goals, for example regarding fuelbreaks and removal of the quarry. 6. Fuel breaks (Tony) IN PROGRESS 7. USFS coordination (Liz) IN PROGRESS B. Discussion on Separation of the Lower Parcel from the Winburn Parcel Motion (Brock): Concentrate on the Lower Watershed to expedite action this year. Put Winburn Parcel on hold until a prospectus is created that can lead to a bid. Second: none. Discussion: Bill & Frank felt that planning work on both areas at the same time would not impede implementation in the fall. Main expressed concerns about rapidly disappearing opportunities in the lower watershed. Opinions varied from other commissioners. Clarifying Motion (Jensen): Retain Winburn Parcel in the Planning scope of work until such time as it is determined that both areas cannot be accomplished before next fall. Planning work would continue on both the Lower Watershed Parcel and the Winburn Parcel in parallel, but the implementation phase work could be separated or phased if it is determined that inclusion of the Winburn Parcel work would impede progress on the Lower Watershed implementation this fall. Second (Frank). All voted in favor C. Bill Hick’s Contract Update – Woodley Woodley indicated that a contract for $10,000 has been signed and work is underway to assess the slopes behind the Water Treatment Plant. Brock requested that the slope risks be reevaluated based on the fact that the Water Transmission line between the dam & the water treatment plant has been scheduled for relocation in the roadway in the near future. Woodley confirmed that this was underway. D. 2003 Phase II Fund Availability – Chris Chambers Chambers indicated that $113,000 out of $115,000 of this year’s budget has been expended to date. Next year’s budget has been verbally approved but is subject to federal budget approval and relies on receiving grants that have yet to been formally approved. E. Forest Commission Budget Update – Woodley Woodley reviewed & summarized budget handout (attached) F. Commission Sponsored 4th of July Booth Commission decided to forgo separate booth this year but possibly include some commission materials in the AFD booth instead. Woodley indicated that space could be made available. . V. OTHER BUSINESS None. VI. REVIEW AND SET COMMISSION CALENDAR / NEXT MEETING A. Next scheduled meeting was set for Wednesday, June 25, 2003. VII. MEETING ADJOURNED AT 6:05 PM

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